Author: Summer Song

There is Magic in the Mundane

There are a lot of parroted sayings that go around the internet and throughout the community that is often used as sales hype with very little actual meaning. I have to sigh and roll my eyes 🙄 when I hear real words that have real meaning being cheapened by sales hype. I hate it when these “REAL WORDS” are used with the meaning “buy my shit” attached to it. I get tired of the sales hype but then I realized that people can’t tell the real thing from the hype bullshit thing. How do you tell the difference? First...

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Witchcraft in the Kitchen

…health is a huge focus and pleasure for the delight of the spirit is necessary after a ritual in my book…magic can merely be a positive intent for health, happ…Thank you for taking the time to visit me in my kitchen. For the next week…

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In Search of my Personal Power

In many of my articles, I often refer to personal power. I speak of personal power in terms of Witchcraft whenever I speak of magick or healing, manifesting, or creating your life. The reason I talk about personal power often is because it is necessary to have personal power in order to make things really work. In my lifetime as a Witch, I have realized that my personal power seems to wane a bit from time to time.  There is an influx of my confidence, in my self-view, and in my view of the world. There are many times...

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In Loving Memory of Rev. Jon Lesniak

The cycle of life has wonderful and enjoyable phases.  From a new birth or beginning to the difficult part like death or the end of that life cycle. We often hear of life being compared to an amusement park ride, the roller coaster. Life from birth to death has its ups and downs. Witches often call them the ebb and flow of life. Although “Life” simply happens, the events that take place in our lifetime can be directed by our own will if we desire it. There have been many occult leaders and awesome practitioners that have left behind...

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