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What’s Happening at WitchDigest

Hello from under the covers in quarantine. Witch Digest has been running on a skeleton crew until they got the plague too. That practically shut us down. But do not fear. We have a super Witch who is working in the background to keep witch digest going until we can all crawl out of bed and back to Witch Digest. Malric is our jack of all trades. He writes, he programs, he knows digital marketing, He is a Third Degree Wiccan. He is going to start helping to write articles as well as various duties. If you have technical questions,...

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The Message From The Fool

luck is on the side of the fool. Caution, look before you leap. Take that leap of faith and trust that the path is there just unseen. What message does the fool have for you? When a seeker of answers is open to the messages the universe finds a way to reveal the answer. Are you looking? Are you open to what the universe is trying to tell you? What does the fool say to you?

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Ghosts Stories and Crazy Dreams

I love talking about Ghosts and even more so, I love sharing ghost stories. Fall moves towards winter and death is in the forefront of our mind as we watch the trees and flowers wither and die only to be reborn in the spring. As Halloween draws ever nigh, we plan our parties and what we are going to wear. We enjoy all things witchy and that includes ghosts and goblins, bats and spiders, and all things creepy especially things that go bump in the night. In my family, I grew up with stories about dreams, death, and spirits...

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The Principle of Polarity

Here is a principle that is important to remember when it comes to reality or life in general. I mean I can appreciate the philosophy of Hermeticism. I enjoy many different philosophies and some of them work together for me in what I believe and practice as a Witch. Although the fourth principle, as well as the rest, can find its way into religions such as Wicca, it is not specifically Wiccan considering it is from a philosophical teaching from centuries ago and even from a different geological location than where Wicca was born. I don’t want to get caught...

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