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How to Become a Witch

Do you have what it takes to become a witch? Find out in this short 5 min. video. To become a witch takes time, perseverance, effort, and commitment. It isn’t something that we can simply do a spell to become. Yes, spells may help us on our journey as we walk the path of witchcraft but there is more to it than that. No matter which path you choose, it takes work to change. Becoming a witch is a journey of transformation. taking the title of Witch doesn’t really make you one. It isn’t based on how you look,...

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Seasons of the Witch

As I celebrated the Summer Solstice Here in the Northern Hemisphere, I thought about all the reasons I have always found ways to celebrate the turning of the seasons even when I didn’t practice witchcraft. For me, The turning of the seasons is a time for my personal progress report. Each season is full of lessons that I can choose to learn from. In the spring, I plant my seeds. I watch around me as life begins to spring forward with babies, new buds, and fresh sprouts. This spring was a season of new ideas while summer seems to...

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River Of Life

One of the best features of Witches is the diversity in how every individual perceives the world around them. Each has a Unique perspective that is drawn upon for learning the many lessons in life, based on each experience. Many of us learn from our observations and experiences in nature. We learn from our pets which come in a variety of forms. watching the wildlife around us and even the movements of the earth herself. When I was a bit younger, I enjoyed floating on the river in my rented inflatable kayak. I did this with some acquaintances who...

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Magick For Defense

As we all know, there are many unethical and just plain bad people who hurt others and often without remorse. Does the Wiccan Rede “Do as you will, Harm none”, mean that you can’t use magick for defense when someone hurts you or someone you care about? Do Wiccans have to turn the other Cheek and allow others to attack them? Are Wiccans required to sit back and do nothing while waiting on Karma to punish the attacker? I pose these questions because so many people seem to believe that a Wiccan’s hands are tied when it comes to...

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Solo vs. Coven

This has been a question for me since I read my first book on Witchcraft. As a Child and even in my teen years, I have always been an awkward and shy social butterfly. I grew up Christian. When I was a Christian, I loved going to church. Not for the sermons and Sunday School lessons, but for the social aspects of it. Although, I knew I didn’t really fit in, I still enjoyed being around others. Especially if they were having a good time. I often was quietly watching the festivities of my peers from my invisible place...

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