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Solo vs. Coven

This has been a question for me since I read my first book on Witchcraft. As a Child and even in my teen years, I have always been an awkward and shy social butterfly. I grew up Christian. When I was a Christian, I loved going to church. Not for the sermons and Sunday School lessons, but for the social aspects of it. Although, I knew I didn’t really fit in, I still enjoyed being around others. Especially if they were having a good time. I often was quietly watching the festivities of my peers from my invisible place...

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Witchcraft and Following Rules

Because so many people dislike Wicca because of it’s Rules and the Wiccan Rede, I want to take a moment to discuss witchcraft and following rules. In life we began our lives with rules, at least most of us have. For each family, rules may vary. As a toddler, we may have had our first rule, “Don’t Touch” instilled in our developing psyche. Some families may have kept everything out of reach so the “Don’t touch” rule was never applied as a toddler. It may have been applied later such as in a kindergarten class…maybe. We are taught various...

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Modern Day Persecution of Witches

Today, in the United States many may be surprised that modern day persecution of witches still exists. I feel society should be advanced enough to allow for peaceful coexistence. Unfortunately, there is still prejudice, hate, and yes religious persecution in this world.¬†Although people around the world wish and strive for peace, there is still persecution from religious zealots. Because I live in the United States and the United States in general, considers itself to be a Christian Nation, Let’s take a peek at the Christian Bible and discover why Christians think it’s ok to persecute witches in the name...

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Does Medication Affect My Magick

In a previous post about mental illness and witchcraft, I mentioned the use of medication for mental illness. I have recently had a conversation about how medications and even some herbs affect the ability to raise energy, create magick, clairvoyance and overall being a witch. Honestly, medications and herbs do have side effects and it does affect how one does all of these things and more. When we begin to take medications, even a cold medicine or cough syrup for a temporary cold, it can have an adverse effect on us and how we access energy. It is common...

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Working with Energy

  Quite often in Witchcraft many people talk about working with energy but explanations are often vague. I wonder if it is because it is something that you can not see and is difficult for most to define. From my perspective, it is like air. You can’t see it so it is invisible, it isn’t concrete so you can’t grab it or pick it up, It is generally silent so you can’t really hear it with your ears and it doesn’t have a distinctive smell. Or Does it? Energy like air can be felt with your senses if you...

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