Author: Summer Song

The Call Of The Patron

Some people experience the call of the patron god or goddess. I can not stress enough that this is a very personal experience. Not everyone has this experience because not everyone believes in a form of deity. Since witchcraft is an art that can be both spiritual and religious or void of spirituality and/or religion it isn’t something that is necessary to work magick. Because I am both religious and spiritual my experience with witchcraft has been a mix of both. What is the Call of the Patron? It is where a specific God or Goddess calls to you....

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Personal Gain?

I recently discovered that there are people who believe you can’t use magick for personal gain. Until recently, I have only heard of that on the television show “Charmed”. Although I have to say I am a big fan of the show and I find it completely fun and entertaining, a lot of the basic principles of the show are just that, entertainment. The Charmed ones don’t really exist and magick doesn’t really work that way. There are no lightning bolts flying from fingertips, spontaneous explosions or people appearing or disappearing in real life. If any of those things...

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A Solitary Witch in a Christian Family

For many, it is difficult to be a solitary witch, especially if you don’t have any other experienced witches to talk to about it. When I was new to witchcraft, the first thing I did was explore the concept with lots of books. Life was so hectic and I didn’t have any support to explore the subject. In fact, it was the opposite. My boyfriend at the time tried to push me in the opposite direction although he claimed his path was of the Pagan variety and had been calling me a “Natural Witch” for years. I found I...

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Listening to Intuition

It is my opinion that we all have this little voice in the back of our mind we often refer to as intuition. So, what is intuition? I believe it is that occasional gut feeling we get or the little voice in the back of our mind that warns us of what is going to happen if we keep going in a certain direction, if we take specific action or if we don’t take specific action at all. We don’t all listen to that little voice or gut feeling and things tend to go awry. Some people can’t hear...

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Should I Meditate?

Okay, It’s true, some people insist that meditation is absolutely necessary and some people say it’s just a bunch of crap. In my humble opinion, it depends on you and your goal. What do you hope to achieve? For many, meditation really is a valuable tool. It can do marvelous things for you if that is what you want. It isn’t easy for everyone to do. Especially if you are new to it or are out of practice. Let me assure you, like everything else in life, it does get easier if you do it regularly. The more often...

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