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Should I Meditate?

Okay, It’s true, some people insist that meditation is absolutely necessary and some people say it’s just a bunch of crap. In my humble opinion, it depends on you and your goal. What do you hope to achieve? For many, meditation really is a valuable tool. It can do marvelous things for you if that is what you want. It isn’t easy for everyone to do. Especially if you are new to it or are out of practice. Let me assure you, like everything else in life, it does get easier if you do it regularly. The more often...

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Frugal Magick – Does It Work?

There are many books to read, pre-made spells, and lots of verbal advice about which herbs to use and how to create a spell using sympathetic magick. Most of them call for supplies that are next to impossible to get in your area, Unfamiliar to you and, therefore, have little to no meaning to you or are just plain expensive. Most of the witches, I know live on a tight budget and don’t have the extra cash to purchase tools or supplies that a given spell may call for. If you are thinking you must have money to be...

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Mental Illness And Witchcraft

Diagnosis for mental illness is on the rise. More disorders and mental illnesses are being discovered and labeled these days. More knowledge about mental illness is being discovered and more ways of treating people with mental illness has changed. There are more people with undiagnosed or at best untreated mental illness than there are those who are receiving treatment. There is still a huge stigma about mental illness which means there are many who do not want or accept anyone with mental illness into their groups. There are many mixed feelings and beliefs about mental illness in the world...

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What is Sympathetic Magick

I hear and see the term sympathetic magick quite often these days. When I first stepped on to the path of witchcraft so many years ago, I was told that there are many different types or ways to use magick. I didn’t know all the terms or names of the different ways, but I knew I used wish magick a lot. I used sympathetic magick on occasion and didn’t even realize it. Whenever I grabbed up my green, lucky rabbit’s foot or put on my lucky socks before a game, I was using sympathetic magick. Think of this; a...

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Using Magick To Find A Love

Lately, I have been hearing a lot about broken hearts, desires to be in a relationship or those working out a failing relationship. My disclaimer is that I do not hold any degree in Psychology or Behavioral health of any kind. I do however have a lot of experience with looking for love in all the wrong places, using magick to find a love and I have certainly defined relationships and love all from the wrong perspective in my lifetime. Through my experience, I have learned a great deal but not everything about relationships (after many unhealthy ones) and...

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