Author: Summer Song

Herb Secrets Keep A Lid On It

As My tea recipes grow, I add new comments to my recipe book to remind myself of some of the herbal secrets that every Witch should keep in mind. I don’t only make infusions, I also make decoctions and other herbal remedies. As I was making my Valerian root decoction and my favorite herbal tea blends, I thought about how plants have their medicinal properties. Some of the medicinal properties are the essential oils that naturally occur from an infusion or decoction of plants. Most people know that Chamomile helps to relax us after a long day. It has...

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A Fee or Free

Recently, I mentioned teaching Witchcraft to someone. This person instantly retorted with, Isn’t charging to teach Wicca against Wiccan belief? Two things are wrong with this. First of all, I said “Teaching Witchcraft”. NOT all Witchcraft is Wiccan. To make that assumption is presumptuous. Although I am not going to charge specifically for the Wicca Classes. However, I do plan on teaching lots of different parts of Witchcraft and yes there will be a fee. Wicca is a tradition of Witchcraft and there are many teachers who charge for their classes. Not all Wiccan teachers charge but many do....

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I Am Free

Magick and its purpose are dependent on the individual. Some people feel doing magick is fun and cool so they are always looking for reasons to do a spell. Lots of spells out there seem frivolous like changing the color of your eyes. Have you seen colored contacts? I use magick when I have a need for it. Those who are new to magick seem to need it more often than those who are more mature or experienced. I guess what I am trying to say is that illusion is often confused with real magick. I love a good...

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Grin and Bear It

We see so many little memes that we like and share on social media. There are a lot of old sayings that I heard my mother quote often. During times of distress or dark periods of our lives, we may be told to Grin and Bear It. My ex would say to Suck it up. There are times that we will have to maintain our composure and move through a situation that is uncomfortable but it is not healthy to ignore the pain. This could be physical pain or emotional pain. Let’s face it, sometimes life sucks and sometimes...

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Fun in the Craft

Over the past couple of years, I have been in such serious condition of seriousness that I had forgotten to have fun. That’s ok. That happens sometimes. Life can take us through some heavy kind of serious moments. Being sick for a long time, everything in life became serious and I lost my sense of humor. Everything was emotionally heavy and serious. I forgot the most important thing in life. I forgot to enjoy the good moments. I forgot to enjoy the craft. Honestly, it is difficult to have fun when sick or dealing with loss. When we do...

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