Author: Summer Song

Cannabis Healing Ritual

Our World is changing and it is changing very quickly. Between new laws, regulations, and technology, our world is changing so quickly that it is difficult to keep up. One of the more recent changes is the legalization of Cannabis for recreational use. For me, as a Witch, that is a significant step forward. I don’t mean that I want to get stoned. I mean, it is actually an opportunity to expand my herb cabinet. We see all over social media, television, friends, magazines, and even family members how much healing power Cannabis actually offers us mere human beings....

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The Naked Witch

For many who are reading this, it is old news because this controversy has been going on for several generations. Probably since Wicca Began in the 1960s.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Skyclad issue, I will briefly go over what I am referring to. Skyclad is another way of saying Naked because you are clad only by the sky. Skyclad is a very Wiccan concept and not all witches want to be naked with a group of people so they organized traditions that are Robed. Robed is where you wear a robe or some other...

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You Attract What You Are

If you want to be supported by your peers, you have to be supportive. I am calling all Witches to come together and be supportive of each other and help each other succeed. If we stick together, help and support each other it makes us stronger. Together we are more powerful. We can achieve anything as long as we stick together. Why am I hearing so much hissing and sighing with that statement? Wouldn’t it be nice to have the support of your peers in your community to help you succeed at your goals? You can. It depends on...

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Spell Casting

Many people who are just coming to witchcraft often come because they are in need of a spell or have an interest in casting spells and using magick. Spells are a huge part of witchcraft in my humble opinion. In fact, I would say that for me at least, it is just as big of a part in witchcraft as Prayer is in many mainstream religions. That is why I think it is often associated with prayer. One of the mysteries of magick is that on the outside it looks like all a spell consists of is lighting a candle...

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