When Silence is used to silence the abused and conceal the abuse to protect the abuser in the Craft is NOT the same as “To Know, To Dare, To Will, To Keep Silent.


Over the years, since I first happened into the Witch Community and the community of the Occult, The mindset, the practice, the teachings, the premise on which it stands like the very foundation of witchcraft is changing into something else. For me, it is turning into something that I don’t even recognize as a craft anymore. With new witches being taught things like, don’t burden others with your pain. Told to suffer in silence. It’s only acceptable to heal silently so you don’t burden the rest of us. I see the mindset being promoted that self-empowerment is a lie, it’s bullshit, and it’s better to be the Hot mess that you are than it is to spend the time and energy to fix your pain and become someone of honor and deserving of respect through the hard work of personal development.

Many people are going around saying how great they are and all that crap because they got their mucky muck degrees and what not when they may have surface knowledge that makes them sound good but they haven’t done a bit of the work required to become wise and adept. I see how everyone is being patronized with memes like, It’s ok to claim to be a witch although you never do anything that a witch does to make you a witch. All you have to do is say and believe you’re one and you are one.

The message going around is you don’t have to really DO anything to be a witch but learn how to read tarot, collect a bunch of stones and herbs, dress provocatively, oddly, or extreme styles to get attention and make an unfounded statement, know a few key phrases, no work required because anyone who wants to wear the label can all you have to do is put it on.  Ok, so, in this messed up flavor of Witchcraft, people are being encouraged to be lumps who are merely messed up misfits who will never aspire to be anything more than a messed up misfit with a cool label. It requires nothing “special” other than to be a messed up misfit. Anyone can be one. That’s true to a point just like anyone can be a doctor. Anyone can be successful. But what is missing from this message is the rest of it which is “anyone who is ‘Willing To Work For IT’ can attain it”.

What needs to be taught is that it is important to love who you are today so much that you will give yourself every opportunity to create and manifest the best you that you can become.

this harmful way of silencing people is something I’ve seen being “memed” a lot among the online occult community on social media that is bleeding out and filling up the mindset of the offline community. I see this happening because there are many in the community who want to be the leaders in the community who have not healed their own low self-worth in their own self-view while they see actual trauma victims who actually have healed, become “amazing human beings” while they themselves remain the same.

I’ve been seeing a bunch of memes and comments and so much more telling people who’ve endured trauma, abuse, and other forms of damage to endure in silence, to remain silent as if it’s honorable and strong to suffer in silence. This mindset is one of the weakest human ideations I’ve heard and I’ve heard a lot.

That is a concept that is carried and promoted by internally weak and uncaring people who don’t care about anyone but themselves. Let’s face it, we all need boundaries and at the same time, secrecy is one of the biggest reasons abusive people get away with being so freaking abusive and never being “found out“.

In the Occult, there are circumstances that do indeed require a practitioner to “KEEP SILENT“.

The question is then,

When should we keep silent and when should we break the silence.

For those who don’t have a strong foundation of personal boundaries, this is for you and it will save you a lot of pain and resentment.

  1. Remain silent about the “magical” Workings in progress. So, you perform your spell and you don’t talk about it until After it completes and either manifests or fails. It is said that to discuss your workings in progress is to unravel the magick.
  2. Remain silent as to who was present at the ritual or working or private gathering to protect the identities of your coven-mates etc.


When to Break The Silence:

  1. Break the silence regarding abuse and other harmful behaviors regardless of the decree of silence. Be sure you’re not just nitpicking and that it’s an actual case of abuse. Wrongful accusations are abusive too.
  2. Illegal activity that harms others and/or life-threatening such as sacrificing a baby or other human.
  3. Blackmail and other forms of illegal abuse.
  4. Gossip and Rumors are being spread under the guise of being secret when it’s being whispered in the ears of others to do a smear campaign on someone the individual feels intimidated by or just doesn’t like because the positive qualities of the other individual make theirs look weak. In these circumstances of gossip and rumor, go to the one who is the target of the gossip being spread and get their side of the story. You may find out that the whole story was a crock of crap to manipulate you.

I’m going to go on for a while on the behalf of actual targets of abuse whose lives endure the pain in silence because everyone around them (the self-centered disguised as nice people) don’t care enough about them to care what’s happening or has happened to them enough to simply listen.

People ask stupid questions like, why didn’t you leave your abusive romantic partner IF they were abusing you? Because the “victim” is silenced when they TRY to talk about it. They already deal with shame from being in the situation in the first place which is quite silencing on its own. To be fair, the silence actually begins with the assailant. The assailant could be someone whom the victim “should” be able to trust like a caregiver such as parents, teachers, pastors, police, doctors, and others who are caregivers. It could be a romantic partner who is “supposed” to love the victim and the victim always trusts the manipulator because they’re manipulated, duh.

The most devastating trauma that I’ve seen that does the most irreversible damage to a human being is that perpetrated by other human beings then denied and covered up with SILENCE by the human race. Not all traumas are ongoing abuse. It can be a single traumatic experience like a car accident.

The single traumatic experience can leave the victim with the lasting effects of PTSD but that person has a good chance that talk therapy can help them work through it and get through it fairly quickly. (Not that all do). But Silence must be broken to heal these hidden wounds that people suffer from in SILENCE.

I want to talk about the damage that People do to other people.

First, a parent or other caregiver abuses a child or spouse or someone of a “vulnerable” position in the relationship. It isn’t likely that “normal” adversity is going to destroy a child before he/she reaches adulthood. These normal adversities may be losing a competition, disappointing one’s parents and getting a Normal spanking or other reasonable forms of punishment as well as some form of everyday type of loss such as a death of a loved one or a divorce. These things are actually necessary for the development and growth of the child to prepare them to be a responsible and resilient adult.

Everyone experiences Adversity but NOT everyone experiences Trauma.

It’s the NOT normal adversities that are actually trauma/s that does all the irreversible damage. what really makes it destructive are all of the self-absorbed folks who don’t give an ounce of care about anyone but themselves and they don’t give a care about you or anyone else so they don’t want to know what you’re “problem” is. They are the ones that bully and make fun of victims who have experienced traumas that they themselves would have NEVER survived. I don’t understand why humans engage in kicking people when they’re down. These people are often the ones who refuse to help anyone or most everyone because they are so afraid of “being used and taken advantage of“. In my experience, this is usually found among many who spent their lives using and taking advantage of others and they just don’t want others just like themselves to do it to them in return. These are generally insensitive folks who have no clue and likely never felt remorse or guilt or empathy and can only pretend to be compassionate although many are good actors who can be quite convincing, are more like the average entitled sociopath or a Cluster B personality type.

These people are also likely abusive and don’t want to hear about the pain others are dealing with because it simply doesn’t affect them and isn’t feeding them their cluster B supply. They may even have some pain themselves and they deny their pain and “Turn” into the very type of monster/s who’ve hurt them. Remember, hurt people, hurt people.

Two tools that the abuser depends on.

1. Silencing the victim to keep their dirty deeds hidden from society so their perfect reputations don’t get smudged by the truth about them.

2. Denial that it ever happened.

So, what do the rest of the self-centered folks do in society to these very victims? I’m going to tell you some of the stuff I endured. Not the worst stuff because I don’t want to totally traumatize someone who may be young and or fragile.

The rest of the self-serving folks in society will continue to suppress, oppress, and abuse the victims by telling them to remain silent like there is some honor keeping the crime a secret which serves only to protect the abuser/s.

They keep the victim silent and in doing so, deny that the abuse was “as bad” as they say. Well no, I suppose being a one-year-old toddler getting used for her father’s sexual pleasure really isn’t that bad, is it? Unless you’re the toddler of course. Maybe the Sex offender is right. The toddler seduced him and WANTED to be sexually abused. I’ve been told that by sex offenders every time they were caught. That’s why the toddler was crying and pushing the child molester away. That’s what I’m told little children do when they Want to be sexually assaulted. The crying is a child’s way of giving approval somehow to people who want us to remain silent.  But hey, who cares about that, the child is silenced and should remain silent according to many within the Occult. Don’t Tell is what the abuser tells the child and when the child is SILENCED by society or people in their world in the society they live in, this is reinforced for the child victim who is going to grow up into a dysfunctional silenced adult if she lives that long. Not all child victims are lucky enough to survive long enough to talk about it.

Ok, so, the one year old baby girl who was being sexually abused by her father with the entire family Knowing about it and they all talk about the child as if its the child’s fault because we all know that a baby who gets sexually abused by her father must want it and had to seduce the Adult according to all of the adults in her family,  yet when the child asked the mother to make the daddy stop hurting her down there, the child is smacked in the face so hard it made her lip bleed when she TRIED to tell her mother who told her she was bad and a liar and to never SAY that again. SILENCED! 

This very child grew up being sexually, verbally, emotionally, physically, socially, and financially abused. Continuously being SILENCED. Told things like, if you tell anyone, we will tell them you’re lying and they will believe us. (And they did) Nobody wants to hear about her problems. “So what” she is told by her “best friend” as a young girl approaching puberty. “Just get over it”, She was silenced by her parents, her teachers, her preacher, her siblings, even her best friend. She tried to keep a diary because by the time she was 12 she was depressed, suicidal and ALONE in the silence. Couldn’t be from the abuse and being isolated by being SILENCED by everyone she tried to tell, could it? No, not at all, these victims are just weak,  is what I’m hearing even from “Leaders” within the Occult community post in memes.

So, She also witnessed her brother being abused (beat the freak up by the adult male in the house, leaving him bloody,  black and blue, bruised and needing stitches at the age of 15, then blamed for the lack of self control of the adult male and then thrown under the bus by the mother to protect the abusive father who should have been the one arrested and put in jail but the mom had the teenage son taken to jail instead and labeled him incorrigible just to silence him and cover up the abuse. But the abuser was praised as if he was an “upstanding citizen“. that is a label that abusive people like to use when speaking of abusive people they want to emulate or consider to be like-minded.

This very child that sees all types of violence within her own family, now 7 years old, walks in on her 12-year-old sister being raped violently in the family bathroom by another adult in the home. Raped by Another FATHER of the other family in the home during the period of time the child’s family lived with another family for whatever reason. This 7-year-old girl tried to stick up for her sister and told the rapist to stop hurting her sister and he threatened to do it to the seven-year-old which made it worse for the 12-year-old sister who is being raped in front of the 7-year-old girl. Both children SILENCED! Nobody wants to hear about their problems and the shame drives both children deeper into the silence.

But that’s ok, the children remained silent just like society tells them to. The child is not allowed to make boundaries what less enforce them. She grows up believing that the abuse is normal and so she doesn’t learn that it’s not her fault because she is constantly told it is her fault and the rest of society tells her to shut up and denies that it ever happened to her and what she witnessed didn’t happen as they respond with, “that’s too crazy, that didn’t happen, you’re making that up“, or it is completely minimized when people respond to her with, “you’re exaggerating, it wasn’t that bad, just get over it“. I suppose it’s only bad for the victim, right? The most over-used phrase that is the biggest silencer said by the general population when those we try to tell get dismissed and silenced, use this dismissive piece of crap phrase that is designed to silence the victim, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger“. A new passive way to silence people is when someone mentions something and the response is “I hear you” repeated over and over after every time the victim opens their mouth about the issue. This “I hear you” is spoken with a little more force each time the person speaks. It’s the same as shushing someone every time they try to speak. Ok got it, what you’re really trying to say when you tell me “I hear you”,  is “I don’t want to hear you“.  It’s a passive way to dismiss and silence someone when they are revealing something private about themselves.

She gets older, she is silenced by her peers and her best friend. She needs to talk about it but NO ONE will listen. It’s too crazy people say. that couldn’t happen, no one does that. Shut up you whiny little brat, life isn’t that bad for me so it can’t be that bad for you. Unless you’re the victim who is silenced and the trauma denied and dismissed, life is a bowl of sweet tasty cherries. Yeah, for everyone but us vulnerable types who had the nerve to trust our parents, our spouses, our friends, our family members, our pastor and so on. We had the nerve to be naive to the hateful ways people are. after all, only weak people get abused, right? Wrong.

When the girl was 12 years old, She witnessed men in hazmat suits dumping toxic waste behind the homes on her block right behind her house. She tells her mother and it gets dismissed by her mother. Silenced and dismissed once again. Later in life, her “best friend” discovers a lawsuit for the families who lived on the block but instead of telling her friend so she can participate in the lawsuit, she kept it to herself and tried to cash in until the very end when she discovered that SHE didn’t qualify but her friend (the actual victim of the illegal dumping crime) would have. So, after it was too late for the actual victims to participate, this “best friend” sent the newspaper article to her, letting her know about it after its too late.

She’s now 13 and trying to figure out how to express her feelings that nobody wants to hear. She is completely alone in the world, so, she tries to write in a secret diary. She is 13, depressed and suicidal. Nobody cares. She writes all about it in a journal and she even tries to hide the book of personal feelings that nobody wants to hear, not even her best friend, but her “best friend” finds her journal and instead of being a genuinely caring friend, her friend laughs as she reads her private thoughts and feelings about how she wants to die. This so-called friend is just like her abusers. She laughs and makes fun of the girl. The girl stops writing in the journal and has no one to talk to about the horrors she has endured and IS still experiencing, so, she doesn’t even have a private diary as a safe place to express her feelings and what’s been happening to her. NO ONE is listening and everyone she meets and tries to talk to about it tells her to keep that crap to herself. that she is crazy and stupid and weak.

So, now she’s 15 and she is raped by a guy she doesn’t know. She was set up by another girl who was supposed to be her friend. She goes with what she was taught and remains SILENT. Just another person in the trusted zone who betrayed her trust once again. all part of the norm, right? As she matures, she is repeatedly told to remain silent because no one gives a crap about her or what’s happened to her. She learned the very principles in life from everyone around her through her entire life, literally, that to be vulnerable and to trust anyone is a stupid and dangerous thing to do.

She gets raped “again” because she has never been allowed to have boundaries and she can’t recognize the “red flags”.  She has been silenced with every assault and violent act by OTHER HUMANS all her life. Being violated is a normal part of life and she knows she is expected to remain Silent about it. keep that shit to herself.  By now, she feels she has no right to have boundaries of any kind and she has no right to justice. She’s convinced that every assault that ever happened to her is her fault. She deserved it because she was born to be shit on by everyone. She now believes that the world will take action if its anyone but her because she believes she was born to be shit on to make others feel better about themselves. After all, everyone who has abused her, hurt her in ways most people can’t even imagine, when they do things to destroy her, they definitely feel good about themselves. VERY GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES  AND VERY POWERFUL LEAVING HER POWERLESS.  She has no value to anyone because “everyone” she has tried to tell in the past said she should just “suck it up, take it and shut up”.

At the age of 16, she reached out to tell her school counselor but he called her a spoiled brat who had everything when she didn’t have anything because she grew up in poverty is from a legacy of generations of extreme poverty. Assumptions made about her once again, Silenced again by more hateful human assumptions.

When she married her first love, her husband abused her and tried to kill her on many occasions just because he blamed her for him asking her to marry him and what being married forced him to give up (I don’t know what he gave up because it wasn’t other women). She again was SILENCED. She was told to stand by her man. She was told that it’s her fault that her husband is such a bad man. She was told she was the reason her husband was such a wife beater and child abuser after all, how could He, the breadwinner, be held accountable for his own actions? She was told that  Men have no self-control and should never be expected to have self-control and be held accountable for his actions. that was the message she got as she was SILENCED again and again.

He beat her, almost killed her and by the time she left her first abusive husband with her entire life destroyed along with the lives of her children, She is SILENCED and told she is the bad one. Again, she is silenced and told it’s her fault. She caused the abusive people to abuse her and she deserved to be SILENCED she is told by many she is around and there is NO ONE to talk to or confide in. yet they wonder why she can’t trust anyone and why she can’t get past the past. They can’t figure out why she is so difficult.

Why do so many abused people stay in abusive relationships?

hmmm,  because these individuals are told to suck it up, and to shut up because it’s their fault in the first place and nobody wants to hear the whining.

Now the toddler is an adult struggling to be a normal person in her lifetime of silence, She is clearly displaying symptoms of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder but she goes undiagnosed and can’t get the help she so desperately needs because she has been silenced and after being silenced all her life, she CAN’T tell anyone who might be able to help her. Who’d listen anyway? All people want to do is Blame her for the abuse and deny that it is as bad as she says it is when it’s actually so much worse than she even lets on.

One day she meets someone who actually cares about her and she can’t recognize it because she’s never experienced anyone actually being genuinely concerned about her before. This person Discovers the secrets and knows that she really needs to talk about this. He discovered her secret of the history of abuse in her life when he discovers a “revenge” drugged/rape video online put on there by her first husband who tried to kill her on many occasions. When this one special person discovered this video he came to her and asked her about it and wouldn’t accept her SILENCE as an answer although she gave all the dismissals she was taught. He dragged enough of the details out of her to know that she needed some help to work through it.

Because of the Shame involved in abuse and trauma for the victim, She is embarrassed and humiliated that this person found out. He is at this point pleading with her to talk to someone about it.

After a lifetime of being silenced, how in the hell was she supposed to talk about it?

What is there to say? It isn’t pleasant or happy good feeling stuff that people are willing to entertain and she will be ridiculed and ostracized for her “complaining” about it.

She first spoke to a rape counselor who told her NOT to tell the police about the last assault or any of them for that matter. She was once again Silenced but this time by a Rape counselor. Someone who was supposed to be on her side but only tried to accuse her of Causing that last rape to happen. She is now in her early 40s and silenced and isolated more than ever. In fact, the rape counselor told the only person who cared about her to just dump her and leave her because she would NEVER be able to have a relationship.

2012, she is 42 years old, Her only living grandmother died and the family decided to attack her full force. When she stood up for herself, other family members told her that she was wrong for standing up for herself and felt she needed to be knocked down a peg for getting so “uppity” as the family scapegoat.

By the time she was approaching 50 and a few years with this ONE person who kept encouraging her to talk to someone, after being denied that all of that abuse and a whole lot more that is too violent to share in this story had happened, she finally went NO CONTACT with her family. All of them. She tried to get therapy but there weren’t any who understood the extremity of the types of traumas she had experienced over her lifetime or the result from a lifetime of being silenced.

Finally, she was able to find the help she needed. She is now at a place in her healing AFTER SHE BROKE THE SILENCE, that she is ready to begin her journey toward helping others who are trying to make some sense out of the craziness.

When she was almost 50 years old, she met a woman she thought was a “nice” person and a “friend”. This adult who began as an abused toddler, now almost 50, trusts and confides personal secrets during her 3-year intense healing process. Then one day, the target is nearing the last phase of the healing process and realizes that the “nice” person isn’t so nice after all. So, she tries to kindly say good-bye. But that incited the other woman and she did a smear campaign on the 50-year-old survivor of a lifetime of trauma and the vicious woman used some of that private secret trauma and feelings disclosed during the healing phase to spin a version of this woman that made the assailant, whom the target had made the mistake of trusting, out to be a victim  as usually seen done by the Cluster B types in these scenarios.

That toddler is me and this is a minimized and shortened true story.

Here is what I learned through my experience with OTHER HUMANS.

I learned that in general, humans are inherently Evil, cruel, and self-centered monsters who don’t give a fuck about anyone but themselves.

It’s rampant in the community of Witchcraft related occult practitioners. I mean, I would expect it from Christians and Muslims and other religions like that, but people who want to believe that they are “enlightened” and “powerful” yet they can’t even take the time to just listen for the purpose of helping a friend who Needs to talk about abuse and might need some help and encouragement to get the right help from a professional who actually cares about others from a true sense of compassion.

I’ve seen a lot of memes from occult practitioners telling victims of trauma and abuse to “heal in silence“. Um, that is a disgusting thing to tell someone when the last thing that they should do is Keep Silent about the trauma. The SILENCE is what prevents victims from healing.

Sure, there are things to keep to yourself like the spell you’re working on. But not your pain and trauma. I like what Brene Brown says about being vulnerable and that not everyone deserves to hear your shame. I’ll share the video but I don’t know if they would let me keep the link to the video on this “Witch” blog. Discrimination happens to everyone in life.

That pain is going to come out one way or another. I guarantee it. It will either be expressed in words or behavior or both. That’s one of the complexities of the human being. We are not meant to be isolated and alone. I see a lot of attempts to share suicide hotline stuff but it’s done in a way that is hit and miss that leaves the impression that nobody wants to hear your shit so if you need to whine about it, call a freaking stranger. I even saw someone post a question asking for a spell to do for their suicidal stepchild. How about you just LISTEN to what might be bothering him so you can decide the right course of action like going to the E.R.. that is the best spell anyone could possibly do for someone in an emotional crisis. The most disgusting thing I saw were irresponsible responses giving bullshit spells instead of good and sound advice.

It’s so freaking easy to JUST LISTEN. Why is it so hard for so-called enlightened and empowered or powerful people to just simply listen with compassion to other human beings that cross their path? The way I see it, this is because they are all talk and no action. They aren’t truly “enlightened” or “empowered“. Because I’ve seen those who are truly enlightened and empowered be able to tell the difference between someone who’s actually been traumatized, from the frauds who just want sympathy for narcissistic supply.

But then again, they also know to respond to the attention seeker from a loving and compassionate place too.

Enlightened and empowered people are healthy enough to understand self-care and have healthy boundaries in place so they don’t have to “hurt” the attention seekers or the actual trauma victims.

I’ve even witnessed Victims who’ve been silenced, silence other victims because they are conditioned to believe that silence is the way it’s supposed to be. Anyone who silences a trauma victim or target of abuse is not a healthy individual. That’s why not everyone deserves to hear your shame.

I guarantee they are the same people who want others to LISTEN to them when they are having a shitty freaking day and get all butt hurt when they are silenced in turn. These are the same people who demand that we hear them and recognize them and ACCEPT THEM without judgment but they can NOT and Will NOT give the same in return.

The reason I’m writing this post.

If you’ve experienced trauma and feel silenced. You are not alone. Society wants to brush all the crap they cause “under the rug” and “behind the curtain” so they don’t have to admit they aren’t as enlightened or as perfect, wonderful and empowered as they want the rest of the world to believe they are.

I’ve noticed that the true broken ones are the ones who think they are better than people who’ve experienced trauma. These people NEED us to STAY broken so they can feel less broken themselves. These same people must keep you Socially “below” their worthiness by silencing you so you won’t heal. If you don’t heal they remain better than you. One up on you, and they can keep you down below how they see themselves with their low self-worth.

But, they are very weak and actually have low-self-worth that they overcompensate with the false persona of their version of “self-imposed Greatness“.

Because society is full of self-absorbed, broken individuals who all want to be the respected leader without doing the respectable work don’t want to hear it because it takes up their nonvaluable time they need to convince themselves that they are great. It’s best to find a therapist to confide your deepest darkest secrets too. You may have to try several professionals before you find one that you connect with. The fourth therapist was the charm for me.

A therapist or counselor is paid to listen (by someone if not by you) and a good one will listen. If the therapist doesn’t listen to you or makes you feel silenced, find a new one. Your therapist should always be on YOUR side.

The first step in the healing process is TRANSPARENCY. Break the Silence. We don’t always have words to express the violence, trauma, abuse and the debilitating feelings that come with them and that is really why it’s best to find a good therapist to talk to. There are many different therapeutic tools to use in the healing process. Finding the right one for you will make a difference in your recovery from what I call the code of silence from the monsters.

A respected actual “big deal” in the psychology community is Brene Brown. You can find her videos on Youtube, Ted talks,  and she’s written books with the details in them.

She speaks a lot about her research around being vulnerable which is something that is really difficult for those of us who’ve been SILENCED all of our lives.

Don’t submit to the self-destructive belief to sit in silence, however,  Choose carefully the person with whom you share your shame, your story, your pain. People, in general, are self-absorbed, hateful monsters. You have to search and find the few who aren’t. Not the one you think is nice because that’s one thing I’ve discovered about humans. Humans pretend to be nice and kind when they’re really jealous hatemongers and can’t stand to see broken people heal. After all, people who’ve mustered up the courage to heal from trauma are often stronger and more resilient than their non-abused peers.

I picked my therapist because she is nice and I chose her because I think she is good at her profession but the reason I share my deepest darkest secrets with her is simply that she is bound to keep my deep and dark secrets a secret. She isn’t permitted by Law to tell anyone what I talk about with the exception of if I tell her I plan to hurt myself or someone else.

Therapists can be sued in a court of law if confidentiality is broken. A therapist is legally bound to not participate in a smear campaign or even to just spread gossip and rumor about her clients regardless of how juicy the info is or how pissed off at the client she may be or even if she doesn’t like the client. She is bound to respect her clients and what they tell her and a good therapist will always take her client’s side.

If you feel your therapist doesn’t believe you, understand you or doesn’t seem to relate to you,  find another therapist.

Remember, as a general rule, people are monsters who only care about themselves and that’s why they want you to be silent so you don’t inconvenience them with real issues that THEY would never have survived had they been there instead of you.

Remember, YOU’ve survived things they can’t even imagine because if they could they’d have compassion.

Here is what I believe…

People like me go through what we go through so we can help others. We have the opportunity to turn our pain into understanding, compassion, and empathy for others who’ve gone through it as we have. People are born to be gregarious and interdependent, not lone wolves.

Not everyone will do what I’m trying to do and feel the calling to advocate or make a difference in the lives of others on a large intentional scale. However, some become motivational speakers, some become therapists, some become ministers, some become advocates, some become lawyers, some just become really good friend types who listen and some fill other public servant roles while still many never heal because they can’t break the silence.

I believe that the most compassionate yet strongest folks are those who’ve been to hell and back, survived, had the courage to heal by breaking the silence and becoming vulnerable once again but this time with healthy boundaries as a shield.

When we survive the abuse from the society of human monsters, we learn the necessity of transparency as much as we learn the importance of setting Healthy boundaries and learning how to enforce them. We learn the truth about vulnerability and face the darkest parts of ourself. Our hidden shadow self. Through the healing process, we never become what we once were before the abuse, However, through the healing process, we become strong, wise, and compassionate beings who can exercise empathy in the assistance of helping others through the healing process.

BREAK THE SILENCE! It’s the only way to combat the abusive nature of human beings. The cool thing about humans is that they may be monsters but they don’t want anyone to know about it.

The point of keeping you Silenced is to hide their ugliness they harbor inside.