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Witchcraft – Now this is a subject I truly enjoy talking about. It is the core of my spiritual beliefs and practices in my life. I, like many others, stand firmly on what I believe. That’s why magick works.

Hi, I’m Summer Song.

I’ve been using magick for most of my life. Since I can remember actually. Besides being called a Natural Witch and other choice names (some not so nice), I identify as a Witch with a Wiccan flavor. I have been a dedicated Witch since 1998. I first began learning from physical teachers, you know the living, breathing kind, a long time ago.

Yes, I began learning about Wicca. My foundations are in Wicca and I have always been a religious and spiritual woman. You do not have to be. I spent the first two years studying witchcraft from Wiccans. No, I didn’t join the coven, but I did grow to respect them as witches and people. My life took me into solitude as a Witch and in my spiritual practice. I learned and grew as an Eclectic Solitary Witch. Yes, I have other Witch friends to turn to for advice. Not all of them are specifically Wiccan, but some are.  Summer in the Kitchen

This Witch Digest is intended to be helpful to those who are exploring the possibilities of Witchcraft, new to the craft, alone as a solitary practitioner and who already know the very basics of witchcraft such as what magick actually is and how it works. I hope to answer questions about using spells and performing rituals. It is not fun sometimes as a solitary walking the path alone, not having anyone to talk to about a spell you did or someone to get advice from when it comes to magick.

It really sucks to have an Ah Ha! Moment and not have anyone to share it with. It can be difficult to learn from experience, books, and intuition all on your own. I hope that everyone can feel comfortable sharing their beliefs, discoveries, and knowledge to help broaden everyone’s views and perspectives. After all, Witchcraft is full of diversity that needs to be shared and explored. Fellowship is nice to have.  When you are alone and you need information or a fresh perspective, I hope you find that here in the posts and the comments. There are many great books and websites full of information but nothing beats good old-fashioned community interaction. I hope this is one that you will find a good resource as it grows.

I don’t plan to address the religious part of witchcraft such as specific holidays or specific religious rituals. However, I will likely brush over religion and religious beliefs. This is because I personally believe that religion plays a huge role in the lives of many people. I’m not necessarily speaking of the Wiccan religion but of any religion or belief in a higher power of some kind. Not every Witch is religious and some are even Atheist. I believe that religion or an absence of religious beliefs will affect our magickal experiences, practices, and results. None being better than the other, by the way.

There is a great deal of controversy surrounding witchcraft and within witchcraft itself. There are many individual core beliefs and practices within this vast community. There are many different meanings to correspondences and it is my belief that in this diversity there is valuable information to be shared. What I write is based on my own personal beliefs, experiences and personal perspective on witchcraft. However, my opinions often change like the wind with the presentation of new information or experiences. Some will agree and some will disagree with the content on this site. Only you can decide how you feel about a specific subject. Witchcraft is a very personal experience.

My most adamant advice is to question everything. Don’t take anything at face value. I don’t know everything. No one can. Life is about constant learning. You were given a free will and the ability to use it, the ability to decide what is right and wrong. You have the power to decide what you believe and what rules to live by. You do not need someone else’s rules. Only you can determine if you are a “good Witch” or a “bad Witch”.

Summer Song

It is our intent here behind the scenes to encourage and promote Positive change, self-healing, self-discovery, thinking for oneself, and to experience personal growth through the use of witchcraft because that is what we believe it is best used for.

If you wish to share your path, ideas, beliefs, knowledge, experience, or your own unique perspective on this subject, you may contact us for more information on how to submit a post. Or, you can always leave us a comment. I would like to see others contribute from a fresh perspective.

We will leave the comments open as long as it is helpful. Specifically, hate speech will not be tolerated. If your opinion is hateful, keep it to yourself. Personal attacks against anyone are not accepted. There is enough hate in this world. If you don’t see your comment right away, don’t worry, It will most likely get approved. However, we monitor the comments to eliminate spam. Spread kindness, respect, and courtesy everywhere you go. Kindness is a form of magick with the possibility to change the world.

In Love and Light,

Summer Song

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