Here are some common questions about Witch Digest.


Why do comments get approved?

1.Comments must be approved because we get so many SPAM messages that are irrelevant to the content on this site. SPAM is usually generated by a bot, but not always, with the only purpose to put a backlink or advertisement on as many sites as possible. This is considered a “black hat” marketing tactic. It doesn’t help WitchDigest or You, our visitor.  It is just junk that has to be deleted.

2. Comments that were obvious mistakes, such as partial comments followed by a full comment by the same person.  Example of this is, “I love tha”.  Followed by “I love that you have this available”.  The first is an obvious mistake and of course, it will be deleted but we will try to make sure the intended comment will be approved.

What if I disagree about the content?

A disagreement of the content,  if presented in a helpful way and not hateful is not only accepted but encouraged. If you disagree with information on this site, please let us know and offer your reason/argument/case against it and offer your perspective on the subject. That is how we learn and grow as human beings. Most of my posts are based on what I have been taught, what I have experienced, my own perspective and opinion. Opinions can easily be changed. In college, I was given an assignment as the final exam to present a Convincing Argument on “why people should not have credit cards”. I had never had a credit card and didn’t have a clue why people should/shouldn’t have a credit card.

The credit card issue wasn’t the point. The point was actually how well I presented my side of the argument. I learned a valuable lesson in that class.

  1. There is more than one side to every issue and every opinion.
  2.  In hearing and expressing an alternative view/perspective/opinion is how we expand our knowledge. Hearing different sides or opinions is how we learn from each other.  Think back about Aristotle and his belief about the planet earth and the sun. Compare it to Galileo’s belief about the planet Earth and the sun. Think about what Society believed to be true about the Earth and the Sun and what humans have been able to prove through verifiable scientific discoveries.

How does that apply here? Just because the majority believes it to be true, doesn’t make it true. Please keep in mind, we are all human, we can be wrong.  I once believed that sugar had complex carbohydrates and that apples had simplex carbohydrates. I was mistaken. I later discovered that I had misunderstood the information. Sugar has simplex carbohydrates and the apple actually has Complex Carbohydrates. Had no one challenged that “belief” I would continue to sound ridiculous every time I mentioned it.

It is easy to misunderstand something and believe it for a long time. It is our responsibility to be open to the idea that what we think we know might actually be incorrect. Please speak up and share. Take the risk. I won’t attack you and I won’t publish a comment that is an attack.

Hate Speech

We also wish to filter hate speech from insane trolls who have nothing better to do with their time than to comment hateful, derogatory, and often irrelevant crap that doesn’t help anyone.  An example of this type of troll type hate speech is something like, “All you Witches need to burn in Hell” or “Repent you sinners and turn from Satan. Jesus loves you”.  “You are stupid”. Those are the nice examples of troll comments that are considered irrelevant and unhelpful.

What happens to the unapproved comments?

Unapproved Comments get marked as SPAM and eventually deleted or simply deleted.

Can I get notified of updates to article comments?

Yes, if you are posting a comment just check the box below the comment area marked “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.”

As you also might have noticed you do not have to post a comment to just follow the conversation for an article, you can click on the subscribe link and give your email address to get updated on new comments and replies to the article.


How to submit an Article?

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