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The 2019 Witch Digest Android App
Is here for the New Year

The BEST Android App for all things Witchcraft and more!


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Witch Digest Android App

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A quick reference for those who practice Witchcraft and Magick, great for Witches, Wiccans, and the curious pagan.

Witch Digest Android App


The app includes: 

  • Moon Phase Calendars. < Updated
  • Articles about the Craft. < Keep Connected to our Articles on the go!
  • Comment and Ask Questions about the articles.
  • How too’s on Creating and Casting Spells.
  • Witchcraft ExpaliExplaineddated
  • Magick Tools of the trade.
  • Correspondences of the Craft.
  • Book of Shadows reference and use.
  • A guide to Familiar and Power Animals.
  • and More Click here to get it on the Play Store

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