For many who are reading this, it is old news because this controversy has been going on for several generations. Probably since Wicca Began in the 1960s.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Skyclad issue, I will briefly go over what I am referring to.

Skyclad is another way of saying Naked because you are clad only by the sky. Skyclad is a very Wiccan concept and not all witches want to be naked with a group of people so they organized traditions that are Robed. Robed is where you wear a robe or some other ritual clothing and sometimes it is simply clothed. Many Wiccans who like to be naked often express themselves in a tone as better Witches and overall better people than the Robed Wiccans.

The controversy is the question “is Naked necessary?”. The Skyclad Wiccans say it is necessary and the Robed Wiccans believe it isn’t.

There are many reasons why skyclad Wiccans claim that Skyclad is necessary.  They use specific versions of the Descent of the Goddess as the symbolism behind the nudity. It is about Perfect love and Perfect trust. Personally, for many of them, it can be quite exhilarating to stand naked with a group of naked people. For them, they find personal power in being naked.

For the Robed Wiccans, Being naked is unnecessary. They find the power of being naked is the opposite because they are so uncomfortable they can’t focus and the other is that meh, the power is the same. It’s all about focused will and concentration and for them, it makes no difference. In my humble opinion, these are the most powerful witches. The ones who find that their power doesn’t depend on whether or not they are Naked.

Both sides have justified reasons to wear clothes or not to wear clothes. Some Robed Witches claim that all naked Witches are perverts and the Skyclad Wiccans seem to believe the only reason Robed Witches wear clothes is that they have body issues.

Here is what I have found to be true among both groups.

Skyclad Groups:


  1. There are some people who are perverts and have poor ethics and morals and they do use Wicca as a tool because of its comfortability with being naked. These perverts do take advantage of these small group naked themes as a means to attract their prey. Always beware when looking for a new group. Not all Skyclad Coven leaders are predators but they do pressure people to be naked and use a mild form of bullying tactics and peer pressure on those who are uncomfortable with being Skyclad in a Skyclad group.
  2. Many Skyclad Wiccans can’t tap into their own power unless they are naked. They are so uncomfortable in their clothes that they can’t think, can’t concentrate, or focus their will. They have to be naked. This does not include all Skyclad Wiccans because there are some who can practice both naked or Robed because they are comfortable both ways.
  3. Skyclad Wiccans often tout that Robed Wiccans are weak because they can’t get over body issues. Issues with how they look and/or bodily functions.
  4. For Many Skyclad Wiccans, being naked is the only true Wiccan way and they can’t imagine anything different would be acceptable.

Robed Witches:

  1. Not always Wiccan and usually comfortable in clothes. These Witches can raise a cone of power that is extremely intense to experience. Although, Robed Witches regardless of Wiccan or other, are not exempt from predators. These predators are closet perverts but use these small groups to attract their prey all the same. Many Robed Witches are not comfortable being naked with a group of naked people.
  2. Robed Witches believe that being naked isn’t necessary to have a close relationship with Deity or to reach your full potential as a Witch.
  3. Robed Witches, in general, may often see Skyclad Wiccans as mere exhibitionists.
  4. There are many reasons why Robed Witches don’t want to be naked. The following reasons are not the only reasons. There are many reasons because we are individuals with individual experiences, beliefs, and reasons to wear robes.

A. Although body issues is a common theme for many people in the world it is not the only reason to refuse being Naked with a group of naked people. Some people don’t give a crap about what people think of their body and still, refuse to be Skyclad.

B. Bad things happen in this world. Some people have experienced severe trauma such as Rape, Violence of some nature such as abuse. Some people can’t get past the trauma enough to ever feel safe being naked with a group of people. For a group to pressure an individual into stripping off their clothing when they are clearly uncomfortable can actually add to the traumas they have already experienced. Pressuring someone who has had such trauma in their life is not healthy for that person.

C. Clothing protects you from the elements when outdoors and of course on the colder nights even indoors.

These are not all there is to it but these are the main reasons I see for the majority of Witches regardless if Wiccan or Not.

Do I practice Skyclad or Robed?

My personal choice is Robed. I will not practice skyclad with anyone whom I am not intimately involved with. I don’t go around getting intimately involved with groups of people, therefore, there is no way I will practice Skyclad by choice.

Why I made my choice and where I stand

Because I believe that it is unnecessary to be naked in a circle with other people, I am comfortable with my choice of Robed.

I may have had some body issues when I was young but the reason I choose Robed is that I am one of those people who had such severe trauma in my life that I won’t even get naked for the Doctor unless my life depends on it. I have to believe I am dying without it. I refuse to allow a male doctor to do my pelvic exams or breast exams. I won’t even sleep naked or walk around my house when I am alone without clothes on. Bottom line, I do NOT feel safe without clothes on and I can NOT practice magick or perform any kind of ritual if I am overcome with fear and not safely tucked under my clothing unless I am alone to get a shower or with my lover. I have gone through counseling but I have accepted that for me, I am not ever going to feel safe without clothes and I am good with that because I don’t have to do anything I am not comfortable with.

The Lord and Lady don’t really care if I have clothes on or am Naked. The Spirits don’t care, the energy doesn’t care. In fact, the only people who care if I am Robed or Naked in Ritual is other people who shouldn’t care unless I am in their specific circle with them at that given moment.

I will not be naked under my Robes for this reason. No matter how much I trust and like a group, I will never be able to trust them enough to be naked with them. I promise it has nothing to do with body image. Let’s face it. By the time you are 50, you don’t give a damn about what people think of your body. Don’t like it, don’t look. It is all about fear of harm and feeling safe. Clothes protect us from the elements and make it more difficult for a Rapist to Rape you if you have clothes to go through. That is why the new way to rape is with the Date Rape drugs. No fight, no muss, no fuss. Easy rapings. Another fear I had to conquer before practicing with a group. With Wine and cakes being served in circle and everyone eating and drinking them. Another reason not to be naked in circle.

Logic may say, these people are safe and that won’t happen with this group, but for people like me, when the monsters are your own parents and/or family members, spouse, or close friend with whom you believed you were safe, that logic doesn’t matter. The fear still remains. Makes it difficult to trust. I practice with an awesome Coven who do everything right for eliminating trust issues and I will not and can not ever be naked with them. If they decided that they are switching to Skyclad, I would have to resign from them. Yes, this is a personal issue and yes, it should be respected.

I don’t believe that Skyclad is wrong or Practicing Robed is wrong and I don’t believe there is any difference in a Witch’s power regardless if you wear clothes or prefer to be naked. I don’t believe that it really matters what a group or individual choice is in the matter of Skyclad or Robed.

I do, however, firmly believe that not respecting someone’s choice makes you a bad person. That doesn’t mean that a Skyclad person should practice Skyclad with a group of Robed practitioners or vice versa. That means, Don’t make assumptions or judgments of someone else’ choices or force them to practice your way. If you are a Skyclad Coven and a new member is uncomfortable with being Skyclad, don’t pressure them with stories, poems, dogma, and peer pressure or assume that the only reason they don’t want to be naked is that of “Body Issues”. Talk to them often about how they feel about it, and what is going on with them. You may discover that their reasons for not wanting to be naked with your group are way more than body issues. Even with Body Issues, there are reasons for that too and it should be handled with care and respect.

The new member needs to really consider this because it can be a huge issue and the new member must come to terms with where they stand. At least until they can work it out for themselves or with a therapist. It could be body issues and with a little gentle trust building, you may get their clothes off. But if they have experienced some trauma, they will need a lot more than getting over some insignificant body issues.

I believe which ever you choose, keep in mind that it is your choice. Your choice may not be the best choice for someone else.

In Today’s Society, we live in a very dangerous time. Not because we may be killed for our beliefs but because Monsters in our world look safe. We are human and can easily be deceived. They look innocent and benign and start groups in our community or join our groups with the intent to find their prey. It can be difficult to determine when you get a monster on your path. Even the monsters have a pleasant face with friendly eyes and a welcoming smile and treat you nicely most of the time.

Most Groups are relatively safe but the few bad ones are hard to spot on the outside and we have to use our senses to stay safe and for those of us who have experienced trauma, we can’t get past that fear that in our experience, monsters look like people you can trust and it is hard to tell the difference. I and others like me will keep our clothes on and I could care less if you practice naked. We just can’t practice together if you must be Skyclad and I must be Robed.

The bottom line is this, Some people prefer Robes and some people prefer to be naked and it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

You don’t need approval, permission or acceptance to practice Robed or Skyclad. It is your life and your choice. Follow your heart, listen to your gut. Don’t do anything you are not comfortable with. Most of all, Keep an Open Mind. You also aren’t entitled to an explanation of why someone else doesn’t want to practice skyclad or Robed. If they don’t feel comfortable telling you, respect that. Give them their space because we all deserve that respect.

I believe in the freedom of choice and everything is a choice. We have this thing called free will and we are given the ability to use it.

Live, Love, Respect,

Summer Song