Summer TreesAs I celebrated the Summer Solstice Here in the Northern Hemisphere, I thought about all the reasons I have always found ways to celebrate the turning of the seasons even when I didn’t practice witchcraft. For me, The turning of the seasons is a time for my personal progress report. Each season is full of lessons that I can choose to learn from. In the spring, I plant my seeds. I watch around me as life begins to spring forward with babies, new buds, and fresh sprouts. This spring was a season of new ideas while summer seems to be a lesson on following through, patience and very valuable lessons in loss  and appreciating what I have. All of this has been after a long winter lesson of tolerance of all sorts.

I have learned over the last year that although there are tough lessons to be learned in each season there are joys to be experienced as well. It is the small pleasures and the brief moments of happiness that sweetens the bitter aspects of the hard lessons of life.

Because the end of one season and the beginning of the next marks a good time to look back over the last few months, I celebrate them fervently. I celebrate the accomplishments and the pitfalls.

What does this have to do with Witchcraft? Well, as the earth glides through the vast milky way on it course around the sun, it moves into different planetary alignments, It’s position in the cosmos changes and these changes affect our life and our magick. It determines how and when we cast our spells and the effects to our lives determines what type of spells we may choose to cast. The position of the earth in relation to the sun determines what season it is and of course which hemisphere we live on also affects us. Even the moon’s positions as we make our way on our path around the sun affects us and everything around us.

That is why it is often an important part of witchcraft. True each Witch sees different aspects from different perspectives and each Witch has her/his own meaning, beliefs, and use for the seasons.

It is my effort to constantly learn something in my life. Through research, listening to others points of view, experiences of my own and through observation, I learn. I try to do all of these things with an open mind (not always successfully) so that I can get the full experience.  One of my teachers in the craft told me once that to really understand a situation it is important to step outside the situation and look at it from the view of an eagle  to get the full perspective and then you might better understand and make better choices.

The seasons bring me lessons, some hard and some easy, some unpleasant and some right down enjoyable while others are bitter sweet such as matters of the heart. Each season, of each year, brings something new and different and that is one great reason to celebrate.

Life is constantly changing. Situations and the people in life may come and go. Relationships may change. It is neither good nor bad, it just is and we can learn from each experience. The hard ones and the pleasant ones.

The theme for this year for me is growth, gratitude, and perseverance. Many Blessings to you and may this season bring you more love, more light, more joy, and more peace.

Summer Song



P.S. I would love to hear what the seasons mean to you. Write a reply below to let us all know. Sharing what we think and feel helps others grow through fresh ideas and even confirmations of like minded others.