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One of the best features of Witches is the diversity in how every individual perceives the world around them. Each has a Unique perspective that is drawn upon for learning the many lessons in life, based on each experience.

Many of us learn from our observations and experiences in nature. We learn from our pets which come in a variety of forms. watching the wildlife around us and even the movements of the earth herself.

When I was a bit younger, I enjoyed floating on the river in my rented inflatable kayak. I did this with some acquaintances who were not really friends, but they helped me along the way none-the-less.

As I go through life, I often relate life and my experiences with the river. I’d like to share my thoughts in the reflection of how one might learn from nature. This for me is my story about the river and what it taught me about life.

River of Life RapidsAs I prepared to float the river, I looked at it with anxious excitement. Here I am, about to get in my boat on a journey that had two guarantees. It had a beginning and an end. Everything in between these two points depended on every decision I make at every minute, just like life. We usually jump in our own proverbial boat and begin our individual journey down the river of life.

Even when we are not alone, in our own boat or in a boat with others, every decision we make affects our journey.

We have to stay focused and go with the flow. It helps to watch the tongue and stay centered while we watch for obstacles in the path. If we try to go against the flow of the river we burn our energy quickly while going nowhere.

Sometimes, Behind a big rock there is this vortex called a hole. Just like life, it is difficult to spot these holes and we can get sucked in it and if we don’t think quickly we can be dumped right out of our boat. When we get stuck in a hole, the only way to get out without going swimming, is to dig deep and give it everything we’ve got to escape.

Sometimes, it is inevitable, we go swimming.

When it happens that we are thrown from our boat, we have to pull ourselves back up and climb back in so we can continue on this journey with our resources. Our boat may symbolize our basic needs. This alone can be a struggle and sometimes we need a little help, just like in life we are faced with obstacles and challenges and life gets really difficult.

When the water is Calm, relax, enjoy the ride while watching for natural and hidden dangers and obstacles. Just like in life, when things seem to be going good, we have to remember to look ahead because life is constantly moving forward and we can expect unpleasant things to come our way.

Watch out for the turbulent white water because it is always ahead. Alway be prepared by paying attention so you are not surprised by the turbulence. Just like life, it gets pretty rocky and it will come if you’re ready or not.

Providing you didn’t go swimming during your struggle with the foamy, bubbling water beneath your boat, look for an eddy. An eddy is a spot off to the side of the river where it is possible to rest, get out of the river, take a break and recuperate from the rough ride you just experienced.

Most of all, stay focused on the good things in the journey, and enjoy the ride because it will be over before you know it.

Blessed Be,

Summer Song

p.s. What are your perceptions of this world and what has it taught you?  I am interested in your thoughts and experiences. type them in the reply below.