With blessings from

my Heavenly Father and Great Mother,

Help me find my true lover.

Bring to me Mr. Right

Bring him in my second sight.

With deep love and harmony,

It harm none, so mote it be!

My recipe is very simplistic but the intent will have a bigger impact. Spells work with the desire for the outcome. The manifestation comes with the accuracy of its definition.

Yes, this video was created quickly but the tea had been planned for a couple of weeks. It takes time to gather or create the contents for the spell and the mindset is the focus during the creation process.  The poem was written before but I didn’t have it memorized. The intent for this project actually requires the intent of the end user of this tea. If no or little intent is placed on the use then the results will be just as minimal. Kitchen witches everywhere have some basic recipes and everyone should know that spells are like people, there may be a lot of similarities but they are all different and as unique as the person who created it. Browsing Youtube, we can find a whole lot of different ways to make a love potion or perform a love spell. Some are good and some are for fun but all of them are unique.

This is my recipe for my love potion tea. Feel free to use it or improvise your own. Mine only serves as an example of what can be done. The magick in the tea you create even if you use the same recipe will depend on the depth and clarity of intent that you put into it. Even when we work hard at a spell, if we don’t really understand how it works, it may not work the way we intended. For this recipe, I think this tea has a very pleasant flavor which helps when creating the intent for a good and lasting relationship.

This infusion is intended for love and friendship.

Every herbal kitchen Witch is expected to know how to make a potion. As with all magick, everyone’s recipe is different. For this recipe, I used Kosher and Organic products fit for human consumption. Meaning we can drink this potion. The only real concern I have with this recipe is possible allergies. My boyfriend is highly allergic to lavender. When I create a lavender incense, I have to grind the lavender outside so he isn’t affected. Allergies are common and this should never be given to anyone without their consent because of possible allergic reactions.

The citrus in my recipe is organic. I used a zester to collect the peel of the fruit then I let it dry in a clean safe place. I used the peel of 3 organic oranges and 3 organic lemons. The reason I selected organic ones is because I don’t feel pesticides would be a good additive to a love spell not to mention it is not exactly health conscious. Oranges and Lemons have a magickal correspondence of joy and happiness. I chose these for two reasons. One for the magickal intent of seeking a happy and joyous love relationship while the second is to add a complimentary flavor to the lavender.

I chose hibiscus because it has the magickal correspondence of Love. It is red and adds a sweetness to the tea. Love is often associated with the color red. Red is considered a color of fiery passion. When I think of a happy romantic relationship, I want it to have passion fueled by the sweet flavor of love. This tea can brew to a beautiful color of red with a sweet flavor that relaxes and calms the heart.

Lavender is an aromatic purple flower and purple is also a color of passion. Lavender is associated with the correspondence of love. To me, Lavender is the cooler part of a passionate love. It feels a bit more level and steady. I want the outcome of the spell to be long lasting. The intent is to help steady the relationship and keep the fire going.

Of course, with all of my recipes, there are a few repetitive things that can be found. I do everything with a purpose. There are a few numbers that I use. These numbers are 3,5,9,7 and 13.  There is a reason for everything. It is not only the magickal correspondence of the ingredients themselves but also in the measurements and how it is prepared.

Because this is a magickal potion, I take special care in the creation and preparation of the infusion as well as how it is consumed. I add my intent on the use of the tea at the time of brewing to manifest my desired outcome. This is when I actually use an incantation although an incantation can be added during the manufacturing of the tea as well.

It is not uncommon to perform one-half of the spell before gifting the item and the recipient will complete the spell with their intent which activates the spell.  When I gave this finished recipe to my friend, it will be her will that determines the effectiveness of the tea through the use of her own intent.

As I prepare this infusion for my own use, I will chant, pray, or say an incantation or affirmation stating the purpose of the tea which is a tool of my trade.

I use this tea in a ritualistic method such as a commitment ceremony or in a spell such as to find or attract a true love. It can also be used to help in finding friends or as a social event to attract friendship. My intentions are never to bind anyone to me or to anyone else. That would go against my own personal ethics and therefore doesn’t work for me.

As you consider your recipes as a kitchen witch, always remember to keep it safe and enjoyable for everyone. When it comes to love spells, I am sure to add the part of “It harm none”. The worst part of doing a love spell is if you try to “Make” someone love you, it is difficult to determine if they truly love you of their own free will or if you have forced them to love you with your own will. This uncertainty can degrade the value of the intended relationship.

If you work a spell to find your true love, you are not working on a specific person and therefore are opening yourself and the person who is meant for you the opportunity to find each other. It is merely the opportunity and whatever happens will be of the free will of each of you.

Because this is intended for a romantic partnership, You want to make two servings measuring one cup each. The tea is fairly strong. One teaspoon between both cups of water should be adequate. It is steeped for 3 to 5 minutes depending on the strength desired. The longer it brews the stronger it is but it is not necessary to brew it longer than 5 minutes.

I don’t find it necessary to sweeten this tea but if you prefer to sweeten it, go right ahead. 🙂

Drink this infusion as a hot beverage as you burn your love candle during your spell.

In Love and Light,
Summer Song