Spells that WorkOne of the main points of Witchcraft is using spells that work. As I look over many sites online I see a lot of spells that are sensical and some that make no sense at all. The ones that make no sense at all have no real purpose. These are the ones done for fun and entertainment. Not so much the point of real witchcraft. Nothing against Wiccans since it is primarily a religion, but when a Wiccan says, Oh I don’t use spells, I have to wonder why. Okay, Wiccans are not all witches although that is how Wicca started out. Being a witch and learning how to change things in my life was a big deal for me when I first found Wicca and Witchcraft.

On a full moon, I do a ritual. In this ritual, I include some form of magick most of the time. I have to admit that on some esbats, I simply honor the feminine spirit in me and all around me in this vast Universe of existence. Sometimes I do something to help me or a loved one, and sometimes it is to improve the community around me. Maybe to help my neighbors see the world that is full of diversity from a broader perspective. There have been times I have simply sat quietly in my circle and simply focused on a mutual understanding between us and our neighbors so they won’t be afraid of me and I won’t have to be afraid of their reactions to me and witchcraft. Sometimes, I will do a spell to protect us and others in the neighborhood from the closed minded troublemakers who are trying to get a mob together to attack the Witch on the block.

When we think of doing spells we think of doing them for different reasons. That is why there are so many sites with silly spells that are likely a hit among the very young who simply want to do magic tricks and slight of hand, such as changing the color of their eyes, to impress and entertain their friends. To me, that is alright as long as there is an awareness that real witches don’t take that seriously.

For real witches, we take magick very seriously and we want real spells for real reasons. For some, it is to find a lost pet, friend, or personal object that has some sentimental value. ok not very serious to some but the bottom line of this type of spell is to alleviate the grief of loss by finding what is lost. Some, want to bring back a lost love. Again, this is a desire based on the actual feeling of grief caused by loss. Some are looking for spells to find them a love. Sounds pretty safe if it works the way it is planned or intended. This is often a spell chosen for those who find themselves alone and feel the loneliness of being alone. The desire to find someone to share our thoughts, feelings, and lives with is a very human and a natural desire. After all, people are gregarious in nature and we all desire a healthy human interpersonal/connected relationship with other human beings.

Sometimes a feeling of loneliness can be that disconnected feeling in a huge city filled with other humans and some who can never seem to feel connected, leaving a very lonely heart isolated in a sea of faces.

With just these few examples, we can see that the old saying, Be careful of what you wish for because you just might get it, is an actual insight of being certain of what you truly desire. Spells that work are the ones that you, your very self, have made up. You can peruse other people’s spell books and use them as a foundation, but the most powerful spells that work are the ones that you design. The one that you write.

I am going to bring up Some Wiccan thoughts here for just a second. In the Wiccan Rede, one paragraph states

“When the moon rides at her peak, then your heart’s desire seek.”

That is a very important statement when it comes to magick and spells that work. Magick, now that is a simplistic yet complicated thing to use. It is simplistic because we all are taught that spells work according to one’s will, intent, and desire for the object or our outcome.

To make your spell work, you have to know what you truly desire and what you truly desire has to be in agreement with the universe or all that exists. The other thing about spells that work is when a spell works well or perfectly, it is because we understand and know what we truly desire, because you see, magick knows what your heart’s true desire is and if you are asking for one thing but your heart wants something different, and the universe knows that it really isn’t what you need right now, so, it is not in agreement.

You may ask for someone to love you, but instead it backfires and turns out that the person has no love for you, but it becomes an obsession instead. Or, you do a spell to find a true love to stand by your side and instead of a knight in shining armor you get some creep who is using you to either stay in the country or out of prison or worse, some Psycho who is going to torture you in every psychological and emotional way possible.

I have found, for me, in my experience, the more specific and detailed I get with my spell, as long as I keep it simplistic as I can be, and if I truly be honest with myself and contemplate the real reason for the spell, What my heart really wants, then, my spells work great. Yes, I have had spells backfire and I have had spells not work at all. And I’ve had many that were successful and turned out wonderfully, sometimes even a blessing in disguise.

Your thoughts create reality because life is what we perceive it to be and how we feel creates an energy that attracts like to us. How we feel, creates a thought and thoughts inspire action and action creates a response. We have the gift of reason and if you want your spell to work, make it a spell worth creating.

Above all, keep in mind, Every single experience we haveย is another opportunity to learn something valuable. Pay attention and when all is said and done, use retrospection or hindsight to learn from your experiences. Ask questions and learn from the experiences of others as well. Don’t regret your choices, learn from them. Take responsibility for your decisions but always learn from them.

If you want your spells to work, Know thyself.

In Love and Light,

Summer Song