pious self righteous angelSome people who claim to be of a  holy variety who try to be pious and self-righteous in the magickal community often make the mistake of learning how to be a witch from the Television show “Charmed”. All too often I hear things like “you can’t do magick for personal gain” and “Harm none means you can’t defend yourself”. Many of the older and more experienced Witches know that those statements are bullcrap. Anyone with the ability to reason and who has a moral compass and wit that allows them to defend and protect themselves and others without causing harm can see how ignorant those statements are. I mean ignorant as in a lack of knowledge. This knowledge comes with experience and proper training.

I, being from a Wiccan background from back in the day when Wicca was a tradition of witchcraft, I learned some very valuable skills. I was lucky to have teachers who taught me how to defend myself against personal attacks and defend against the attacks on my community of Witches in a way that harms none. I was taught that I do not under any circumstance have to turn my cheek and allow myself to be attacked repeatedly and allow someone to abuse me or in any way cause me harm. The Wiccan Law, And it harm none, do what you will, does not mean you have to take abuse or turn the other cheek. It simply means take action with responsible consideration. To defend yourself in a way that does no harm.

I believe the whole purpose of learning how to use magick is to gain power. It is power over one’s own life, It is power to change the world we live in and the power to defend and protect ourselves and others. Magick is a tool and can be a weapon. A weapon of defense. Just like the military is designed to protect its country or territory and people from attacks and harm, magick can be used to protect the witch and the witches community.

Yes, I was taught, with power comes responsibility. Yes, that power gives a degree of control over our lives and the world in which we live. Is using that power to control the damage that heads toward us or to use that power to deflect harm, a bad thing? Is using the power of magick to defend oneself against harm a control freak thing? Hell NO! By all means, cast your protective shields, protection spells and your reflection spells. Oh and don’t forget your justice spells. You have the power to protect yourself from harm. Use it responsibly.

I do not cause harm and I may harm none and I live by the Wiccan Law to Harm none, I can’t say it enough, but I also learned how I can defend myself and use not only The POWER OF WILL god gave me, but the Power of Magick to keep me safe and keep my life going in a way that is beneficial for me. Yes, I can do magick for personal gain, how else will I take control of my life? I don’t exist on the show charmed. Charmed was not my teacher. “Do as Ye Will” is the second part of Wiccan Law. I will harm none, but I will not take crap from anyone. I will NOT take abuse from anyone for any reason. I will NOT allow anyone to cause Me harm.  I have the POWER to protect myself and my community and the ability to use it. As long as I use it responsibly, I am within the confines of the Law in which I live by. And be aware not all witches are Wiccan and they don’t live by the Rede. I was taught to also live by this: Never mistake my kindness for weakness. You see, I am a Witch, I have the Power to have Control over my life, I will always be kind, but I will never be weak and defenseless. As Witches, we not only have the ability but we also have an obligation to defend and protect ourselves from harm. The Wiccan Rede Does not say, And it harm none so take the abuse.

Today’s Lesson: Witch, defend and protect thyself.

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