What Is Magick?

Magick is not black or white or gray. It actually has no color…Confusing? Magick isn’t good or bad on its own but becomes whatever intent you give it. If you intend to use it for bad or negative purposes such as hurting someone or something in a negative way then for that instance, it becomes negative or bad. If you intend to use it for something good or positive then it is positive and good. 

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What Are The Burning Times

People were being tortured and burned as heretics for not converting and accepting the new religion. Disagreeing with the church was a crime of heresy and was punishable by death. There are reports of whole towns being murdered. Whole towns were wiped out of women and young female children. Although, men who stood up for these women and any children and even their pets were often murdered and it was common to be burned at the stake although the torture was not limited to being burned. To burn in this world was to condemn the victim to the eternal lake of fire of Hell.

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Laguz: Going with the Flow

How do you move with the ebb and flow of life’s waters when you feel like you don’t even have so much as a meager life jacket to help you make it onto dry land safe and sound?

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Introduce your child to the Faeries


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