I hope you are in a good mood because I am about to talk about some stuff that is controversial but needs to be said. Some of you may be completely Offended by what I have to say. Some of you may totally agree with what I have to say, and for those who are trying to learn, This is how Wicca is intended and what the “Wiccan Rede” meant when it reads, “DO AS YOU WILL, HARM NONE.” With this single verse, all Wiccans are left to an interpretation that was originally passed down from teacher to student.

It means to use your will to manifest and create in your life within the confines of not causing harm to others. This idea goes with the notion that Freedom and Power come with a responsibility. The Wiccan Rede is really a list of suggested boundaries that literally empowers the Witch. Wisdom confirms this thought. And…Well, there are more verses to that poem than the last part of “do as you will, harm none.” It gives a pretty good idea of some boundaries a Wiccan Witch should consider in their daily lives and practice.

The biggest controversy over Wiccan Defensive Magick is Ethics. I had to be taught to think in a way that provides for the ability to defend myself in an ethical way, and it’s my observation that using magick in an ethical way must be taught because it is not human nature to defend yourself with “Love.” When most of us think about security, defense, or protection, we think about battles, fighting, violence, and negative energy. Aggressive images often fill our minds.

But what about defense from a place of love? What would that look like? Is it even possible?

Love is something that many of us shout from the rooftops. We all want to be loved. We talk a lot about love, and we often associate Love with kindness, gentleness, peace, happiness, and positive energy. It is often something that eludes us when we’re angry, and it’s often seen as a weakness.

But what if I told you that defending yourself from a place of love actually protects you and your loved ones and does all kinds of powerfully miraculous magick that can make positive changes for your benefit?  It not only heals your heart, mind, and soul, but it can protect you from harm.

Defense from a place of love can be one of the most difficult spells you will ever do in your craft. It is really difficult to do what is necessary when it comes to defending from a place of love. Those who can do this are really strong individuals because it is not human nature to battle with nothing but kindness and love. It is hard. I have to admit it. It requires love to fill your heart and your mind.

It is the difference between attacking someone and doing what is right for everyone involved. So, I have told my favorite story about being attacked and the ethical ways of Wiccan Defense Magick in previous posts. Keep in mind that All who wish to disempower the individual Witch will tell the Witch that it is wrong to defend yourself, and I am here to tell you “that” is a lie that is intended to keep you vulnerable and weak so you can’t defend yourself against them.

I was taught how to defend myself as a Wiccan. First, to begin, it is important to start at the beginning. To begin, Once you can feel and recognize energy through your energy practice work, you will then start to practice the blue bubble of energy. It is an energy shield. It can help protect you from the negative energy that can build up around you every day, and it can protect you from minor attacks from people who don’t know they are doing it, and so on. So, how to use this one, one would visualize the blue light coming from some point in their body. It could be your heart center, or it could be from your fingertips, or it could be visualized as a zipper being zipped up from your feet to your head, sealing it up nice and tight. Remember, as above so below…

When you become really good at that shield, you learn other types of shields that shield you from different things. I was always very empathic. I would easily become overwhelmed in a group or if someone was feeling something strongly. It was so bad that it was interfering with my daily life. Once I got good at shielding, I started using it all the time when I was out or around others or whenever I felt the need for protection.

So what are some other things that Wiccans can ethically use to protect themselves? There are amulets and talismans, protective herbs that can be used in general protection. There are spells too. Depending on the situation and your intentions, as a Wiccan, you can cast a binding spell, a Banishing spell, a return to sender spell, a Karma spell, or even a Justice spell. Well, what if someone is magically or energetically attacking you? What if it’s not energetic? What if it’s a bunch of Christians who are bullying you or harassing you? Maybe it’s your neighbors harassing you.

What if it’s a real physical threat? Ok, so I want to talk about defensive magick that will end the harassment or help you stop the attacks. In this post here, titled modern-day persecution of witches, I talk about one incident that I had to deal with when I had only been on the path for a couple of years. I was still taking classes and learning.

Now, when it comes to full-out attacks, such as when my neighbors called the police with frivolous complaints or even magickal attacks, I will return to the sender, a karma spell, Justice spell, or I will banish, and if necessary, I will do a binding.  Here is where the weak of mind or those who wish to disempower us have an issue with Wiccans using real magick to defend themselves. So, if Wicca is all about ethics and Not causing harm but still doing as we please, how does a binding or a banishing fit into that?

Here is where Wiccans are different than other traditions of witchcraft.

As I was taught, when my neighbors started using the police to harass me, stabbing my tires and other things, then ending with them at my house demanding that I leave the neighborhood, I stopped to think it out. I asked important questions here. What happened? Why are they suddenly attacking me when everything was fine? I discovered that my husband (a bad abusive person, not trustworthy, and is now an ex) had gone to all my neighbors and told them not only am I a witch, but he put it in their heads that I am going to curse them and put spells on them and cause the devil to haunt them or some crap like that.

Instead of becoming angry and defensive at their discrimination and attacks, I asked WHY… I didn’t find out until later, but instead of doing bad things back to them to make their lives miserable like they were doing to me. I kept my cool and stayed my normal self, and didn’t allow myself to become upset or defensive. I did a return-to-sender spell and took physical action with the police. I reminded the police of the laws against religious discrimination they are sworn to uphold regardless if they agree with them or not, just as they do with all laws.

I used my education, and I was informed of my rights regarding my Wiccan practices. I also did some spell work. First of all, I sent their own intentions back to them with a return-to-sender spell so they would only be affected by their own actions. That gives them an opportunity to learn from their own actions. That means I wasn’t affecting them. They were affecting themselves.

It played out that everyone else ended up leaving, and I think only one prejudiced neighbor left unhappy. But he had some karma to learn apparently because he moved across the street, next door to another Witch I knew.

If someone is coming around harassing me and bullying me and doing harm to me, I do NOT have to allow this person to continue. I am not a Christian, and I don’t have to turn the other cheek. I can banish them from causing me harm. I can bind them so that whenever they try to harass me, something comes up or happens, and they can’t get to me because they are banished and bound. Let’s say it’s my ex, and he is stalking me. I could call the police, and I could file a complaint, I could file for a restraining order. But we all know those things don’t really work when the stalker fully intends to cause harm.

So, I can ethically banish him from me and my life and my space. Of course, I’m going to do the physical things too. I’m going to file with the police, and I’m going to file for a restraining order as well as perform a banishing. I will also add some protections in case anyone else wants to cause harm on his behalf.

If there are witches that are causing harm to my loved ones or me, I can bind them from doing any negative magick for the protection of others and myself. This isn’t a binding spell to keep them from using any magick. Just magick that is negative or harmful toward my loved ones or me. There are reasons and ways that allow all Wiccans to use those spells. Remember, it is all about Intent when it comes to Wiccan Ethics. What is your intention? Why are you doing the spell? How do you intend the spell to work? There is more to Wiccan Ethics than simply knowing Which spells to use or not use.

Remember the word Intent and its variations such as intention and intended. But keep in mind that even with good intentions, you also have to consider the consequences of your actions and of your spells. Does it play out well for all involved?

It may be difficult to try to think of what would be in the best interest of both you and the offending party. Keeping in mind that they are wherever they are on their path and where you are at on yours, no one really benefits when you intend harm to them. The trick is not having that intention in your heart when you do your spells. That is the hard part because that is NOT human nature. Human nature is to attack with negative energy and violent harmful acts.

Going counter-intuitive and training yourself to calm the anger and pain and all the negative feelings and thoughts to have clarity of mind so that you can really focus on what truly would benefit everyone involved.

If you have a real pain in the ass at work who is just making your life miserable because they are actively trying to get you fired, you can do a spell for a better place of employment and look for another job, or you can do a spell for that person to get a better offer someplace else. That person has an opportunity for success at another company that is better than what they had at the company you work for. So, when they go, you have peace of mind, and they are happy and content, and it’s good for everyone involved.

Intentions are a huge part of Wiccan Magick. Speaking of intentions, I can even do a love spell if I do it in an ethical way. … But… I will save that discussion for another time.

Wiccan Magick does have strong ethical and moral codes of honor, but it doesn’t mean you can’t protect yourself. It just has to come from a place of love. What is love, and how do you use it when using magick?

Keep in mind that not all Witches are Wiccan, and we do have to protect ourselves against those who intend us harm.

In “Love” and “Light”,