Our World is changing and it is changing very quickly. Between new laws, regulations, and technology, our world is changing so quickly that it is difficult to keep up. One of the more recent changes is the legalization of Cannabis for recreational use.

For me, as a Witch, that is a significant step forward. I don’t mean that I want to get stoned. I mean, it is actually an opportunity to expand my herb cabinet. We see all over social media, television, friends, magazines, and even family members how much healing power Cannabis actually offers us mere human beings.

If we set aside social taboos, propaganda, and everything we have ever heard about “WEED”, we have a new opportunity to actually experience, study, examine, and discover the potential of this controversial plant. We can actually incorporate this herb into our arts.

Exactly how many diseases and disorders this can help with is unknown today, but I feel hopeful that many will be discovered over the next 20 years.

I have discovered through experience and the stories of others who have experienced the benefits of Cannabis, that it helps a wide variety of disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Insomnia, it acts as a mood stabilizer,  helps relieve both emotional and physical pain, Seizure disorders, Anxiety disorders, nausea, helps to restores a lost appetite as well as it is believed to help defeat growing cancer cells and seems to help restore the lives of its users.

Don’t get me wrong. Cannabis doesn’t work for everyone. Carlos Castaneda spoke of finding your Ally. Everyone’s Allies are individual. I like to consider weed among those herbs that qualify as an ally.  The thing is that you will not know unless you try it.

As a Witch who doesn’t believe in getting intoxicated just for fun, I like a clear head and to be functional at the drop of a hat. I do believe in the medicinal properties of Cannabis therefore, I believe it is ethical to use Cannabis medicinally. I also don’t believe that I should have to pay an extra fee to obtain it, possess it, use it, or grow it. I believe that the price of Cannabis is way too high as it is. I also believe that if it means people can just go around and get stoned recreationally for me to have that, it is a fair trade.

I don’t believe that Cannabis should require a prescription. It is less dangerous than Tylenol that will kill your liver or Ibuprofen that will kill your kidneys. It is safer than Benedryl or diphenhydramine which is believed to contribute to dementia and these are sold over the counter almost everywhere.

With that said, I would like to offer one way to perform a Healing Ritual with Cannabis.

What you will need

  • Cannabis in natural flower form.
  • clean pipe or rolling papers
  • lighter
  • Green Candle

What to do

This can be done as a Solitary or with a group.

Prepare for ritual as usual. Freshly showered and comfortable. Your environment should be clean and organized. I personally cleanse my ritual space with White Sage Prior to any ritual.

I place a blanket on the floor with a small altar cloth in the center. For this ritual, very little is needed. Place your items on the altar cloth facing North.

  • Sit around the altar cloth if in a group, form a circle around the altar cloth.
  • Begin your ritual however it is appropriate for your tradition.
  • To begin the healing, Prepare the Cannabis for consumption. Break it up into small pieces or flakes, load your pipe or roll it in rolling papers.
  • lift it up into the air reverently. Invite the Spirit of this Cannabis plant to aid you in your healing rite.

To do this you can say something like, I call upon the spirit of Cannabis to come and aid me in this healing rite to give relief from insomnia, or pain, or whatever you are trying to relieve. Please allow sleep to come or the pain to subside etc. I thank you for your assistance, blessed be

  •  Light it and take a hit. Hold it for 5 seconds and exhale. While you do this, visualize Cannabis entering your lungs as you inhale and the pain, or disease or darkness leaving your body as you exhale. Pass the pipe or joint to the person on your left.
  • The Second Pass will be visualizing the desired results. Example, for Insomnia, visualize laying in your bed, comfortable and content, your eyes are getting heavy and you have to close them. Visualize yourself relaxed and drifting off to sleep. then Pass it to the left.
  • The Third and final Pass for an Insomniac would be visualizing the result of sleeping. Visualize you are sleeping. If you are trying to relieve the shaking from Parkinson’s Disease, you would visualize sitting still and at rest and so on.
  • Now, here is the hard part. You will likely feel intoxicated by this point. Just sit or lay back and relax. Focus on your body. You can start at your head or from your toes. Feel the disease leaving your body. Feel your body relax and sink into the earth. Visualize a soft light of yellow, light blue or white surrounding your body.
  • visualize a renewed self, your body is calm, relaxed, and strong. You have the power to fall asleep at will, you are able to walk to the bathroom on your own, or you can sit still only moving by your own will. Visualize Cannabis as soft balls of light, that are destroying those cancer cells. Pew Pew Pew.
  • When you feel the effects of the herb to subside, it is time to wrap it up.
  • Put out anything that is still burning. Incense, candles, herbs or whatever. Thank the spirit of Cannabis for coming to your aid and say goodbye.

You can say something like:

I thank you, Spirit of Cannabis for coming to my/our aid in healing ____________ so that I/we can sleep, walk again, or whatever it was that you are asking for. Blessed Be

  • Close as appropriate for your tradition.

Plan to spend about 3 hours performing this ritual. 

The great thing about Cannabis is that this plant can also be grown very cheaply, quickly, and in abundance to be used for medicine, recreation, nutrition (eating seeds), and making things like bags, wallets, and clothing.

It is one of the most advantageous and versatile natural resources on our planet and because of greed for high corporate profit, this valuable plant has been forbidden for us to use. Leaving us with more disastrous and detrimental options to make clothes, medicine, nutrition, recreation, or products made from man made materials that poison our environment (water, air, soil, and food), our pets, our bodies, and our minds.

I wish you health and success.

Summer Song