With all of the Political stuff happening around me, I have gone through many different phases from irritation to thoughtfully seeking solutions. There is a lot of discussion on doing magick to bind the U.S. President and his administration. I honestly found that to be less useful than doing the “ice bucket challenge”. If you don’t remember, it is the challenge to donate money and pour a bucket of ice water over your head. Many public figures participated in it. There seemed to be a lot of peer pressure for public figures to participate.

It got me thinking and last night I got together with a friend and we focused a little magick on healing humanity. The question was if we do magick for the good of all to make a difference, what should the focus be? Our answer was thinking positive and sending out something that would benefit everyone. What is something that society needs?

What if instead of binding the President and his administration, which would not solve anything, what if we focused on healing the old wounds that are being continually reopened and prevented from healing? What if we heal the wounds of the different prejudices and biases and discrimination? What if we did magick to heal the wounds left from gender bias, racial discrimination, religious wars and the war pitting the poor against the rich and the younger generation in conflict with the already tense differences with older generations.  What if we did magick to heal the conflicts between different countries.

Great! We are all Competitive in nature. We all want to be on a winning team which means there must be sides. But what if the conflicts were no longer open wounds but merriment and fun instead. Taking the hate and pain and sorrow out of the game by healing the old wounds that are continuously being re-opened and never allowed to heal might actually be the solution. These old wounds are being passed on to every generation that is born.

What if we close and heal those wounds so that only the scars to remember not to do it again remain? Being fair is not in our human nature, but what if we focused on healing the wounds and inspiring the desire to be fair and giving instead? That can be accomplished through healing the old wounds that are being used Politically to create war, conflict, separation and segregation that prevents us from experiencing peace and unity as a whole human race.

Our pain is our buttons that are easily pushed and those who are manipulating society are using your pain, my pain, their pain, our pain to get us to lash out at each other. Our old wounds are continuously being ripped open. Much like how Post Traumatic Stress Disorder functions. We are continuously being re-traumatized and re-wounded every moment we share racial crap, religious crap, political crap or any issue that is based on old wounds.

Healing these old wounds in our own minds and hearts although we will remain scarred, it will bring more peace to us and the human race than any binding will do. I would love to open the minds and hearts of all of our humanity for us all to see what is actually going on. Life is as we perceive it to be. It is amazing how much more peace a healing smile, a little forgiveness and the energy of the light of love can take away the darkness in another human beings life and heart.

Not taking someone’s shit can just mean we simply walk away and choose not to engage in the conflict. We may not always be able to walk away but that is when we need to exercise a little wisdom in carefully picking our battles. Ignoring what others are doing and not playing “follow the leader” and walk your own path when it feels right can be our biggest strength.

This full moon will be a continuation for me on this year’s quest for healing. Healing me and healing the humanity around me for the Good of All. It isn’t about harm none, it’s about what is good for us. Making smart choices instead of choosing to follow the leader just because it’s cool or even expected. Don’t collapse under the peer pressure of wasting your time or energy on something that will only encourage grief and unresolved conflict. How about focusing on a real solution to the underlying REAL issues which are obviously old wounds?

Whatever you choose to do in your magickal life make sure it is your own idea and own will that chooses it.

May the peace of Love and Light be with you,

Summer Song