There are many reasons that we cling to our pain but the deep basis for clinging to pain is it serves us in some way. One huge way that it serves us to stay a victim is that it gets us attention and pay off. When we cling to pain and choose to stay the victim, we get a payoff by those who are made to feel guilty for our pain.

One group of people usually take the brunt of this brow beating guilt trip. These people are victims of society too. The guilty won’t feel guilt for their actions and are often confused with those who didn’t commit the “crime” and refuse to feel guilty for something they had no part in. These people are used to make the rest of this group feel guilty leaving a need to offer a bunch of payoffs. These people accept being victimized in hate crimes without being allowed any defense. So yes, these social issues make everyone a victim but only the weak will remain a victim. Violent acts against other victims just mean the victim is a violent victim who remains part of the problem.

I see there are those who absolutely love to wallow in negative hate and anger clinging tightly to the human-made social issues. It is ok. I will still work on healing you too. It is worth my time and energy to heal the wounds of society. Like the child kicking and screaming some people love to have a reason to whine, they will literally kill to keep it going and stay the victim. These people will (literally or metaphorically) bash others in the face while screaming “I am the victim, Bitch”!

Sometimes in the healing process, kindness and compassion are necessary like the mom who kisses the scraped knee of a child.  but when the child keeps picking the scab off, the same loving mom must give a harsh scolding for the benefit of the child to prevent infection.

What kind of person are you? Are you a problem solver who will work hard on healing yourself and others to resolve the harsh social issues? If so, I would say you likely have a lot of personal power. A strong person doesn’t stay a victim or encourage or perpetuate victimization.

Or are you the whiner clinging to your pain because you enjoy the Attention you get from crying about your pain? We should all have a moment to cry and experience our pain but after a while, ripping off the scabs time and again in a refusal to heal, it just becomes attention seeking whining sessions that will only cause infection and disease.
We are all aware of the past and present issues. No one needs brow beating. We don’t need any more awareness brow beatings, we need solutions. Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

Solutions are not attacks. They are often created through healing the pain. Healing the pain of the victims. There are two sides to every story. Pain and conflict hurt everyone. Let’s heal old wounds and release people from a victim state of mind. Let’s make the world strong as a whole.

I will continue to seek peace through healing the old wounds of the world.
In Peace and Light,
Summer Song