Every so often we meet people who are meddlesome and full of malice and spite. I don’t really get why people can be that way but I believe it is because they are not content with something in their own life. We all have that neighbor who gets in our business with malicious intent.

Some of this discontentment is a desire to do something that is forbidden. I use the analogy of doughnuts and the dieter. Some people who are on a diet and forbidden the delicious but fattening doughnut may want to carry that over to others who are not on a diet and are not forbidden to eat doughnuts. These particular type of dieters have very little self-control and harbor a lot of resentment for others who are allowed to eat doughnuts while they are forbidden. If this dieter is forbidden the desired doughnut then in the dieter’s mind everyone should be forbidden the doughnut.

  1. The Deprived.   This metaphorical doughnut could be alcohol, sex, food, music, a night at the movies or just overall having any kind of enjoyment in life especially if it is social. A party or coven meeting can drive this person bonkers. They will often do whatever they can to stop someone else from partaking in whatever they are forbidden regardless if the person partaking is forbidden or not.
  2. The Altruistic Zealot.    Sometimes it is misinformed fear that triggers the malicious behavior from someone else who insanely believes that their malice is somehow justified and called for. The altruistic Zealot is often a religious individual that practices a religion that has a history in the Convert or Die belief structure. They were taught to fear anyone with any kind of difference, especially personal power no matter how peaceful the person may be. Any kind of difference can trigger the zealot when it comes to fear. Even meeting with people you know who have children in the McDonald’s Playroom can incite a malicious attack by the altruistic Zealot who has been told how McDonald’s kills people with the food.
  3. The fear Monger.   The fear Monger is the one who goes around making up stuff about you to instigate some sort of fear of you. They meet with other neighbors and whisper behind your back about how they shouldn’t let you give their dog a biscuit you bought from the local market because you may have poisoned it. The fear monger will make their way from person to person or from one neighbor to the next telling them that you curse people and hurt people. They may even go to the extremes and say you did a protection spell that killed someone.
  4. The weak-hearted gossiper.   This type of person is a weak person or at least feel weak. They are the underachiever who has never achieved anything on their own merit. They also have a weakness in will power. These people are the ones who feel threatened that you whom they consider a rival will out do them at something. The weak-hearted gossiper fears you may be more liked, more successful and overall just more than what they are. These people are often the source of the rumor mill. They start rumors about everyone or so it seems. They make their way from one person to the next talking about the last person they were just visiting. Pretending to be the best friend or even the hero of the story always there when someone needs help only to talk about them to the rest of their group.

Regardless of which malicious type you may be encountering, there is a spell for that. The general spell I consider is the reflection protection spell. This spell is simple. Use a mirror one on all four sides of your home. Take the mirrors one at a time and call on the power of the direction and the corresponding element. Take a clean mirror that is energy cleansed mirrors already consecrated for magick and hold it up, the reflective side facing the direction and say something like:

By the power of the East with the element of air, I call upon your ancient power to protect me and my home.

The south corresponds with fire. West with Water and North with earth.

I take the mirror facing away from me and turn in a circle three times as I chant, Mirror of reflection, mirror of protection, reflect back any attack and return their harm with this charm.

I complete the circle by closing the top and bottom with my hands. As Above so below. The boundaries are closed.

Visualize an energy shield surrounding your home and reflecting all harm back directly to its source of intent which is to the sender of harm.

Keep in mind that spells actually use your own will and intent when creating a reflective shield. This is sort of like that old saying “I’m rubber and you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you”. Sounds silly but that is basically how it works. You are reflecting their own malicious intent back to them and it will stick to them.

This works great for those malicious neighbors who just want to screw with you out of malice and spite. If you are a witch of any kind, I am sure you have or will encounter someone who has malicious intent toward you. I can tell you from experience that this really worked for me. Keep in mind that if they are not doing something to you this spell will not have any affect on them but when it is enacted, pretty much everyone who is trying to hurt you will only be hurting themselves.

Every witch has a personal way of handling malicious people. The reason to keep a journal with your spell in it is to keep track of what works for you and what doesn’t.

I wish you well on your path,

Summer Song