I have always loved the spring equinox. For this region, we see the weather warm up rather quickly. With Winter being our Rain season, the warm sunshine is a welcome event. In the spring I can see the new life springing all around me everywhere I look. There are two equinox events in a year when the day and night are equal. With the four seasons, there are four major turning points that have significance and is widely acknowledged.

With the spring equinox the grass is turning green, the trees are waking up and sprouting new leaves and spring flowers are beginning to pop up. That brings me to the celebration of fertility. Fertility means different things for different people. Some are trying to have a baby and some may be starting a new adventure in life. It’s time to plan for gardens and spring clean-up. It is a time to clear away all the dead, rotting decay left by winter’s cold, dark grasp.

It is the same in our life as it is for mother earth. I realize that spring is only on one-half of the planet at a time which to me represents balance in life. Just as day and night are opposites as the sun and moon chase each other in the sky.

I love to listen to old folk tales because they are inspired by what we see in nature for as long as stories have been told.

There are so many new things that sprout up in our life as the seasons begin to turn. I can see the shifts in my own life as each season changes. That is why we have celebrations to signify the changes of the seasons and within our own life. So how does fertility play a part in our lives in the spring time? One thing is for sure when the weather starts to warm up and the days are a bit longer, something happens within us. For me, something begins to stir in me. It feels like I have been waiting for something all winter. when spring arrives, I feel it is time to get moving in my life. Events begin to start rolling seemingly on their own.

Now that winter is passing and the warmth and sunlight have returned, it feels like an inner clock is saying wake up, time to get started. What does this season have in store for you this year? Just like the dawn of a new day, spring is a between time. Mild and inviting. Around here, we are getting our gardens cleaned up and our barbecues ready for the next few months.

Now that I am about the crone age, fertility has become to mean a fertility of thought as in new ideas, plans for the future, creativity in general. A time of renewal and rebirth although there are plenty of babies being born this time of year among different species of wildlife even.

This is the time of year when farmers and gardeners fertilize the earth preparing the soil and horticulturists start working with plants which are the same for us in our lives as we fertilize new ground-breaking ideas and projects. New partnerships are underway. If I wanted to change jobs I would always plan to job hunt in the spring because that seemed to always be the most fertile time of year for finding work.

The winter is the worst time to look for a permanent job opportunity considering the winter holidays require temporary help. Construction time in my area begins in the spring as well although in colder climates I saw construction crews working in the snow once or twice. Many jobs are seasonal and the spring is when school is coming to the last part of the school year to let out for summer break.

With the warm weather, I notice more people out walking, bicycling, playing outside and in general enjoying the outdoors. I love this time of year when I can open my windows and doors to let the sun and fresh air in.  I love to meditate on the front porch at sunset when the sun is about to sink behind the mountains.

This year, we welcomed spring with a ritual barbecue. some good conversations, good food, fun music and Tarot Cards. It is perfect for healing and planting herbs to be harvested later in the year. A time to breath and enjoy life before the heat of the summer blasts its way into our lives.

It is a time for our souls to awaken with the mother earth.

Happy Spring!

Summer Song