About 16 years ago, I was married to someone who lied about almost everything in attempts to manipulate me. I grew tired of trying to work around all the lies so I did a truth spell. At the time, all I had was a tiger’s eye left since he sold the majority of my witchy stuff or traded it for drugs since witchy stuff was so very cool and my stuff was the coolest stuff a poor young witch of the time could have collected.

I was in desperate need to discover the truth. Don’t get me wrong, he continued to lie but there was one hitch, the truth always came out and by the end, all was clear to me because the truth was uncovered by circumstance every time he lied. He was constantly caught in his web of lies.

I created this spell on the fly and because of my need and desire for the truth, I believe it worked very well. I will give a couple examples after I give you the idea of how I did the spell.

I had a small Tiger’s Eye stone, a white candle, Frankincense resin, salt, and water. I first prepared the stone by cleansing it of all outside energy that it could have absorbed over time. I did this by performing a little cleansing ritual using the salt and the water, followed by charging the stone with the spell to create a talisman.

I held the cleansed stone in my enclosed hands. I began to ask the elements from all around me to assist in creating this talisman of truth. Through focused thought and energy, I called upon the ancient power of the ancestors. The Ancient ones. I was working with Earth energy first. I called upon the steady ground of truth. Tiger’s Eye is very grounding and is used to keep a calm resolve and so is the energy of the element of Earth. I called upon the steady breath of Truth as I blew on the stone three times as I called on the element of Air which will keep the words spoken true by blowing away the deceit to uncover the truth that is hidden in the words. I called upon the element of Fire to enforce my desire for the truth. The element of Fire heats the desire and amplifies the intent. I called on the cleansing power of Water to wash away the filth of lies that are told so that the truth will be exposed.

I carried this stone in my pocket for the last 4 of the 5 years I was with this man. Every morning when I got up and put this stone in my pocket I breathed a morning prayer of supplication on the stone for the truth to be revealed. Every day this man tried to tell me a lie and every day the truth would be exposed by happenstance.

My example of how this spell worked is this man was on drugs and he was taking all my money, spending all of his and he borrowed money but lied about it. He tried to tell me that he bought something although I don’t recall what it was, something we didn’t need. He said it was money he had left over from money he took from me. I was as usual upset about the frivolous spending when rent and bills needed to be paid. I asked him if he borrowed the money and he said no. A couple of hours later, a woman called on the phone and asked when he was going to pay her back. He had borrowed the money from her and said he would pay her back lying to us both.

It just so happened that he left his phone behind as he was outside while high as the sky on his favorite drug. I asked him if he was on drugs and he said no he doesn’t use drugs anymore but someone came to me and told me he was using meth followed by his parole officer catching him with a dirty drug test right on the spot. Yet again, he told me when we had gotten together that he was on probation only after the spell, I not only discovered that he was actually on parole and what his real crime was but I caught him in the act of committing the crime again shortly before I left him. Not to mention he cheated with a young girl and lied about it only for me to overhear the very young girl telling this man’s own mother about it. There was a new lie or few every day. I can’t possibly remember them all.

He actually grew frustrated because he couldn’t figure out why he could not get away with lying to me. I promise it worked both ways. I couldn’t lie either. I had to be very careful when I spoke because it had to be true because any lies I may tell would have been found out as well.

When you are working with magick, you have to realize that what goes around, comes around. What you send out comes back to you and if you understand that, you can usually avoid a backfire or negative consequences. People don’t expect the truth. I really like being told the truth and I still carry a tiger’s eye stone from time to time. I have found that it is a good idea not to carry it around my birthday or Christmas or Valentine’s Day if I want to be surprised or give a surprise for that matter. I am no longer surrounded by people who consistently lie but when I am going into a situation I don’t trust, I carry my talisman with me. It works like a Charm. Hehehe

The best spell is created by the caster.

I find that I don’t need to use spells often but I do from time to time. I use spells less today than I did 10 years ago because I have changed my situation through personal growth. I have changed how I see the world around me and I have learned a bit about when magick is actually needed and when I simply need to take action.

Magick is amazing in how it works in real life and life is magical.

Walk wisely on your chosen path,

Summer Song