When we use magick to manifest our desires, we may see it manifest as an opportunity. I know that not all magick is to manifest something nice because not every feeling is nice but I want to discuss magick done to improve life. Yes, it is true, the more experienced of a Witch you are, the less you need to do a spell but in my opinion, all of life is magick.

I believe making a wish is magick. Prayer is magick. An intention is magick. Through these things, we are doing something to manifest a desire. We desire to get the new job or that special item, we are praying for our friend to get well, we intend for an outcome to happen as a result of an action. There are many methods of using magick and many times what we want comes in a form of an opportunity.

I may do a spell or make a wish for a million dollars. The million dollars has to manifest through something so an opportunity comes around. This opportunity may be a fantastic job or business opportunity. It is then dependent on what we do next with that opportunity that creates or manifests the million dollars. The likelihood of being bestowed the million is slim such as through gambling or an inheritance of money from an unknown source like a relative you never knew about and never knew about you.

Magick works in a very mundane way and often presents or manifests through opportunity. Being able to identify that opportunity is a key factor but also how one responds to that opportunity is important. Is it dismissed because it isn’t how we expected or is it recognized and seized as it comes? How we respond to the opportunity can be tricky because like my love attraction spell, many bad opportunities are attracted to me as well. Being able to identify the good ones from the bad ones can be difficult if we don’t set boundaries.

As in my Love spell to attract my true love, I had to set my deal breakers and must haves in order to identify the right date. We often see the difference when we set the criteria of what the right opportunity will look like. In the case of finding the job I want in comparison to the job I need, an interview may appear for the job I want and I may even get the job I want but it may not be the job I need. The criteria for the right job should have been set prior to actually doing the spell during the preparation so that I can identify if I really want that particular job or keep an eye open for the right job.

Being able to identify the opportunity is important but is only half the equation. You also have to respond to that opportunity in the right way. That can be a bit tricky but that is when I ask for a little guidance from my deity of choice. If one does not believe in that it is definitely OK to reach for guidance from the higher self or the Universe. Sometimes our subconscious mind can help us respond to a great opportunity.

Again it depends on how the opportunity presents itself. I did a money spell once and I was working as a gas station cashier. I sold a winning lottery ticket to someone and they came back to give me $100. I didn’t seize the opportunity and due to some crazy notion that it wouldn’t be honorable to take the money the winner walked away offended and I didn’t get the money I needed.

Yes, it can be tricky on how spells manifest as an opportunity. In my money spell, I would have been fine with winning the lottery but I didn’t feel good about someone else winning and sharing the wealth. Sometimes we get in our own way. I still have trouble seeing opportunity and sometimes I can grab it even as an old Witch, I sometimes still mess up.

I hope your spells bring love, happiness, and good fortune in your life.

Summer Song