Five Easy Ways to Discreetly Add a Little Magick to Your Life

This time of year is hectic for everyone, whether they practice magick or not.  For those of us who do believe in the Craft, it can really leave us feeling out of touch with our true selves when we are in close quarters with nonbelievers.  For those who are traveling to see relatives, it can really make the practice of magick impossible to pull off without having to explain what it is we’re doing. With the sudden surge of family and friends descending upon us (or us upon them), the growing list of things for us to do to make sure that everything is just right leaves little to no time at all to shut ourselves in a room and come before our altars to pray, observe Sabbats and Esbats or even to cast a little spell to aid us in our everyday lives.  But the good news is, there are many ways in which we can discreetly sneak a little magick in here and there in order to help us feel grounded and to keep our magickal muscles from lying dormant. This list names just a handful of ways that you can perform a little magick without anyone around you suspecting a thing.

Practice Divination with playing cards.  While playing cards do not cover all 78 cards of a Tarot Deck, they do represent the Minor Arcana and is a perfect way to get a little divination in without anyone being the wiser. To the average onlooker, it may seem as though you are simply playing a game of solitaire.

Use of sigils.  There are so many things that you can trace sigils onto (including your own body with the use of lotion).  You may also wish to “carve” them into baked goods, such as a cupcake, without anyone suspecting what you are doing.  Just set your intention, envision the sigil that you feel will serve your highest good and trace it into your dessert (or even your beverage) and believe that the universe will take care of the rest.

Merry YuletideMeditation.  Just before you get up to start your day, or before going to sleep, take five minutes or so of your time to meditate.  Whatever meditation method works best for you will do just fine. For those who excel in the Craft, you may even wish to use this time to perform magick without the use of tools.  Meditation is the perfect way to ground yourself and/or engage in a bit of spell casting without anyone suspecting a thing. The only thing you would be accused of is being a hippie!

Immerse yourself in magick.  Whether you are a guest or have guests, you will be able to squeeze in time for a bath (hopefully, all the hot water won’t be gone).  Put a Do Not Disturb sign on the bathroom door and lock yourself away for a brief escape in a calming concoction of your choosing. Gather some of your go-to ingredients in a pouch and once you’re ready, place in the tub and use the time to relax and visualize whatever it is you want to accomplish.  You may even want to bring a candle along with you with a sigil carved into it to help enhance a magickal mood. Just be safe.

Listen to some witchy music. I love adding a little music to my rituals. It just helps me to slip into the right frame of mind and I feel that it adds a little extra kick to what I’m doing. When things get hectic (and they ALWAYS do around the holidays) listening to some witchy tunes might make the difference in helping you to hold onto your sanity. If you have a playlist downloaded, that’s perfect. If you don’t, there’s quite a nice selection that you can enjoy on YouTube.

While there isn’t always a perfect time to practice magick, there’s almost always a way to make time for it. Just like anything else that is important to us, we make time for those things that we value. If you don’t have family or friends who share your beliefs, it’s still possible for you to discreetly make the time to practice what it is that you believe. These methods and a number of others can help bring a little magick into your life.  If your family is anything like mine… there are times when you can use all of the magick that you can sprinkle into your life.


Blessed be!