With winter in full swing, we are left with no choice but to sit, like hermits and think about the things that we would like to see come to fruition once the new year is underway. While we are contemplating, it’s the perfect time to remember that we need to be loving and forgiving ourselves for falling short of goals and promises we’ve whispered to ourselves as we settle down to sleep. Each secret promise that next year will be different, getting kicked further down our life paths, leaving us no closer to making our dreams a reality. NOW is the time. No more dreaming. It’s time to get to work.

The Hermit Tarot card is a perfect card to reflect upon this time of year.

Hermit-Tarot-CardThis self-imposed exile to ride out the frigid temps gives us ample opportunity to delve into some serious soul searching. Thinking about the direction our lives are headed gives us plenty to do as we wait out the winter storms that loom outside of our doors.

Our lives are so busy that many times we put off doing what our inner voice calls us to do in order to do the “responsible thing.” A thousand big and little things pull us farther away from ourselves and by the year’s end, we look back exhausted and unsatisfied with the path that we find ourselves on presently. But there is good news: the end of the year is the perfect time to decide to come out of the cold and into the coming Spring with a sense of hope and determination. We can do this by planting the seed of intention for one of our hope-to-do items off our growing list of things we’d love to accomplish while there is still time.

What is it that you hope to accomplish in your life? Maybe you’ve been thinking of going back to school, or perhaps you secretly dream of becoming a talented painter. Pick one thing that calls to you—the one thing that you’ve always promised yourself that you’re going to start doing once the new year got underway. Focus on that thing. See yourself doing or being whatever it is that’s been tugging at your heart for years. Once you’ve picked that thing that you wish to have or become, take the time to write a letter to your younger self— that person you were when you believed that anything was possible. Tell your younger self that you hear them loud and clear and that from this moment forward you promise not to ignore their voice anymore. Then bring the letter to a close-by telling your younger self that you welcome their guidance to help reach for your dreams. When we are children, we held such high hopes for ourselves. We’re filled with such optimism, such hope, and so much faith. Whether it was our parents, or teachers or peers- we’ve allowed the world to teach us to bury our dreams by the time we’ve reached adulthood. We tell ourselves that we can’t be artists, or writers, or nurses because we have other people’s dreams to support. We have bills. We come up with excuses not to work towards our dreams until eventually, we come to believe that our dreams aren’t attainable at all.

Once you’ve finished reflecting on a goal or dream and have reconnected with your optimistic inner self, pick a day or night when you are ready to perform this simple ritual. Take a nice ritual bath in order to let go of the cares of the day and get in the right mind frame for ritual. Once you’re ready you can use this very simple altar set up with the items listed below (or set up your altar in a manner that is pleasing for you). If you don’t have the following items, just use what you have… remember, the real power comes from you!


  • One white candle.
  • One red candle.
  • Rose petals.
  • Fire-proof candle holders, matches or a lighter.
  • One envelope with your name written on it.

Once you have your items, set them on your altar and surround your candles with rose petals. With everything in place, sit or stand before your altar and imagine that you are accompanied by your younger self who is sitting or standing beside you. Visualize a brilliant white light surrounding you and your younger self and fill that orb of light with love. Take a few deep breaths, then light the red candle (representing the love which you have for yourself, then the white candle, which represents your sincere promise). Once both of your candles are lit, read the letter which you wrote to your younger self. Once you’ve finished reading your letter, state what it is that you are going to manifest (example: “I am a talented artist”). When you read this item, do so with power. Declare this as something that you already are or are already doing with confidence and skill. Look your younger self in the eyes when you make this declaration. After all, you are deciding to finally answer this calling in honor of your younger self. He or she is worthy of being honored. Once you are finished, visualize your younger self merging into your body before closing your eyes and seeing yourself as you are now accomplishing your goal. Feel the joy and satisfaction that you will have once you’ve manifested your goal. Enjoy those feelings. Feel free to celebrate by dancing or singing and clapping your hands to help you to enhance your feelings of finally accomplishing something that you’ve longed to do for so long.

After you have allowed the candles to burn completely (and safely), collect the rose petals and put them in the envelope with the letter that you wrote to your younger self. Seal the envelope and place it in an area where you will see it every day. The envelope will serve as a reminder for you to honor your younger self and to fulfill the goal which you’ve set.

No matter how busy life gets, it’s vital that we take time to listen to our inner voices. Take those trips, write those novels, get those degrees. Whatever your inner child whispers to you to fulfill…. go for it one step at a time. When you look back to review your life years from now… you’ll be so happy that you did.

Blessed be!