This is a common subject from my past. There are many forms of invisibility and there are different perspectives and ways to practice invisibility. Some believe it is simply the art of blending in and vanishing into the crowd. That is definitely the most commonly practiced art of invisibility. Some of us feel invisible while some of us can’t seem to do anything but stand out.

For me, the art of invisibility has been to merely blend in and just not get noticed. But I met someone who was well versed in the art of invisibility. I met a group of people to be exact. These people were a people of true magick. I don’t know how they did it but I know of at least 3 people who were present and didn’t see a single person in the group although that group was the only other people in the room, I was the only one who saw them. Oh, they were real. In fact, the leader of the group had written several books before his passing. He was a well-known sorcerer. I learned a lot from that little group that day.

I don’t like it when I get noticed. I’ve gone out of my way to come across as insignificant and mundane in this world so that I could go unnoticed to the critical eye of society. In recent years, however, that invisibility has been threatened. I’ve been writing things in public while still expecting to stay invisible to the naked eye of society. I’ve wondered how in the hell did that man get the three people I was with to not see him and why was he surprised that I could see him? How did he fool the naked mind of the three I was with? That is indeed a mystery of the Arts that has yet to reveal itself to me. Maybe it’s a good thing because I would run away and never be seen again with the way I enjoy Isolating.

As I lived in New York City, invisibility is a common feeling. I’m sure many people want to figure out how to be seen. Most people want to be noticed, that is why they try to do fantastic things in the entertainment industry. People want to be recognized as being outstanding in some area of expertise. Some people work very hard to get recognized only to never even be slightly noticed.

So why do some people like me battle with the idea of being noticed and prefer the art of being invisible? Honestly, I don’t know. I’m one of those types but I don’t know why I prefer to go unnoticed…No, that’s not true. I’ve seen what happens to people when they get noticed every time I met a famous entertainer. The things they had to do to try to be invisible was horrendous to me. The art, in any case, is being able to master both being invisible and being seen at will.

For the rest of us, being invisible is important only when we don’t want to be seen and for me, that is all the time. What I do is try to blend in. I did that for quite a while. For a long time up to when I was about 30 years old, I couldn’t seem to be invisible. I’m such an odd person that no matter what, I stood out. Then, I moved away and prayed to be invisible and have a mundane life at least for a while. I moved to Idaho and met people who seemed normal to me but of course were more than the average and stood out. I blended in as an average type in that group but I still didn’t have that skill of invisibility even in the most basic form. I couldn’t even just blend in. Then, I learned the art of blending in and found that in doing that, I could be invisible.

Now, I’m over 5o, I’m no longer on the radar of entertainers or those who want to be revered by followers because I’m old and decrepit. hehehe

I do enjoy just being me, although, I’m finding that the more I’m like my true self, the less invisible I am. The only thing wrong with that is “The Judgmentals”. The Judgmentals are those who are very judgmental about everything and everyone. They don’t have the slightest control over their own lives but these people feel that they are somehow an authority on everyone’s lives and everything in the world. They do nothing but offer their unsolicited biased opinion and disapproval of everything without any actual viable solution or authority to fix the professed problems. These are the people who feel that although they can’t cook a basic meal, they have an authority to critique a gourmet meal prepared by a five-star chef and offer advice as to how to make the dish they’ve never tasted before… better. To make matters worse, their advice actually devalues the meal prepared by the qualified chef.

These are the types that if you express a feeling about something that happened to you, they are the first ones to point out that you are the horrible one for being so entitled that you actually expected to be treated respectfully when dealing with any business or expecting some other act of basic human kindness. These are the types who have such low self-esteem that if you have any sense of self-worth they tell you that you are Narcissistic because you believe that you are equal to every other human being after years of therapy because of The Judgmentals are people who will tell you to improve your sense of self-worth only to beat you up for it when you develop the slightest sense of self-worth.

The Judgmentals don’t really know what they’re talking about because if they did, they wouldn’t be so Judgmental. Being Judgmental is a human trait just like wanting to be out in the limelight in full view of the public. What most people don’t understand is that when we step out into the view of the public who are made up of mostly The Judgmentals and it has a great chance at some point to head down a path for one to be viewed negatively just like Donald Trump. Can you imagine what he was told and how his ego was stroked while he was campaigning for Presidency? I bet he thought he’d be treated just like all the previous Presidents but Unless President Obama was succeeded by a black female, there was no way any white male wasn’t going to be put in that role as anything but the bad guy. That is the skill of The Judgmentals because they are also easily manipulated because they spend most of their lives parroting what someone else has said. These types don’t even think for themselves and they have never actually been taught critical thinking even if they think they have.

My overlying question is this, why do we want to be invisible in the first place? We all have different reasons for wanting to be invisible.

I recall one afternoon at work, I was the receptionist back then, I saw a co-worker press herself up against a wall in a corner near a doorway. I asked her what she was doing because it was quite weird actually. She told me that she was hiding from the boss although I’m not sure why. She told me she was practicing the art of invisibility. She was hiding. The art of invisibility for me was better known as the art of hiding. Even with that Sorcerer and his group who were quite skilled in the actual Art of Invisibility, is essentially an expression of how well one can hide from the plain view of other human beings.

By the way, it seems to be a lowering of your vibrations sensed in the mundane reality. I just wasn’t that good nor that sure of myself as I stood in awe in the presence of such a great magician as that Sorcerer. I will never forget the lessons I learned that day about the Arts, especially the Art of Invisibility and how one can lower the perceptions of others around you so they don’t even perceive you at all. Silent, still and invisible.


The Art of Invisibility is bending perception…

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