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What you can learn from a Tarot Reading

Perhaps Tarot has recently entered your life. While it has been around for a long time, the idea of Tarot and the idea of a Tarot reading has recently come to the front of your mind. You are thinking about getting a reading, and your gut is telling you it is something that you should try, but you are still a bit unsure what exactly you will learn from a Tarot reading? First thing is first, what you won’t learn in a Tarot reading is your future. While some psychics and clairvoyants use Tarot cards as a tool to help them access their abilities, Tarot readers aren’t psychic, they will not lay out in detail for you when you will get married, how many kids you will have when you’ll make your first million, or how you will die. Tarot readers use the cards to gain a clearer understanding of the present. They tap into both their own intuition and yours, as well as the energies active around us, to better understand what is happening in the here and now. While you may think that you don’t need help to understand what is happening now, you might be wrong. Many of us have a very clouded vision of what is currently happening in our lives. What we see is tainted by our own perspective, and obscured by a lack of facts, some of which we already know but we have suppressed for some reason, or haven’t associated as important to the situation we have in mind. A Tarot reading can provide clarity about what is happening in the here and now, both in the physical world and your internal world, helping us live our lives better and make better decisions. What will you learn in a Tarot Reading?

Clearer Understanding

First and foremost a Tarot reading should give you a clearer understanding of your life, both what is happening in the external world of work and relationships, and what is happening in the internal world of your head, what fears are holding you back from doing what you need to do. For example, you may feel like your boss isn’t taking your work seriously and therefore is not supporting you in your role. A Tarot reading might help you see the constraints that confine your boss and prevent them from doing what you feel they should; you may realize that your anger at your boss for not speaking up for you is in fact displaced anger that you have for yourself about not speaking up; or you may realize that the real problem is that you have outgrown your job and that it is time to move on.

Identify Areas for Investment

We aren’t talking about financial investments here, but rather investing in yourself or relationships. If you are struggling with a problem in your life, a Tarot reading can help you identify where you need to invest your time and energy to make improvements. For example, perhaps you are worried about a relationship and upset that your partner appears to flirt with a lot of other people. A Tarot reading can help you understand whether the actions of your partner really are unacceptable, or whether you are projecting intent onto those actions because of your own insecurities in the relationship, perhaps because you have been betrayed before, or because you feel unworthy of the relationship in some way. Even if things are going well, there is always room for improvement. Perhaps you have launched a new business, and things are going better than expected in the first six months. A Tarot reading might be able to help you identify other things that you could be doing to supercharge your business, which perhaps has been out of sight for you because you have been so focused on the initial launch.

Make Decisions

If you have a difficult decision before you, a Tarot reading can help you unpick the decision and see with greater clarity what the consequences of choosing the different paths before you might be. For example, perhaps you need to decide between moving to a new city for a fantastic new job or staying put close to family, friends, partner and emotional life. A Tarot reading can help you understand what it is that draws you to this job, and whether the thing you are actually looking for is only available in this job, or is something that can be found closer to home. It can also help you more clearly understand the impact that the separation will have on you and the people close to you, whether the separation deepen or break some of your important relationships, and how you will deal with the period of loneliness. A Tarot reading can also help you realize when it is fear that is holding you back from a decision that you know is right for you. Identifying the problem is a big step towards overcoming it.

Change your Mindset

If you go into a Tarot reading and ask the reader to tell you if your current relationship will last or fail, the first thing the reader will do is ask you to reframe the question. A question like this suggests that the outcome is a fait accompli, and also suggests that this is the important question. Your reader will suggest that you reframe the question along the lines of, what can I be doing to ensure that the relationships I have a strong, that they are healthy for me, and that I have the capacity to give my relationships the attention they deserve. By reframing the question in this way, the reading is now focussed on positive things that you can be doing in order to improve the relationships in your life and making sure that they are happy ones. This changes the conversation from one of a ‘fixed mindset’ where the outcome is beyond your control, to one of a ‘growth mindset’ in which you have the power to shape the world around you. While you may not have the power to control everything in your life, you do have the ability to control how you react to situations, and this has a more profound impact on your life than the event itself. If you have a tendency towards a fixed mindset, working with a Tarot reader over time can help you transform your outlook.