Tarot setI love this subject because when we think of Witches we also think about different methods in the Art of Divination. There are many forms of divination such as the most commonly known Tarot Cards, reading Tea Leaves, Reading symbols such as Runes, scrying and even fire gazing and so much more.

So what is divination and why is it associated with witchcraft? I had to look up the definition online to get a good example of how the world perceives divination. Check out what the Meriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines Divination as being.

1: the art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge usually by the interpretation of omens or by the aid of supernatural powers
2:  unusual insight :  intuitive perception
I find this definition most intriguing because it is mostly how I see it except for the part of it being supernatural powers. I believe these powers are very natural and in fact, most people of many different faiths, beliefs and lifestyles have some kind of intuitive or natural ability that they depend on. But as we see this definition we can see how it is associated with Witchcraft since most Witches practice some form of divination and to the public, witches often seem “supernatural”. There is a lot of folklore about Witches and Witchcraft. So much lore that movies and television shows have been created to entertain these ideas.
In my family of nut bars, superstition, seeing the future in dreams and other intuitive means of Unusual insight is not only believed in but honored. No, most of them don’t consider themselves witches. Even when the church says the power comes from Satan they completely embrace these natural yet “unusual” abilities. I would say that out of all the different types of people I have met and discussed various beliefs in divination, Witches seem to be a very skeptical bunch even when they themselves practice unusual insights. I’m not saying all witches are skeptical or that other groups of people aren’t skeptics, just that many witches have trouble believing in others abilities.
I think people are skeptical for a few reasons.
  • Frauds = there are many people who charge for divination and call themselves something along the line of Psychic who may have a gift or not. However, most of us believe that it has a way of coming to us on its own and not on command. I am skeptical about those who do it for a living because they charge quite a bit of money and lay on tremendous claims and I have seen a couple of frauds in my day. These types of frauds pray on sad, grieving, emotionally injured and those who are in weakened states of being. I have also met some who are real. I personally lean more towards skeptic of “prove it” in many circumstances when it comes to many paid “psychics” but I also personally believe that some people are skilled at interpreting information from such tangible things as physical tools like Tarot.
  • Feeling Devalued = Some Gifted individuals who claim greatness and try to make a living doing it depend on the idea that these skills are somehow unique. To even allow the thought that everyone has a gift that they can nurture and grow, somehow diminishes the value of their own gift. Afterall, when people can do it themselves why would they pay for it. They don’t realize that many people simply need the validation of their own intuition. Some simply desire to feel important or special and thinking that others have the same gift take away that feeling.
  • Simple disbelief in anything and suspicious of everyone and everything = Some people simply does not believe that there are such things and that only crazy or needy people believe in such things. They refuse to accept that every talent, intuition, or gut feeling is indeed special and should be recognized. While some actually believe in Astral travel and spirits and that they work in the spirit realm they don’t believe in divination not even in their own hands. Some believe that it is impossible and only coincidence exist. There has to be a simple explanation from science.

The above are listed just to name a few reasons why people find it difficult to believe in such things. There are many reasons why people are skeptical. But, what about those who do believe? You know, people like me. Because I was raised with old wives tales and superstitions, beliefs in ghosts and because I have had my own experiences with unusual things and insights, I believe in divination. In fact, so wholeheartedly that when I was younger I was a little freaked out by Ouija boards and other forms of Divination tools of all kinds. Ooooh, Scary. I made one out of a pencil and paper and used my ring and a string as a pendulum and asked my questions. It was so accurate that I felt a bit afraid at the time because I was told it was demonic. Any skepticsm went out as the answers came in. The Fear that I experienced was based on some of the lore I mentioned earlier. Folk tales and religion played a big part for my fear of divination.

I know that it isn’t supernatural, but I do believe in spirits, psychic connections or clairvoyance and I practice divination with Runes often. I am currently reading a book about a guy who had visions from a non-Pagan, more secular religion. Belief in such things are shared among many different groups of people and from different cultural backgrounds. I was amazed with how many Christians follow John Edwards. I believe in my best friend’s intuitive skills so much that I listen when he has a gut feeling and adds I got this little voice saying…

He had a Tarot App and he was pretty good with it, so I knew I had to get him involved with the real thing. We recently went to a Pagan Pride Event where he received a Tarot Reading. The man who read his cards for him was so accurate and intuitive that my best friend went out and bought his first Tarot Deck. (yes, I believe you can buy your own deck). Tarot comes naturally to him and he is good at it. I believe that many people are good at divination and for others their gift may be healing, magick or other types of gifts. For those who find divination an interest and possible skill, I recommend trying a few different methods to see which one works for you the best.

So How does it work? Well, I’m not exactly certain but I do know that interpretations of the information given is based on that “unusual, intuitive insight” mixed with a natural knack to interperate information we receive through our tools or natural gifts of gnosis. I know some people have natural abilities and don’t need tools such as Runes, tea leaves or Tarot cards. Does this come from an outside source? I personally believe that some of the intuitive information comes from an outside source regardless if it is a vision or a thought outside of your own thoughts. A natural understanding of the messages received through the use of tools or what ever way of knowing happens for you is in itself the Art of Divination.

My thoughts on this subject is that although I believe that some of the skill may be from God, guardian angels, spirit guides or familiar spirits or whatever you may believe it to be, we have a little help to nudge our natural abilities as human beings. I do include Empathy with these notions. Do I believe them to be “Supernatural”? No. I believe it is all natural, even the spirits are natural. Divination seems to not be limited to Witchcraft and finds its roots in many different paths.

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These are my thoughts on Divination. If you have any thoughts on the subject that you would like to add or share, please comment below.