There are a lot of parroted sayings that go around the internet and throughout the community that is often used as sales hype with very little actual meaning. I have to sigh and roll my eyes 🙄 when I hear real words that have real meaning being cheapened by sales hype. I hate it when these “REAL WORDS” are used with the meaning “buy my shit” attached to it. I get tired of the sales hype but then I realized that people can’t tell the real thing from the hype bullshit thing.

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How do you tell the difference?

First of all, you have to recognize that there is Magic in the Mundane all around you. Nothing has meaning until you apply that meaning to it. Not a single thing will have meaning, not even your own life until you apply one to it. It is one of those natural cognitive processes we don’t realize is happening in the background of our mind. Well, unless we train ourselves to see it and use it for our own benefit.

Just because I am a Witch, I am not limited to using only certain types of supplies and I am not limited to only receiving benefits from Witchy things and Witchy classes. I don’t need to conform to a Witchy “look” and I don’t have to wear specific jewelry designs. I don’t have to listen to a certain genre of music and I certainly don’t have to conform to a specific political view. That is not being a Witch at all or living a magical life.

Many Witches tend to think of themselves as non-conformists, rebels, and misfits yet they seem to find a way and reason to conform with whatever idea they have that a Witch is supposed to be, they look for approval and validation of their “rebellion”, and they seem to do all that to “fit in” with a group of others who feel like “misfits”.

As I was experiencing a seminar on limitations, I realized some things that I was dismissing instead of accepting. One of those things is that being Authentic has real meaning for me. If I look up the definition of the word Authentic, I can see from the definition I find online to be.

of undisputed origin; genuine.
“the letter is now accepted as an authentic document”
synonyms: genuinerealbona fidetrueveritable;

I take that definition and ask myself if it applies to me or my intentions. Can I use this label, word, definition, or description for my own growth and communication of my intent? When I use this word, am I using it correctly to convey what I truly mean?

Another word that gets used as hype is

It has gotten to the point when I want to tell people about me or what I have to share with them, I can’t use any of the “REAL” words because their meaning has been stripped and turned into nothing more than sales hype.

If it has all become sales hype, how do we know the authentic offers from the sales hype? Watch and listen and learn and don’t take anything one person says as being written in stone. Nothing is written in stone when it comes to personal development and personal growth which to me is one of the main side-effects of Witchcraft. It is difficult to push through growth because it can be very painful and it is our human nature to avoid pain, even if it is emotional pain.

The best sales tactics are the ones that address your pain point. We are manipulated every day through our pain points. We all have them even if they are all different. The biggest thing about our human nature is that we often look for the answers or solutions in grandiose images. We are looking for the “Holy Grail” among the frivolous gold and silver chalices that have been inlaid with priceless jewels (metaphorically that is) when what we should be looking for is found in the ordinary mundane world around us.

One of the things we hear to appeal to our ego is “let me teach you how to live a magical life”. Let us teach you how to live an authentic life.  Here we teach you how to create your personal power. All these statements have valid meanings that are truly profound if it is used correctly with the correct intended meaning.

When I am asked about being a Witch, how to become a Witch or how do you know if you are a Witch or anything about using magic. Mature Witches (the ones who actually get it) have come to the understanding that the magic is in the mundane parts of life. It can be found everywhere.

I get up and look at the sunrise. It is beautiful. It reminds me of my Lord and Lady. I am reminded of how passion and creativity are much like the sun. It is hot, it can burn you, it brings forth joy, happiness, and life. It offers inspiration and healing. It offers comfort and warmth. It is the light that guides our way.

I walk outside to my garden and I see all the magic around me. I can feel the energy of magic moving all around me. That tingling sensation that lifts the spirit and brings out that song in my heart. Healing from the plants that grow naturally from this planet. Using all of nature. It is all magic. When you stop trying to live a magical life and realize that your life is already magical, you will also begin to notice that a lot of the “hype” out there selling stuff, the good stuff and the crappy stuff, actually has a valid meaning to it.

I have leaders I look up to and think to myself, “they are authentic and I want to be authentic like that”. Now I can think to myself, I am authentic and I’d like to stay this way. I used to say, I am learning how to be a Witch but I am not sure what that means. Now, I can say, I am a Witch and I know what that means to me and it doesn’t matter if others agree with me or not because my path is MY path. What others think of my path or if my path works for them or not doesn’t matter because it is my path and it works for me. When it no longer works for me, I will change what no longer serves me and move on to the next phase of my development.

Magic can be found in the herbal tea you drink, it can be found in the flowering shrub in your yard or even in the weeds. Sometimes when something that feels like the crap end of the stick, it can actually be the ground layer of something to come. Let’s face it, manure smells horrible but man does it yield delicious fruits and vegetables by fertilizing the soil. When bad things come about, think about how you can turn that into something that works for you. How can you use it to your advantage? It just may be your opportunity to manifest what you truly desire.

Magic is everywhere, it is up to you to recognize it. It is in the mundane.

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