For about 2 years I was ill. The illness was taking over my life and by 2016, I couldn’t get off the couch. I was almost bedridden from being so ill. An acquaintance I had something in common with had died and I was beginning to face the same fate.

Because of the common connection between us being a Bruja of the dark arts and her son, I needed a magickal solution to gain a resolution to the overall problem. I was too ill to really do much magick for myself. So, I called on a few friends and I also had a dream with an answer.

The dream I had was in regards to an onion ring. Onions are often used not only to boost the immune system but magickally to absorb sickness. I needed a ring of protection and I needed to get rid of the sickness. The ring of onions or the Onion Ring wasn’t a culinary dish but a ring of protection and healing. I planted various types of onions around my property line to make a ring around me.

Sounds silly right? Unless you believe in magick that is.

I did my spell of protection and healing and placed my newly planted onions in their ring around my property. While I couldn’t get answers to find out why I was so horribly ill in order to get treated and to heal once and for all, With a bit of a struggle, I started getting some answers. I was going to face the same fate as my acquaintance which was death by undiagnosed cancer had I not found out in time what the culprit was.

Before long, I found out about a diseased organ and was almost denied the necessary treatment I so desperately needed. Surgery was imminent but that was the best solution. The cause was not yet known prior to surgery. After surgery, I continued to grow my onions around me for the following year. I am doing well now and I am feeling much more like myself.

I believe in the power of magick. I believe in my own magick. I believe in the magick of others who are good or bad. I believe that the magick of that onion ring and my spell is what finally made the difference in my circumstances. Magick works through belief and I believed in my magick and therefore, my magick worked. I believed in the magick of my friends and I believe that is what gave my spell the needed boost.

There was magick in my Onion Ring and I believe that the spell I did along with that Ring of Onions made the difference that helped me get as far as I did with the treatment. Had I not used magick, I honestly believe that I may have eventually died with the doctors shrugging their shoulders without a care to discover my disease.

I almost didn’t have the option for surgery but because I had that intuitive gnosis to help guide me on my struggle to find the answer, I was able to know what to fight for. I went completely on intuition at that point and after the surgery, I was told about the growths that were not in the reports from the tests.  It was very close to being undiscovered. There are magickal properties to onions beside what we benefit medicinally from them.

Onions are great for working magick to promote health, Stamina, prosperity, stability, strength, and to absorb illness from the sick.

It is more than just placing the onion in the room or around the property. It is also about magick. Manipulating that energy to manifest a desire. In my case, it was a desire for protection and healing.

When you need the magick the most, it is a good time to work with magick. Magick often works in a very mundane way. We have to see it for what it is when it comes. It is simplistic in how it works and sometimes so simplistic that we overlook the manifestation of it.

I also got to use the extra onions that grew from the original onions I planted to help boost my immune system and  I enjoyed them in some very delicious dishes. Green onions are great on salads or fresh dishes. They are great sprinkled on top of other dishes. I truly love my onions and I am grateful that I am well today.

I plan to keep them growing. They are a nice addition to my medicine cupboard and my herb cabinet and I am glad I have them. I love to use my fresh herbs and I am glad I can grow them in pots. Now I am trying to grow squash. the question is, Will they live to see Samhain?

Many Blessings,

Summer Song