I received a very good question in a comment today. It was regarding a spell to manifest money.

I thought it was worthy of sharing it in an article. My answer was quite long and I thought it might at the very least help others as well. For those of us who are experienced with magick, we have already had our “what works” and “what doesn’t” experiences. I think it is important to share what worked for us and what didn’t and why we believe it didn’t work.

I also included a true Story from my Past. I tell my stories because they include lessons that I have learned that I hope will help others too. Often, we don’t actually have to get burned to learn that the stove is hot. We can actually learn from the experience and advice of others.

First, I want to discuss that every spell is as different and creative as the person who creates it. On the WitchDigest App, we have a small quick reference for some corresponding herbs and stones to use for magick. When creating a spell it is important to go with what speaks to you.

Keep in mind that magick works through our own mind, focused with our own thoughts and senses. Through sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell our mind uses this information to trigger thoughts and feelings and to help us focus on what we intend to manifest.

Belief is a huge part of how our individual magick works. We use Sympathetic Magick to help us focus our thoughts, feelings, and intentions into the outcome and how we feel about what we desire will manifest accordingly.

When we have a “backfire” and our spell doesn’t manifest the way we imagined it would, we have to consider why it didn’t work. That is why Witches keep journals with spells in them often called Book of Shadows or Memoirs or plain spell books. It is important to ask and answer questions such as “what was the purpose of the spell”, “what is the expected outcome”, “did the spell work”, “what was the actual outcome”, “What was I feeling”, “what items did I use if anything was used”, and many other questions.

Experience is the biggest key and the outcomes of my spells may only work for me. I know I have helped loved ones with spells by creating half the spell and charging an item to be used as a charm or talisman but it required that the individual complete and activate the spell on his/her own. I also created the spell with them by asking a lot of questions to determine what type of symbolism works best for them as individuals.

Just like the smell of food. A type of food that makes one person’s mouth water may repulse another. We have conscious and subconscious responses to different information picked up by our senses. That is why one person will use lavender and a red candle to do a love spell and another will use a pink candle and rosemary.

We apply meanings to everything we do in magick. Every stone, every herb, every symbol means something. That is why so many people ask “what does it mean when…”. There may be a lot of superstition and old wives tales in different traditions of witchcraft because when we pass down our experiences to our children or students we are passing down what we learned from the experience of Witches before us as well as our own experiences and what works for us.

All that an experienced Witch can do, is pass down what works for that Witch and what they have heard worked for others.

When it comes to magick, it is my belief that spells are more effective if the person who needs it is the one who creates it. The best spell is the spell done for personal gain. That is because the more we have to gain the more desire and intention we put into the spell. There is a lot of intent that goes into the creation of spells.In fact, creating the spell is the beginning of doing the spell.

When it comes to magickal spells, I can give some suggestions that I may use with what works for me.

To attract resources such as money, maybe it isn’t money that has the value to me, it is what I want or need the money for. If facing homelessness, first, try instead of doing the spell with the intent of getting the money for rent, try doing a spell for what you really need which is a shelter, a home or the security of a residence. Choose the thought that flows best with your thoughts and desires.

As a Kitchen witch, I would bake some bread from scratch with 3 big pinches of Basil for prosperity and protection and 3 big pinches of Oregano for luck and protection then at the end of the baking time I will sprinkle it with a little cheese to help attract the basic needs to be met because, for me, cheese is the fulfilling of basic needs because it is made with milk (sorry Vegans not trying to be gross). A dessert could be added with fresh apples, cinnamon, and allspice for good luck and to increase the power of your spell. I would say an incantation or a chant over the food while I prepare it to charge it with my intent. Then, when it is ready, I will consume some of the bread and dessert and save a little back as an offering if I have a place to give the offering.

We are in the waning moon cycle. It would be a good time for banishing or letting go of something. Letting go of stress and anxiety about homelessness and the fear. I know because I have been homeless for a little while. Even when I was homeless, I was lucky because by chance we inherited a tent for shelter and food to eat and a way to prepare food. Was it luck or was it my spell? It was the best homeless experience possible.

A charm works for many people, also. If charms work for you, it is good to create a charm.

Here is my Story:

Magick works in basic mundane ways in my experience. When I was faced with being homeless, It was very sudden. We had just paid rent and bought food for the family my ex-husband and I was staying with (Also not my choice). They didn’t like my husband with good cause and threw him out and being the good wife I followed although I was welcome to stay.

We drove around for a while not really sure of what to do or where to go since we had no money left. I asked him to stop in a parking lot and give me a few minutes. I did a quick on the spot chant in my head while it appeared I was meditating.

We went to this little beach off of a river bank just across the border of the state we lived in. We pulled in and slept in the back of my ex-husband’s Pickup truck. It was extremely uncomfortable laying on those ridges in the back of a pickup truck. We obviously picked the wrong night to become homeless. There was a huge party on the beach that night and they didn’t quiet down until almost dawn. I might have gotten 2 hours of sleep that night.

The next day was a bit different. We got up and managed to scrounge through our belongings and found some “good morning” dishes and cast iron pans. That morning we shared the little bits of food we had and we also had some coffee and a camping coffee percolator pot. Oh, and some flavored creamer. We ate a good meal. Breakfast was on us and in return, someone had left a tent behind that we were welcomed to use. We happened to have a couple of sleeping bags. We met a whole lot of interesting travelers and a homeless family during that bought of homelessness. Winter was coming and we all needed shelter and I needed resources to find a job.

I sat by the fire without anything to do a physical spell with and no real privacy to work the spell. I had to be inconspicuous. I sat by the fire and chanted a spell in my head to find needed resources to get a job.

In a week we had enough money to pay for a hotel room. It had monthly rates and we ended up with enough money to pay for a month. Bam! I had a phone, a shower and access to public transportation to find a job. I also ended up with food. Once I got a job I was then able to afford one with a kitchenette and was now with the means for secure shelter with all the necessities to get back on my feet including a job.

I have to add that I also wore a charm bag to help attract good luck and prosperity.

In a small bag around my neck, I placed an aventurine that I charged with the intent of safe travel (being homeless, I felt travel fit well), prosperity and success, white sage and cedar for cleansing and protection. I only took it off to bathe in the river which I securely hid that bag nearby where it wouldn’t be found.

Magick works through our own desire, imagination, and Willpower with our intentions. Understanding how magick works on the mundane through the focus of our intent with those tools I mentioned, is a huge key for making your spells work for you.

How to create a spell is up to you. I like using rhyming chants because it flows better for me. Chanting until I feel it was enough for me to know and believe that everything is going to work out. That no matter what, I am going to be ok. It doesn’t matter what it is for. You can burn a green candle (color of American money) while you chant. You can burn a patchouli scented incense to help your mind focus on your intent while you chant. Keep your focus clear on exactly what it is you desire to manifest then let it go. Release it. As you chant you may feel the energy build up and that energy is what you will release. Know that your spell is going to work because what you truly believe, is what will manifest.

However you do the spell, know that it has a better chance to work if you create and write the spell yourself. Do some searches to find corresponding items that will work for you. If you are on a budget, there is a book titled Witchcraft on a Shoestring that might give you some ideas. I found a copy at my local library.  Your local library is a good place to start your search. It is free books at your fingertips waiting to be borrowed just don’t forget to return the books so that others can use them too.

No, I am not giving an exact spell to use but I am giving you the secret of magick.

I wish you well on your journey.

In Perfect Love and Perfect Peace,

Summer Song