Today, too many of us face financial difficulties that we wouldn’t have had to face let’s say back in the 1980s. Not that there wasn’t a significant amount of “poor people” but today, there are more people who have college degrees and no jobs than I ever remember in the past.

I haven’t seen any studies or statistical analysis to prove that statement but it seems that there are not enough “good jobs” available today. With the regulations on employers that sounded like it would be good for the employees, they turned out to be more detrimental.

Back in 1994, the average job was a 40 hour work week. Sure, there may not have been a lot of benefits but when it all came down to survival, I could manage better with paying for my medical on a sliding scale versus paying huge monthly fees for medical insurance. I didn’t have dental but I don’t have dental now either and from what I can tell, dental insurance is worthless anyway.

As the regulations for employers to provide benefits for employees who worked full-time jobs started coming with shorter work weeks, making money became even more difficult for the average employee and small business owner. With shorter work weeks came more regulations for the employers. With those came even shorter work weeks. Then people had to get 2 or 3 jobs to make up for the loss of hours from a regular 40 hour work week.

Today, instead of employees fighting for longer work weeks and to end the part-time job dilemma, they are fighting for higher minimum wage. This is only causing more grief for us economically in the long run. Not only are wages, benefits and work hours a problem but with so many companies moving manufacturing overseas, the jobs that were available back in the mid 90s and earlier are now gone leaving a huge part of our population destitute and without jobs and many dependent families on welfare that wouldn’t have been if the work was equal to 1985.

That small, unsubstantiated observation leads into the subject of Money spells.

In the late 1990s, I was still able to find jobs that had 38 hour work weeks. I was new to spell casting using sympathetic magick and I have a huge problem attracting money. It seemed that the more money spells I did the less money I had.

On my way home from a gathering, I asked for advice from a more experienced couple whom I expected to be more proficient at spell casting because they belonged to a Secret Coven of practicing Wiccan Witches. I had just started a new job and had already been out of work for 3 weeks. As I was in between jobs for a couple of weeks already and it took about 3 weeks to receive my first paycheck, I asked for advice on how to do a money spell that would encourage my new boss to grant my request for an advance on my first paycheck.

I was $100 short on my rent that month and I wasn’t scheduled to get my first check for a couple more weeks which was too long to wait. It would put me in the middle of an eviction process. When I explained how I can’t seem to do a money spell that works and what I was actually wanting to manifest they responded with, “Consider your money spell a success, We can loan you the money”. I was hesitant but desperate. I didn’t expect an advance from my employer and I really didn’t want to be evicted for being 2 weeks late on rent. I explained how I would be able to pay them back in payments of $20 every week until the $100 was paid off and they said that would be just fine with them as long as I pay them back.

I got my first check 2 weeks later and began the repayment process. By the last payment I made to them, I was given a little bonus from my employer. I passed down that bonus to the couple who “loaned” me the money with a thank you for their generosity along with an extra $50 for their patience.

I was soon confronted with a nasty attack from someone I respected. She told me that I need to pay them back and how unethical it was that I borrowed money with the promise of repaying it and never paying it back.

I was befuddled and I told her I made the agreed payments every week and even gave them a $50 bonus. She was livid with me and retorted that I should have never asked to borrow the money in the first place then quickly walked away without even giving me a chance to tell what actually took place. She never once asked me for my side of the story before confronting me on someone else’s word.

Huge lesson learned there. One – Never trust anyone just because they seem nice and claim to be Witches. two – always follow your instincts and in the context of Wiccans, in the Wiccan Rede Poem, it suggests that when we have and hold a need, harken not to other’s greed. I think that actually is referring to doing business with greedy people just because one is in a position of need. I think that is great advice to always consider no matter who you are or what you believe.

I learned it would have been better to be homeless than to accept generosity from people that made me think twice just because I was in a desperate situation. It solved my immediate problem of paying rent but it set me up to be the subject of a rumor that affected my relationship with someone I respected.

When we need to do a money spell, we have to really think about what it is we actually need.

In the context of magick, the more specific we are the more successful the outcome. For example, instead of accepting unsolicited money from someone, I should have done a spell to ensure my rent was paid on time. Who knows, I could have actually asked my boss for an advance and he may have granted my request. Or, maybe I would have been able to come to some other arrangement that concluded with my rent being paid.

If I need food or any other basic need to be met in which money may provide an obvious solution, I would probably gain better results from doing a spell for putting food on the table instead of money.

For me, money has negative associations with greed and evil because of my upbringing. I have a difficult time putting very much value in cash as I do in the things that the cash can buy. For me, Money is all about the trade. I need something and people want money for it. I could really care less about money but I do like food and shelter that require cash.

On the other hand, I also believe that the source whom I offer supplication likely doesn’t have any value for cash either. That source for me is my deity and my higher self or the Divine Spirit within and without, the Universe, or whatever.

Remember, I believe that magick works but we have to be open and aware of how it may manifest and it is not always as mysterious as we imagine.

Knowing WHAT to actually focus on will yield better results in the long run. Remember, belief is a huge part of magick too. You have to believe that you deserve what you are trying to manifest as well as believe it is attainable.

Let’s talk about winning the lottery for a second. In light of the concept of money, being specific, belief and focus, why can’t we do a spell to win the lottery? Well, that has to do with Luck or chance. I don’t know if anyone or many of us actually believe in the validity of winning the lottery enough to win by chance or maybe it is that we don’t really believe we have the “Luck” to win by chance or that we deserve the reward of a jackpot win. I can only guess why because it has never worked for me. Again, it has a lot to do with belief in what you are doing and how it works.

Magick is usually based on taking action and then directing it with our will. That is much like asking for an advance on my paycheck for money I’m already likely to earn. It was easy to imagine and believe that I would get that money than it is for me to believe that I will win the lottery which is a purely random chance.

The next time you want to do a money spell, consider doing a spell to get what you want the money for. It is more likely to manifest what you want the money for than it is to actually get the money itself.

Even with the law of attraction, it is all about belief.

What do you believe about yourself in terms of financial success and how do you believe you can get it? What are you willing to do to make it happen? One last question, do you believe it is reasonable?

In Perfect Love and Perfect Peace,