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The title of this post is a little deceiving considering I don’t often use actual blood in my magick. However, Blood is often associated with motherhood and the very basic concept of life which in turn is often associated with the full moon. The full moon being a great time to work magick for the purpose of manifesting our deepest desires is a great time to talk about the blood and magick of the full moon.

As we all may know, real magick is powered by three things.

These three things are: 

  1. Focused Willpower
  2. Imagination based on my Desire
  3.  How much I believe in what I am doing.


The full moon is often depicted as the mother phase of life. When an expecting mother is about to give birth, her belly is large and round. In order for a woman to be able to become pregnant, she must be fertile which gives the concept of fertility in magick to the full moon phase of the moon cycle. When a woman is fertile she has cycles of menstruation where she will bleed for a few days or even a whole week long.

Menstruation is a period where the body is in the cycle of cleansing the womb and preparing for the chance that life will grow. As I often think of the moon as a very feminine aspect of creation and the fact that the moon is known to control water and also has an effect on people considering we are mostly water, I consider this phase as the best time to work with desires and other things involving emotions.

Humans often speak of their blood line. “Magick is in our blood.” “My lineage is found in my blood line.” Without Blood being our life force, we can not live without blood in our veins. Blood is often symbolized through the use of wine in many religions. Our Blood is our birthright. It is only natural for us humans to consider blood as the symbol of all life. “Blood and sweat” or “blood and tears” are symbols of how hard we have worked toward something. “Our life’s energy is our Blood”. All of these things are found in many teachings, writings, and even paintings throughout the ages of humankind.

This year has been the Year Of Healing for me. It is a time when I am not only healing physically but also emotionally. This full moon will obviously be a great time to work on Healing in various aspects of the concept. In honor of the full moon and the idea of this phase being in full fertility of a mother and the whole concept of Blood being the basis of life as we know it and through the toiling of how hard I have been working, I have chosen to use blood oranges in my magick.

I have zested and dried the peel to be used in a full moon spell as well as collected the juice of the fruit to use as my symbol of our life force in my chalice which symbolizes the womb. It will be used for libation. Because I incorporate a religious flavor to my magick spells and I find that it helps with my focus, I use the symbolism to help focus my imagination toward the purpose of healing in this full moon spell.

The juice is full of sweet, tasty, energy giving life. It is the womb of the fruit where the seeds of the tree wait for germination to grow new life. There doesn’t have to be actual blood used in a ritual for it to have power. It can be symbolic because it is our imagination and our belief in what we are doing that is the life force of our magick. The symbolism helps us to focus our imagination and our belief in what we are doing which helps us to manifest our desires.

Considering the symbolism of Blood it makes perfect sense it is used in our magick on the full moon.

In Love and Light,

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