I often describe myself as being a traditional Witch with a Wiccan flavor. Because of my personal history in Wicca and the fact that religion plays a huge role for me, I often consecrate my tools including candles and stones. I like to use the four basic elements and the fifth being Spirit.

I have seen many different ways to consecrate an object. Consecrating an object is to declare it sacred. for me, it helps to consecrate my Witchy stuff that I am going to use specifically for magick. I use the elements of earth air fire and water with the power of Spirit, in the same way, every time.

I don’t believe that the details really matter as long as you do it the same way every time in a ritualistic way.

I will often cleanse my items by placing it in the window that gets the best moonlight for a complete moon cycle. I use sage and lavender to smudge it. The biggest thing is being careful not to damage the item when cleansing and consecrating the object.

It is my tradition to cleanse the item first followed by the consecration. After the consecration, it is ready to be used for the purpose of magick. There is a reason I do this. If I go through the steps to cleanse and consecrate an object, it then becomes sacred in my own belief. For me, a consecrated item holds more power. Once cleansed, it no longer holds the energy it absorbed over time which means my intent will be clear. Consecrating an object makes it special to me and therefore, makes my spell or intent clear and more meaningful.

Everything has meaning when it comes to magick. Even a spray painted macaroni can mean something and therefore the smallest thing in a spell has a purpose. Consecrating an object for a specific purpose gives the object meaning. Magick is more than just saying an incantation and waving a wand. It involves sympathetic magick.

With that said, here is one way to consecrate an object using the four elements.

Have your items that represent the four elements ready for use. I use salt, water, incense and a candle. I prepare for my ritual by calling the four quarters, if you are a Christian Witch, this would be Arch Angels. I also call on the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Remember, I use spirit for the whole thing.

I say something like:

By The power of the North, Element of Earth, By the power of the East, Element of Air, By the power of the South, Element of Fire, By the power of the West, Element of Water, I call upon you to aid me in consecrating this (object). Hail and Welcome.

As I get started, I consecrate each tool that corresponds to each element. I will pray over it and say something like:

I call on the power of Earth to consecrate this salt that it may be used in the consecration of (object) for the purpose of (declaration).

As I work my way around the four tools I light the incense and candle.

Some items can be damaged by the elements so being careful and holding the object over the salt, I present the object and state my purpose of consecrating the object and call upon the power of the element to consecrate it.

An example of this would be:

While holding the object over the salt say: I present this (object) for the purpose of creating a magick charm to heal my broken heart that I may be available to offer my heart to a love again. By the power of the Element of Earth, I consecrate this (object) as a tool for the purpose of creating this charm.

I would work my way around each element. Once I have done this part I will then present the object as a consecrated object and state the purpose once again.

I am always sure to release the quarters and elements before ending the ritual. This is a very religious aspect of my magick and because I am religious it works for me.

To release them I will repeat the call only instead I will say “I release you” instead of “I call you” and I will end with “Hail and farewell”.

A consecration can be as personal and specific as you want it to be just like cleansing could be as simple as blowing on an item and cleansing it with your breath to blow away anything you don’t want the object to hold.

Keep in mind, this is a very personal thing that gives personal meaning to the object to be used in religious and magickal intent. Everything in Magick has meaning.

Many Blessings,

Summer Song