For as long as I can remember, my mother would spout old sayings like, “those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”, “walk a mile in others’ shoes”, and “The grass is always greener on the other side”. I want to reference the last phrase, “The grass is always greener on the other side“.

Recently, someone mentioned that another person is a lucky person because this person is living his life the way others think is grand and fun. I happen to know that the person being referred to as lucky does not feel very lucky and I am fairly certain that the “lucky” guy would give up all the “fun” stuff for what everyone else seems to have.

It reminded me of what a friend once told me. She confided in me that she used to envy me because I was married with a family. I had everything she wanted. What she didn’t know was that my husband was abusive and because of his alcoholism and abuse, it took everything I had to hold it all together and still in the end I failed.

I, on the other hand, wished I had her life. Loving parents who encouraged her, education, a career and a sibling who loved her and she seemed so smart, strong and independent. She was exactly the opposite of me and I wished I had her life.

Then last night, I was listening to an audio book by Steve Chandler Titled, “17 lies that are holding you back and the truth that will set you free“. I was reminded how we often tell ourselves these lies. The lie that we can’t be happy because the other guy has it better. If only… If only we had it as good as that person, our lives would be great.

Sure, My friend had different opportunities than I did and we both made different choices. I settled for poor choices and she didn’t settle. Or did she? We humans, go through our entire lives chasing that greener grass that is always located on the other side of that fence. We want that lush, green grass because somehow we can’t see that it is riddled with grass burrs waiting for us to take a step on the other side only to discover it is full of prickly stickers.

My friend and I were nearing our 40s before we came out with our secret coveting lies we told ourselves. We had resentments of our own lives and we resented each other’s opportunities. When the truth of the matter is that we could have the beautiful and luscious, green grass for ourselves if we sewed our ground with the right seed and then nurtured it with loving care feeding it with the right kind of food and water.

Going with another one of those phrases, “we reap what we sew”. That isn’t necessarily a phrase that should be used as a chastising phrase to make us feel bad about failures. In the right perspective, that simple phrase is the reminder that we can have what we want if we do the right work that will bring about the desired results.

If we sit around watching television or spend all of our free time playing sports or video games, we will know all about the television shows we watch, we will improve our game and dexterity. What we won’t do is own a successful business, become extremely wealthy or a successful writer. We actually have to do what it takes to get what we want.

Remember that old phrase, “Money doesn’t grow on trees“. Money doesn’t just show up in your bank account randomly. Someone has to put it there and for the majority of the world including Donald Trump, it takes effort. The action is what makes things happen.

That brings me to “Actions speak louder than words“. I hear so many people say they “want to be rich”. They “want to own a business”. I have heard so many people say they want to be successful but their words have no meaning because they are not backed by action.

To become a famous Writer, First, one must take the action of actually writing. That leads us to the fact that magick doesn’t just happen. Sitting around and saying “I want” or burning a candle and saying an incantation without any follow-up or follow through, without taking some kind of action will not work because without effort and action, the magick has no meaning.

If I want that fantastic career job, I will actually have to take action and write a resume, fill out that application, go to that interview. Without taking those steps, the magick can’t flow. It can’t happen. Non-action just becomes a stagnant thought and will never become reality.

So, when you catch yourself thinking that the grass is greener on the other side or in another’s yard, remember, you can have what you want by feeding your desire and creating your reality.

Sure, the grass is greener on the other side but with a little effort so can the grass be under your own feet.

May every step be blessed with the efforts of your soul.

In Love and Light,

Summer Song