Currently, there is a pill for everything. Prescription drugs are on the rise and in the United States, medicine cabinets are full of prescribed drugs. Sure, there may be herbal or holistic approaches that may be better than the prescriptions but insurance doesn’t cover them. Even a medical doctor doesn’t really work with a mental health prescriber. They just write a new prescription that they hope doesn’t have a fatal interaction with other prescribed drugs. In my humble opinion, Healthcare and society have been working hand in hand to create the huge Pharmademic this generation faces.  Society wants a magic pill that will solve all their problems and insurance companies and big Pharma are in control of the Doctors and the Doctors (if you can be seen by an actual doctor) don’t really seem to care at the end of the day. For many health practitioners, it is just a paycheck.

What are we supposed to do about our health issues? That is the dilemma. If you are poor, and the majority of the United States population are indeed below the poverty line, we don’t have the time or the money to get medical degrees, law degrees, psychology degrees, Pharmaceutical certs, not to mention become the mechanic, the IT specialist, as well as work in the 2 or 3 part-time minimum wage jobs we need just to pay our rent while our outrageously high student loan payments fall into arrears. Educated without jobs and in debt for life with nothing to show for it.

Anxiety, depression, and PTSD is a growing problem and so are the numerous cases of cancer and other debilitating or life-threatening diseases.  Everyone seems to have symptoms of a mental illness. Bipolar to clinical depression. Being a witch with the stigma of depression and anxiety and being expected to heal yourself and others without the appropriate training since not all of us can afford the cost of classes or have the time left for classes of any kind. We are told we are unable to make a commitment. We are told we are unstable because of financial constraints that are circumstantial and not necessarily of our own doing.

Abuse is prevalent in the society of humanity. PTSD diagnosis isn’t limited to just the veterans of war, but also the victims of abuse in dysfunctional families, abusive relationships, crime caused by whatever human imposed disease from child neglect to rape to being the victim of a Narcissistic loved one. Empathy has become an anomaly and abuse has become the norm which is treated by Prescribed drugs.

How do we use magick which requires our full sensibilities, willpower, emotional functions such as love, passion, and desire if they are dulled by medication? That is a good question. Our Magick is definitely affected. Witchcraft is the craft of the wise. Wise people don’t become wise simply because they have acquired some knowledge. They become wise because their knowledge is enhanced through experience. Strong Healers were often inspired through needing healing in the first place. Through our own healing, we can be inspired to heal and without the experience of being a patient we can not fully understand how to healing process can work.

I used to battle with depression and suicidal thoughts frequently. I have attempted and almost succeeded at suicide at least twice. I have been diagnosed with PTSD after years of being prescribed many different medications. The mindset was drug her up so the rest of us can rest easy and not have to worry about our own guilt in not healing her. Send her on her way because there is no hope for her to ever exist or recover without the drugs.

The drugs were the magic little pills. I used to joke about my “pretty pink pills” which were more socially acceptable than its natural or holistic alternatives such as Therapy sessions to actually heal and recover from the lifetime of abuse I endured. I needed help and I needed it fast and I wasn’t being treated successfully. The medications weren’t actually solving the problem. The medications were only increasing the problems. There was no solution for the solution.

With the medications, my magickal abilities were decreased with my creativity and dampened along with my emotions. Was it because Magick is imagined and a product of mental illness? Not according to Wallace D. Wattles in his book “The Science of Getting Rich”. That is exactly how I believe magick actually works. Being a spell caster and Witch is not any more of a product of mental illness than being a doctor is a product of mental illness. Not to say that ALL Witches and Doctors aren’t mentally ill (because some definitely are) but more so, that magick is real depending on your point of view and understanding of it. Witches and Doctors are not miracle workers but those who are proficient in the art of magick or medicine (two very different arts) may seem to be miracle workers in the perspective of those who don’t truly understand the concepts of the art in question.

There are times when prescription drugs are the solution but not as often as permanent as we are sold. It really depends on what is the cause of the depression and how accurately the cause is diagnosed. It can be a permanent illness or there may be solutions that can be had through psychotherapy, herbal solutions, an increase in exercise and or a change in diet. The only problem is that the holistic approaches are not as easy of a solution as taking a magic pill. It takes dedicated commitment to the solution as well as determination to recover. That is one of the determining factors of how permanent many pharmaceutical treatments become.

Because of my own diagnosis of depression and anxiety resulting from PTSD, I almost became a statistic of cancer. Had I not had someone who could help me fight for the medical treatment along with my own determination to not accept a bad diagnosis and treatment plan from my medical professionals, I would not have had the life-saving surgery and treatment to regain my health through recovery. My health professionals have always turned to anti-depressants and other psychiatric medications when the actual treatments were hormones such as thyroid treatment or medical treatments such as removing a diseased organ that I could definitely survive without. The removal of my gallbladder which is a common issue among women my age saved my life and put me in a place where I can truly recover from illness. It amazes me that the immediate treatment plans are antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs over the actual treatment of the medical disease.

That is not to say that in many cases the psychiatric drugs were not the best solution but it should not be the “go to” treatment without first thoroughly examining the cause of the symptoms. In the case of attempted suicides, okay maybe initially beginning with anti-depressants may be an option while searching for a better solution of healing the symptom by discovering the cause. A great question to ask is always, “is the depression a symptom of a medical issue, abuse, or an incurable mental illness?” Depression always feels like there will never be a light at the end of the darkened tunnel of emotional misery.

Drugs often interfere with real magick. The nature of how anti-depressants work is in how they “dull the senses”. It changes the chemical balance in the brain to enhance the mood which often takes away emotional aspects of what we draw from when creating and manifesting from desire. But… So does depression… There are many physical causes of depression that can be managed through other forms of treatments and yes, many of them are holistic. If someone is suicidal or dealing with depression, should they NOT take their anti-depressants? I am not saying that at all. For many, anti-depressants are necessary at least for a while. I am saying there may be another solution to look into as part of the long-term treatment plan.

6 Ways to holistically improve your mood can be through various combinations of treatments. Not every treatment works for everyone. Everyone is an individual and requires an individual plan. Drugs may be a solution for some but not all.

  1. Balance and Grounding. The mind, body, and spirit work together. When one part is out of balance, it can throw the other parts of us out of whack. That is the theory of finding balance. The art of trying to keep all three aspects in balance at the same time. I believe it takes a lifetime to master and I don’t believe it is actually 100% mastered even by the masters. That is how grounding helps us regain our balance.
  2. Diet. Sometimes the food we eat doesn’t work well with our bodies and throws off the balance of our overall well-being. Finding a diet that works for us through a process of elimination and cleansing to help us feel our best can have positive effects but it may not be the end all solution. That also may include a dietary supplement. Care must be taken when changing one’s diet or adding a supplement. A good example is St. John’s Wort because it is known for being a mood enhancer. The biggest problem with St. John’s Wort is for those with Bipolar it can make things worse and increase the cycling effects of the disease.  Not to mention how it works is by changing the levels of serotonin, a chemical in the brain, and so does anti-depressants and the combinations can be dangerous and even life-threatening.
  3. Exercise. Adding exercise to one’s lifestyle can have many health benefits. Exercise is known to increase endorphins that can have a mood enhancing effect.  But, we have to be careful not injure ourselves and care must be taken. Exercises that get our bodies in motion are great. I enjoy a dance night where I get up and dance in my living room and have a blast being silly or going for a scenic walk around my neighborhood when safety permits or even walking in the local mall. Chi gong, Tai Chi and even Yoga is said to have positive effects on mood and energy.
  4. Holistic energy healing. Holistic healing techniques such as Reiki for some can make a huge difference as part of the whole healing and recovery process.
  5. Meditation can help us regulate our balance and grounding through trying various techniques. These techniques can be found through counseling, learning through teachers or masters and even through internet searches.
  6. Counseling. Most of all, counseling if done with the correct mindset can also add to recovery in the healing process. I have seen people go through years of psychotherapy and never recover and I have seen someone go through just a few sessions or a few years of therapy and do more healing than ever expected. Finding the right type and quality of counselor is necessary. Remembering that a counselor can only guide you on your healing path and the healing process is up to you is a key factor in benefiting from counseling.

Some diseases and illnesses including mental illness are beyond a holistic approach but even in these cases, I believe holistic additions can add to the overall well-being of the patient.

If one is permanently medicated or even temporarily, How can a Witch work magick while medicated? Well, there is a way. You have to work around the constraints and only you, the magickal practitioner can discover what that is for yourself. Knowing how your illness works on your overall health, which contains all three of the mind, body, and spirit and how the treatments affect your overall health is a good place to start.

Trial and error is often the only way to figure out which options work best for you. As in my case, I required physical treatments such as thyroid hormones and surgery accompanied with ongoing therapy for the PTSD symptoms. I continue to work with a holistic approach with a Reiki Master and crystal healer as well as through my own spiritual practices alongside counseling sessions with a trained professional.

Healing one aspect of our whole being requires the complimentary healing of each of our three parts; Mind, body, and spirit. At least that is what I believe. For some, medication can actually enhance their well-being and therefore increases their magickal abilities.

May you be well.

In Love and Light,

Summer Song