To answer this question quickly in the most concise manner I will give the answer, NO. Mental Illness is not caused by witchcraft. I am not a Psychology Major, however, I do know that Mental Illness is NOT caused by Witchcraft. It is often traced back to the genetics within a family. Without going into any kind of genetics lesson or lesson in Psychology which I am not qualified to do, I suggest if you are interested in the psychology of humans, definitely read about the subject. The answers you seek may be found in volumes of human behavior studies available everywhere.

Psychology is one of the most provocative subjects on the planet in my opinion. I recall some of the past controversial topics about human behavior. One was “Is it Nature (genetics) or Nurture (environment)” that causes behavioral issues. Although the concept or study of the human psyche and behavioral health of human beings is extensive, I love to read books on the subject. One of my favorite and well-known Psychoanalysts that I often refer to is Carl Jung.

Because of my lifetime with Nightmares, I particularly enjoy Carl Jung’s analysis on Dreams. Mental Illness Diagnosis and discovery is on the rise as more is learned about the different types of illnesses and disorders. I find it particularly interesting to learn about illnesses such as Schizophrenia, Bipolar Mood Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Autism, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Narcissism, and of course Psychopathy and Sociopathy.

Why? Because the majority of people I have ever met had some sort of behavioral health issue. Some are diagnosed and some are not. Some claims have been made that even Alcoholism and Drug addiction are diseases. Ok, some go a bit too far with labeling symptoms as the illness itself. In my humble opinion, I don’t believe anyone fits into the “perfect personality” profile. Everyone has something “wrong” with them (or so it seems).

Mental illness can be found in every walk of life. From religious to non-religious, from poor to the very successful and wealthy, and among every race of human being in existence. In my unqualified opinion, it is both Nurture and Nature that creates behavioral issues. Society creates Social issues and determines what is Acceptable and what is not. It is possible to teach behavioral issues just as it is possible to teach manners. Just as Genetics determine what color eyes or skin someone has, it also determines mental functionality.

Brain injuries can cause dysfunction and behavioral changes. Abuse is said to “rewire” the brain. But, the true question is “What makes a person want to do good things or bad things”?  One man 3o years old diagnosed with Schizophrenia will go out of his way to keep his word while another man 30 years old diagnosed with Schizophrenia will do everything in his power to cheat everyone and everything.

How does Mental Illness come into context in regards to witchcraft? Witchcraft is not any different than anything else in the world when it comes to the human factor. There are mental illnesses in every walk of life, therefore, some people with mental illness find their way to Witchcraft. People are just that, People. Regardless of mental or behavioral health, everyone wants to the find answers as to why they are the way they are and how to fix what is wrong.  People also search to find others that they feel connected to and can relate too. Like-minded people. Even mentally ill people want to feel accepted.

Does Witchcraft Cause Mental Illness? No, but it can help in the healing process just as any practice can as part of a whole wellness plan. Is Witchcraft full of crazy ideas and concepts? Have you really stepped out of any concept, philosophy, religion, or even Science and taken an unbiased look at the ideas and concepts as we as humans search for who we are and what our purpose in life is?

Just as we can not see the “Nothing” from where everything is believed to come from (Science?), who is to say spirit guides, angels, and other dimensions or plains of existence may or may not exist just beyond our perception. There are questions that we simply can not answer but only speculate on what we think or believe might be the possibility. Like “life after death”.

One thing that seems to be for sure, at least for today, is that many different types of mental illness are definitely genetic while others are environmental. Witchcraft is a practice and even witchcraft can’t cause mental illness. Human behavior is still a bit of a mystery but some disorders are theorized to come from Nature and from Nurture. As far as someone making another human being crazy or causing a mental illness, look at what abuse does to the human development of the psyche. It is not the craft which is mainly a name for a specific group of things particular humans do.

Feel free to speculate with me. Read as much as you can on the subject of mental illness. The library is a great free resource. There are many great ideas online and whatever you do, take everything with a grain of Salt. Nothing is Absolute.

In Love and Light,

Summer Song