I thank youThis year has been a difficult year for me. Physical illness has knocked me on my butt and for a few months, I was completely debilitated. It has not been fun but I have learned so much about myself, those who surrounded me and the “world” in general.

I learned what it is like to be sick and wish that the universe would make a choice. Let me die or make me well. I was stuck in between living and being dead.

I am feeling better now. I have some more hardcore western medicine to go through this month, However, I do expect to recover and it looks like the Universe has decided to let me live. 🙂     For Now…

I am very grateful to all of you who have sent me positive energy, positive thoughts, healing energy, well wishes and for the many prayers. I am thankful to those who have performed protective and healing magick on my behalf as well as the heads up and magickal advice. It is all working so well. I truly needed every single person who has participated. I absolutely believe that I am feeling better because of each and every one of you. That is what a magickal community is all about. Helping each other as individuals who are part of a group. This group is not only the Magickal community but is also the Human community.

My very awesome Web Developer and I have been discussing options to be able to make at least this website able to translate to other languages. Maybe not the whole Android App but at least this part of the App. I have my fingers crossed… Maybe by the New Year of 2017? I am hoping.  🙂

I can not express how thankful I am to all of you.

Although I am not Well Yet. It is not quite over, I am absolutely amazed that I am already mostly back on my feet again.

I thank You.

In Peace and Love,

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