Tarot cards youzign designAs the world goes around, as time moves forward with each passing day, and life continues as a collective consciousness in its perception of reality as it was created by social conditioning throughout the generations of human existence, We as a whole human race can see the surface of the collective reality around us.   Blah blah blah

On the surface, Humans around the world are caught up in a multitude of human issues that are unique to our species on this planet. Politics and the Elections, tons of social issues such as basic human and animal rights. We concern ourselves with laws as if another law will make others change the way they think, feel or believe. Not only the laws of the land but also the personal laws or rules we create for ourselves based on our own convictions and core beliefs.

Under the surface of our social existence, there is so much more going on than the majority of our species even remotely cares to see. We are so caught up in what everyone else is doing, believing, saying, and thinking (about us) that we don’t look past the mundane surface. As the world around us is changing in ways that us regular folks don’t really have any control to change or even influence, we continue to argue our points, our beliefs, our morals, and values.

One of the major changes or shifts in reality, as we know it, is happening all around us. Society is so distracted that this shift is going unnoticed. There is a spirituality based shift happening and we are all a part of it even if we don’t realize it.

There is a whole new kind of business. Oh, yes, it has been around for centuries and even millenniums. With the beginning of the Wicca Movement which in modern times has paved a path for what is to come. What am I talking about?…  Selling spirit based services and it is becoming more accepted and taken seriously than it might ever have in about the last Millennia. Holistic healing of different types, Naturopathic health care, Divination, and fortune telling, Psychics and Mediums are popping up everywhere. Gurus, spiritual teachers, teaching esoteric practices, Occult beliefs, and yes there is an overwhelming growth of life coaches.

I have heard many argue that to charge for most if not all of these services or any service of this kind is not moral or ethical. I too have been considering the moral and ethical implications of charging for spiritual gifts. Recently, with the help of my spirit guides and the help of others who are connected with their spirituality, I discovered that it is not immoral or unethical to charge for services rendered for providing an authentic service. Bottom line, “they” don’t really give a care if we charge a fee or not. Money has no meaning to “them”. It is a physical thing that has nothing to do with “them”.  Money is what we use for trade in this world. But the real issue isn’t about Charging for services, it is about ethics in business.

Let me clarify what I mean by that.

As we have seen in the past and more often in the present, there are many predators (fake frauds) who prey on others pain, suffering and needs. I know, because I have seen it first hand. I have also seen the “real deal” as well. We often hear that anyone can use their intuition. I have seen books to “learn how to speak to the dead”. I have heard how a wife is teaching her husband how to see the dead. Yes, it is true that we all have intuition and yes we can all access that intuition and yes we can all use magick and manifest desires and manipulate the energy around us.

However, I believe that each of us has a gift or for some, many gifts. Whether it is a gift for holistic healing, herbs, divination or any  number of gifts, we are all given different gifts. Just as “anyone” can sing, Not everyone can do it well and out of those who do it well, only a fraction can do it well enough to earn a sustainable or even successful income. It would be unethical, immoral and even illegal to lip sync to someone else’s voice to deceive others into paying for a performance created with deceit, right?

Well, the same goes for spiritualistic Business. If you provide a true service, it will likely cost you to provide it. It will cost time, money for training of some kind, it may cost for a location to provide adequate services, it will cost for materials and tools of the trade including virtual expenses in this vastly connected cyber world of technology.

If you truly believe you have a gift and you make it available to others, the spirits, guides, deity, or whatever you call your source, doesn’t give a care if you charge money for it. Money is what our society uses for trade to get what we need for survival from food and shelter to health needs and anything that helps us provide our service. To remain moral and ethical from a spiritual standpoint, we just need to be true to ourselves and “authentic” in our practices and honest with those who come to us for help.

With so many predators out there, if you are in the market to purchase a service, let this be in the forefront.

Buyer Beware!

Don’t fall for marketing hype. We all have that “Spidey sense” of intuition. Use it. I can do things such as read Tarot for myself but sometimes, it is necessary to go to someone else. We are so close to the situation that we can’t always accurately interpret the messages we are receiving.  “Can’t see the forest through the trees”, it is necessary to seek out advice from another.


Even if one has the gift of all the “Clairs” no one is Omniscient (all knowing).

In Love and Light,

Summer Song