Witch_Doll_HealingThis year has been a difficult year for me. If you have been reading my not so frequent posts this year, I am sure you know I have been struggling with illness.

For a Witch, being ill for a long time, new disabilities or news of a terminal illness can be more than just physically devastating or even emotionally in the usual way. For the experienced Witch, there are often many social issues that arise. Others begin to question your knowledge as a magic user, or they will accuse you of being less of a “real” Witch because you can’t heal yourself. And if you even think about asking for advice or even a little help, it is at risk of being assumed to be a novice, unknowledgeable, and not credible as a Healing Witch. Much like the story of Job in the Christian bible who was accused of sin because of the boils, he was inflicted with. After all, they had to be a punishment from God, the sick Witch is looked upon with scrutiny from some of her peers.

I have “experienced” practitioners in my circle and some of them are amazingly understanding, helpful and compassionate. I also have some that have never and will never read an article I have written because I don’t have Academic Degrees and will not list Whom I have “studied” Witchcraft under or what groups I have been in, Yada Yada, Bull Crap.

This year, I discovered a bunch about myself, what it means to be a Witch and the difference between closed-minded Know-it-alls and the true Witch. Some of the truest most powerful witches I know are the humble ones who are open to learning from others and know that no matter how experienced or educated they become, NO ONE knows everything.

We are all biological human beings and we are all learning something, although, some may be on a different part of the journey, We are all still on the journey.

I have had amazing news about my health this week. First of all, I am not terminal. Phew! I am relieved. I am now recovering from a surgery and my illness that seemed so devastating this year has been easily treatable and curable. Yes, I had my wonderful magick users to thank and learned that sometimes in order for a witch to heal herself, It means being able to recognize the need for and ask for help. That doesn’t make her less of a Witch, it means she is smart enough to know that human beings are part of a whole web of life and being interdependent is not the same as being dependent, weak or needy.

yes, I learned many valuable lessons this year. My only regret is that I had to go through such hardship to truly understand.

I also was given an opportunity to discover a medical issue that I would never have been aware of until it was too late had I not gotten so sick.

Yes, Witches get sick and yes, Witches Die and No, they are no less of a Witch because they can’t just take a herb or say a spell and heal themselves. Yes, real Witches who are skilled magick users and/or healers of some kind need help sometimes too. It is part of existing in this physical body and being a human being.

In Love and Light,

Summer Song