I am sure you may have guessed by now that witchcraft is often found in the kitchen. Witches cook more than potions and infusions in the kitchen. In fact, Most witches are using a form of magick when they cook. In fact, Not every Kitchen cook knows they are doing this sort of magick.

So, besides oils, potions, and decoctions, there are simple ways a witch uses one’s own craft. If we think about Witchcraft, we see that it is the craft of the witches. That means that it is a craft or an art. Just as cooking is learned over time through everyday needs, so is the craft of the Witch. The “hearth” or “kitchen” has always been the center point for the craft. simmering herbal recipes for medicine, dying cloth, making candles, cooking food, right down to spells and incantations that happen in the kitchen.

Now that I have been a Witch for 20 years I came to a realization a while back that pretty much everything in life is magical. I have that magical life. I always have. Everything I do in my life seems to have some connection to magic. Everything I do seems to have some magical property to it.

The sun rises and falls, the rain falls now and again, a comfortable breeze, the whispers in the wind, all of it is magic. Hell, this very existence is magick, therefore, everything we do is magic.

What is the craft of the Witch?

The craft of the Witch is everything that she crafts with her whole being, mind body and spirit. Making a wand, making a potion, writing an incantation, right down to the mundane of making breakfast, all can be done in magickal ways.

As I prepare food to sustain me and those who are going to partake in that food, I try to consider the ingredients. Today I am making tomato sauce from scratch (from the tomatoes themselves out of the produce section). As I worked with each ingredient, I invoked the spirit of the tomato, of the bell pepper, onion, and garlic as well as the herbs. I gave thanks to the element of fire and the element of air for the gas that fuels the fire. I work through the five basic elements. Asking for good health and nutrition and giving thanks for the life essence of the plants and to the elements for their contributions and anything that feels appropriate at the moment.

Sometimes, the magic is in the selection of the recipe as well as the ingredients. Sometimes the magick is the ingredients and the recipe. Sometimes, spells are done while cooking food. Which contributes the notion of whether or not one is willing to “Break Bread” with someone. In some cultures or traditions, it is customary to do business over a meal (Breaking Bread) to display your trust for the other party. If you don’t trust the other party, you Don’t Break Bread.

I still use this as my test for those I am going to interact with often or before I offer any type of consideration for giving them MY trust.

For me, health has been a huge concern, so, I have been working with healing magick. I realized at one point that I really need to work on my health in many ways. I decided to start learning how to make the Gluten Free yummy treats that I like to eat and usually can’t have.  Although I have lost a good amount of weight and I am focusing on doing what I need to do to heal as much as humanly possible.

I can’t believe the reaction I get when I have to pick through food at a restaurant or at an event of some kind. I often get disbelief that I ‘NEED’ a gluten-free diet. Most people don’t realize that sometimes magic is simply listening to what your body needs, feeding it the fuel it requires and avoid all the crap that hurts it. For example, For lactose intolerant people, they must avoid dairy. Some only have to stay away from some dairy products while others have to stay away from anything dairy.

An Allergy is an allergy. What hurts you may not hurt me and what hurts me may not hurt you. It is important to keep in mind that food is more than a pleasure, it is a need and our body has specific needs that differ from person to person. One person may be deficient in Vitamin C while another is lacking in Chromium. You have to figure out what your body needs so that you can keep it as healthy as you can.

I have always compared myself to a plant. I need a balance of plenty of sunlight and water, the most suitable environmental conditions and the right nutrients to be at my best. I want to invite you to my kitchen. I am not creating an active spell but merely creating the magick in life. Health is a huge focus and pleasure for the delight of the spirit is necessary after a ritual in my book.

As you go about your week, pay attention to all the ways magic is present in your life. Is magic afoot in your life or is it a footnote?

Sometimes, magic can merely be a positive intent for health, happiness, joy, peace, or friendship while you prepare a meal. Witches may “charge/energize/activate/imbue a meal with positive intentions before serving it to their friends and family. I enjoy Patricia Telesco’s Recipe book “A Kitchen Witch’s Cookbook“. She has some tasty ideas. Of course, in my local area, not all of the recipes can be made exactly as the recipe but it gives good base recipe ideas and she gives some great ideas on how to create spells with food.

Thank you for taking the time to visit me in my kitchen. For the next week, just pay attention to all the magickal Witchiness that is already in your life and all around you in this beautiful world.

Blessings to you. May you find good health and peace of mind.

Summer Song