As I have walked through the community of Witchcraft and Pagan religions and beliefs, I have noticed that mental illness is a common factor among those who are drawn to the craft as is commonly found in mainstream religions as well. People with mental health issues gravitate towards religion and Witchcraft and pretty much anything that offers relief from the chaos of mental illness and other mental health issues.

When we think of mental illness, pictures of people walking down the street having conversations with invisible people or someone in full psychosis or in the middle of a delusion fill our mind. Many people don’t even realize that for many people who are diagnosed with mental illness are often quite lucid and appear quite rational for the majority of the time.

These individuals are often perceived as weird or strange. Often people with mental illness are ostracised from society because the general public doesn’t understand how to interact with the weirdness and are often afraid of the person with mental health issues. Even our Police don’t have a clue and that is why so many mentally ill people who are in the middle of a delusion or psychosis are killed by police.

Obviously, people with mental health issues are generally poor because they are not capable of earning a steady living and depending on where the individual lives will determine what resources are available to help the mentally ill individual.

There are so many misconceptions about mental illness. Not all mental health issues are so severe that the individual is debilitated. There are conditions that simply need some psychotherapy and support and maybe a prescription when needed. Other types of illnesses may require some medication to help give the individual some sense of control or sense of connection to the collective consciousness.

Some mental health issues come with issues that contribute to poor hygiene and lack of social skills while others are almost undetectable until an “episode” occurs. The severity of an individual’s mental health condition can range from mild and treatable like depression from circumstance to severe and the need to be hospitalized.

In many cases, mental health issues are hereditary while others are not. I have found that to hold true in most cases of mental health that the individual will often thrive with a good support system and just as it does with regular folks, holding people to a higher standard will help these individuals live up to it. Or at least strive to. I believe that if it is reasonable for the individual to be challenged by that “higher” standard (one that is achievable for the individual), it can actually help the individual grow and maintain a more reasonable behavior pattern and boost confidence and self-worth.

What I mean by a higher standard is to simply hold them accountable for their actions. I don’t mean punish them when they fail and mentally ill or not, everyone will fail when trying to live up to a higher standard for a while or even often until that skill is mastered.

There may not be any way to make a mental illness vanish but there are ways to help the individual become better than they were before and it also depends on the individual’s core personality type or the nature of their personality.

The first thing that needs to be addressed about People with Mental Health issues is the fact that people with mental health issues are still human beings with real human issues as well as mental health issues. They have feelings and needs just like regular humans. The one thing that separates the “Regulars” from the “Crazies” is simply the observer’s perception of the individual.

If you see the existence of this reality as an illusion in the first place, you may find it easier to understand mental health issues or at least cope with them a little better. It helps to see things from a different perspective. It is a perspective about the perception of reality. My reality is somewhat different from the rest of the world and so is yours although there may be some common perceptions, they are all different.

I honestly don’t feel that the issue with the mentally ill is caused by those who are inflicted but those who are doing the labeling and judging from a place of ignorance and fear. Autism, Depression, ADHD, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective disorder, PTSD, OCPD, even sociopathy are mental health issues that are fairly common in our society today. It is the most stigmatized issue and so many people go undiagnosed and therefore untreated.

I believe there are ways to help mental health patients that go way beyond simply drugging them up and sending them on their way. I believe it is more than talk therapy or psychotherapy. No, I don’t believe that these individuals will ever be ‘regular’. I do believe that they can actually become better people if they are just allowed to be who they are and have the support and help they need when they have a moment of disconnect from our collective reality. This is a condition we call psychosis.

There really isn’t any spells to make an actual mental illness go away but I believe there is a way to heal old wounds that are mislabeled or misdiagnosed as a mental illness that never existed in the first place. I also believe that it is possible to heal the wounds that compound the mental health issues for the inflicted. With that said, if you or a loved one has a mental illness, it is not the end of the world. I recommend learning as much about that particular mental illness as you can so you can cope with and support a moment of psychosis or a delusional state of mind.

Keep in mind that Mentally ill people can be good people or bad people just with the addition of mental illness. Mental illness doesn’t make someone good or bad any more than the color of your hair, eyes, or skin make you a good or bad person. Even with Psychopathy/sociopathy, not all sociopaths are serial killers. Not all people who are perceived as sociopaths are actually sociopaths either. There are other issues that can appear like it but it isn’t and that is how the misconception of the belief that a sociopath is made not born can even exist.

I believe that there are always ways to help heal someone with mental health issues but it doesn’t mean that an actual existing mental illness will be miraculously cured but that the individual will be better, stronger and able to live a more meaningful life.

The biggest problem caused by society’s ignorance and fear about mental illness is that many of these individuals would not be as bad off if there were people who could actually help these individuals see themselves as more than just a crackpot that no one will ever listen to. Many people with mental health issues can offer valuable information if you know how to listen to them.

To quote my brother, “you have to listen to what they’re saying but not necessarily to their words”.

There are plenty of ways to write a healing spell to help heal many things in life in a way that is in agreement with this physical reality. I also believe that in some cases a misdiagnosis occurred and the actual healing from the “misdiagnosis” is actually healing the cause which is usually a faulty perspective or perception of themselves, the world, or a situation taught to them by someone else who is also damaged with a faulty perspective or perception.

In my humble opinion, mental health issues tend to be more of a spiritual issue and the healing process doesn’t necessarily mean that the symptoms of the illness will vanish but rather an acceptance of them with a positive perspective and perception of these symptoms will heal the individual in a way that the “regulars” will never understand.

So, finding or writing the best and most effective healing spell is to understand the mental health issue and its nature before one can recognize the healing process. That means one will need an accurate diagnosis with acceptance of the diagnosis before progress can be made. Again, remember, dementia and Alzheimer’s are mental illnesses that can not be cured by magick alone. In fact, I don’t believe even western medicine has drugs to cure it but only to slow it down.

Why? Because we don’t know or understand the cause, therefore, we can’t prevent it or cure it… yet. However, some mental health issues are simply compounded by a lack of stability and support in their environment.

Before you can fix anything, you have to understand how it works, how and why it is broken. Some things can only be bandaged especially without the right knowledge and resources including the “professionals” you choose.

No matter how many spells you do, if you don’t do the work, it will not manifest. I am not speaking of physical labor but more of the internal shadow work. It is the hardest work of all because it will transform you and that is very painful and arduous. It is not an easy fix and that is why so many people diagnosed with common things like depression and anxiety are running to drugs instead of doing the work. I am referring to both prescription and illicit drugs including alcohol and tobacco and even cannabis. Anything that can be abused and become an addiction.

knowing what the right treatment is can be found through the use of magick and spells but still, the healing takes work on the part of the inflicted. Sometimes this work is simply acceptance and a willingness and desire to heal and change. Be aware that not everyone with mental health issues can do this. Any expectations you place on yourself or others must be realistic for the individual and the individual’s needs. It is a disability quite often because individuals with mental illness are not able to function in the collective society because their perception is so different and it is often that society can’t cope with the illness or at the very least their own fear from their ignorance and that includes educated people such as medical doctors who don’t understand the health needs of their mentally ill patient.

Keep in mind that there are three components to our humanity, our well being as a human. Mind, body, and spirit. All three must be cared for or one will affect the others and disrupt the functions of the other components of our being. That will cause disease and disruptions in life.

I know for a fact that my physical health affects my mental health and my spiritual health affects both my mental and physical health. I also believe that our emotions are our spirit in this context.

I think the first step to helping people with a Mental Health Diagnosis can actually be bringing awareness of mental illness in general to the public to eliminate the misconceptions and taboos about mental health to promote a more supportive and friendly environment for those with a mental health diagnosis.

I wish you well and recommend that if you or a loved one suffer from mental health issues, please seek the advice of a qualified mental health provider. Do not keep it secret or hidden from those who can help you. Sometimes, all we need is a little talk therapy to work through a difficult situation. There is no shame in that and there should be no stigma about counseling. If you don’t have a diagnosis or a mental health issue, don’t be part of the problem; be part of the solution. Be understanding because the mentally ill need compassionate people who are not mentally ill to help them through this life.

Then again, if you don’t have compassion for the mentally ill, you are probably broken and in need of some therapy. We often hate in others that which we hate in ourselves. If you think mentally ill people are trash it is because you see yourself as trash otherwise you would feel compassion for them and not disdain.

So, a spell to heal society may help to heal some mental health issues for those who battle with their mind and feelings every day. But, society must be willing to heal and honestly, I don’t think they are because I think their issues are what they truly desire. If not, they would be working on healing themselves instead of placing blame on everything outside themselves. It is what serves them at this moment. When they are ready, they will begin their healing journey.

Keep in mind that healing begins from within.

The best medicine to help the healing process begin is acknowledgment and acceptance of the illness so that one can move forward with a good treatment plan to bring some stability back into one’s life.

I wish you well on your journey.

This is purely my own perspective and observations. I am not a qualified mental health provider. I simply offer a different perspective to consider. Feel free to take it or leave it.

Many Blessings,

Summer Song