I’ve heard many people say that they want to live a magical life. Some people even say that they are living a magical life but the problem I see with their idea of magic is that the very concept of magic for them on an subconscious level is that magic isn’t REAL. Magic is an illusion. Magic is a word to express childhood visions of the world around them from the childlike creativity of an innocent mind.

I’ve heard many people talk about magick and how it’s real. But still, in our subconscious minds, magic is still mysterious and unattainable. I see this with all the searches for spells and enchantments. We go to the bookstore or even worse an internet search and we can see lists of books offering the secret mysteries of magick.

There are at least two classifications of magic among serious magic users. the first and most common understanding of magic is the premise that it’s only an illusion which is actually the case with entertainers. Entertainers use the art of illusion to entertain their audiences. They use tricks, illusions through the “slight of hand” method. The second form of magick is often seen with a slight variation in the spelling to differentiate it from the illusion flavor of magic. The second form of magick isn’t really magic at all. It is a belief in the manipulation of energy through the power of the human psyche. The human mind.

This means there is a psychology to it.

What many people who want to live a “Magical Life” haven’t really come to understand yet, is that this magic that we seek is all around us in the mundane. It is in the everyday things in life. All the answers you seek are right there waiting for you to recognize them and grab them for yourself. The magic is found through “seeing” from a perspective that can only be attained with an open mind.

So, What is this “Magical Life” all these people are talking about?

It comes with as many descriptions as there are people. It is akin to the question, “what is the meaning of life?”. That is a great question and I’ve come up with my own definition as to what it means to live a “Magical Life“.

For me, to live a “Magical Life” means that you have a perspective about life that offers you healthy solutions and with an openness in heart and mind and body to not only recognize but accept the healthy solutions that make your life seem magical. It seems like every opportunity to come your way is a miracle because it comes “seemingly” without much effort.

It is actually living a life with gratitude, empathy for yourself and others, allowing yourself to feel all your feelings, even the negative ones and looking at everything with an open mind.

I’ve noticed that as I work on myself and all the huge gaping emotional and psychological wounds, I’ve gotten a lot of resistance from others about my progress. What I’ve found to be true for me in a pursuit of happiness which is what we all seek, is that others won’t allow themselves to be happy because for some reason the concept of the “Magical Life” is unattainable. When these people who want to be happy but don’t feel that they have a right to be happy, they begin to react to someone “like me” as someone who definitely doesn’t deserve it because they see me as broken and as less of a person, these types are the ones I face the most opposition from when I’m actually happy and/or making progress or I can simply be in a place of struggle in my life as we all face from time to time.

I often get the reminder, now remember you’re broken, you can’t do that (whatever progressive thing that is in my best interest). You’re setting your goals too high. What these people say reflects what they think of themselves and they apparently think pretty lowly about themselves because they get all bent when they see me attaining that “unattainable” whatever it is they think they can’t attain and that’s when they want to put the reigns on me to “slow me down” or straight up  stop my progress because “They aren’t comfortable“.

(A little life secret…I don’t let those people slow me down. I just smile and move on).

As is the majority of people I’ve actually met who constantly put their reigns on me to hold me back or slow me down is because Let’s face it, I’m self-motivated unlike the majority of people in my life and due to childhood abuse, I’ve been deprived of a ground zero comparison featuring the self as I grew up and developed my view of the world around me. Therefore, I have a different perspective that doesn’t even know where the proverbial box is what less where the parameters of that box may be. I don’t have limitations, I have obstacles and the majority of my obstacles are well-meaning people around me who believe I’m disillusioned because I’m capable of living a “Magical Life”. Why? Because they don’t know that they are capable of living a magical life too. 

Living a “Magical Life” is living a life without limitations because it comes from a place of wisdom.

Magic is found in the mundane. A magical life appears to be mundane but for some reason, the person is freaking happy about it.

Oh and by the way, We MAKE magic happen, therefore, we create a magical life. It doesn’t “just happen”.

Yeah, now you feel it. What are you waiting for? Your life wants to be magical. Define it and create it. It’s within your power. Attain it.

Summer Song