In this article, I want to talk about something that seems to be the theme of 2016. All around me and as well as in my own life, I have heard about the sorrows of loss. Some people are wondering if the loss is a curse because there has been so much loss experienced in one year. I have to admit, not all witches and sorcerers play nice. I was told in 2015 by 3 people that I was being magically attacked. I considered how I don’t really know anyone or talk to anyone and I certainly am not aware that I have offended someone.

In some cases, all it takes is a little fear. Someone to Fear that you will win, overshadow or have a better reputation than them for them to curse you. Even those who think that they need to create “a side” in the family. An Estranged spouse with whom you may have children, your siblings, cousins and even aunts can feel threatened if they are trying to boost themselves by destroying you. But… Is it a Curse? Sometimes it is just “bad will” and “bad people”. Sometimes it is magick as in a magickal attack and sometimes it is just life or better said, it is merely consequences of life.

How do you determine if it is a curse or if it just is? I never even thought for a second that someone would want to do that. The idea of putting a curse on someone or magically or even psychically attacking someone seems so ridiculous that it is difficult to think that someone would even consider it. But they do.

If you even suspect that you may be cursed with bad fortune and that someone is attacking you, send that crap back to them. What I mean is to create a reflective shield that protects you from harm while reflecting what they send toward you right back to them. I use a mirror of reflection spell in those cases. I also use crystals in the four corners of my home. If there are attacks happening, I have found that the attacks eventually stop. Either they aren’t seeing the results they want as they try to destroy me or they are getting hit with their own intent every time they send bad mojo.

I finally got a message from a Tarot reading that the attacks have stopped, at least for now. Okay, I admit it, we can use magick and divination methods to aid us in our lives. Now, we have the option to remain weakened by the attack and circumstances or make the best out of it. Regardless if it really is a curse, a curse can be lifted and even if it is just life and the universe teaching you something that will help you out, you CAN pick up the pieces and get your life back and even come out better for it.

Healing the damage within you is the biggest piece of the puzzle. But first, let’s explore loss. 2016 has been a year of great loss for so many people.

  • Loss of family members through death
  • loss of a relationship or several relationships
  • loss of a very important income
  • loss of health

It isn’t limited to just those things I listed. It can be a loss of any kind. Loss creates grief and for some, grief can destroy them, at least for a time. Some people never heal from grief. Some people don’t even give life enough time to heal from the grief of loss. But it is possible to recover from loss.

Knowing that it is healthy and normal to ask for help from a professional when you need it is an essential key to empowering yourself. If you are dealing with any kind of grief, emotional pain or trauma, or even a possible mental illness, it is not only acceptable to get help but it is expected of a witch to have enough insight to get help on the path of healing. Just as asking for help from a medical practitioner is essential for medical help and even spiritual counseling is necessary at times even for the best of us to get us back on track. Especially after tragedy has affected us.

Thoughts and feelings are connected. What we allow ourselves to think about ourselves, other people, and the world around us can definitely affect how we feel. How we feel, certainly affects our actions or what we do. It is a huge influence in what we believe and our beliefs affect our choices. Sometimes, we cause our own strife through our choices. Sometimes those bad choices can be our choice to allow toxic people in our lives.

Sometimes what we think about ourselves and our relationship with others create a feeling of guilt when someone else makes a bad choice that we feel responsible for. Just as you are going through your pain, others are going through theirs. Not everyone experiences the same pain or even feel pain at the same time but everyone experiences it. I am not necessarily speaking of physical pain but of the emotional or psychological kind.

Some people make choices that are self-destructive and there is nothing you can do to help them until they want the help from you. Sometimes, people commit suicide. It is devastating to those who loved them but we have to understand that they made their choice, and there probably wasn’t anything they wanted to hear from you to keep them from doing it.

I have had to walk away from every destructive source of toxicity I was holding on to. Beginning in January of 2016 all the way up to October of 2016, I had to let go of every family member I have that are still living. That is a huge loss to me. I had to let go of the undeserved guilt that no longer serves me, I had to let go of resentment, I had to let go of ideals that don’t serve me and many other personal issues. By December 31, 2016, I was finally able to see the reason and the benefit for me to actually let all that go.

I can’t control what others think, feel, or do, therefore I am not responsible for what they think, feel, or do. I can’t make them take charge of their lives, think for themselves, choose a path of healing or to let go of self-destructive behaviors. Most of all I can’t make their choices for them. I have been going through grief this year that was immense, but today, in 2017, I finally get it and I am feeling a great deal stronger. Not just in my physical health but in my emotional health.

Those who were attacking me, either felt they had reached their goals and have no idea they failed to destroy me, or they are sick of being attacked by their own ill will. If you feel you are being attacked or that you may have been cursed, there are ways to lift the curse, protect yourself, followed by picking up what is left and creating the new you. This is a better and stronger new you. The you who is regaining or developing your own power. When I talk about power, I am referring to your personal power. That is the power you need to keep from being destroyed.

There are times that Loss is not a curse but a benefit. We may not always see it while we are in the midst of the experience but after when the sun is shining in our lives once again, we may be able to recognize the benefit to our own lives it has been through experiencing growth. There may be things we would never have done had we not experienced that loss. Sometimes Loss is a part of life and we have to pick up the pieces and yes, it changes us.

When I experience loss, I allow myself time to grieve and once I am ready to pick up the pieces, I try to find the light peeking through the darkness of sorrow.

If you find yourself in this situation, seek what you need to overcome it. You have the power to overcome it as long as you have breath. Remember, no one is likely coming to save you. You must save yourself. Someone might help you help yourself but no one can save you but you.

I ask the universe to help you find the information you need when you need it most. I ask the universe to help you to help yourself. I believe in the power of magick and I believe in the power in you.

In Love and Light,


Summer Song