Witches can fly and I will explain how by the end of this post.

What does it mean to manifest our desires? I hear that said often on different social sites online and in social circles. I have even read it in books and use it myself. But what does it mean? What a cool word to say…Manifesting. What does that word mean anyway?

In magickal terms, I describe “manifesting a desire” as causing the desired outcome to present itself. For example, I want to manifest my desire for success. Before I can identify success as it begins to present itself, I will have to define what it means to be successful.

If we don’t know what success looks like how can we identify it when it manifests in our life? For me, success depends on the goals I am setting. That means for me to manifest my desire of success is to reach my goals.

I currently have a goal to improve my health by making healthier choices in my diet and adding a bit of exercise to keep my body in motion and promote physical fitness. Does that mean I will be able to jog 5 miles a day or have six pack abs? Maybe Buns of Steal? No, for me, success in reaching my health goal is to have less pain, lose weight, be able to walk around the block or walk around the mall. Maybe be able to lift a few things or carry some heavy bags of groceries in from the car.

If I plan to use magick to help me reach these health goals, what will I need to do? I was taught that magick not only manifests itself through the manipulation of the energy that surrounds us but it requires us to take action. I have used a dream board this year to help me focus on my goals. I consciously and actively try to choose foods that have good health benefits and avoid foods that do not benefit my health such as white sugar and many types of processed foods whenever I can avoid them.

I try to do activities that require exercise and repetitive lifting. As for magick, I will pray for the strength of perseverance and likely do a spell to banish bad habits during the waning moon or help me to develop new and beneficial habits on the new moon and even some healing work. I have begun seeing a Reiki Master who helps with healing as well.

I do these things because I believe that the mind, body, and spirit work together. I also know that these things have to be going well for me to work toward my second idea of success. Achieving professional goals. True, I can be a bit out of whack to achieve certain professional goals but I often set my goals high in this area because I believe I can reach them. To maintain these goals once they are reached I must be healthy enough to sustain them.

Part of manifesting a desire is belief. It requires my own Belief that I can achieve my goals, my belief that I deserve to achieve my goals and most of all, belief in my own magickal power to manifest my desires. I believe that I can manifest all my desires if I truly understand exactly what it is I desire and can figure out why I am not achieving it in the first place.

Witches can fly.  Yes, they can. Maybe not on a broom but they can fly just like everyone else. On an airplane or in a helicopter or with a hang glider. So, If I want to fly to a different part of the world, I would need the resources to fly. That would present itself as the money to pay for a ticket or to win a ticket or whatever it may be. How magick works to manifest that desire is it may present itself in winning a round trip, it may be in the form of the company I work for paying for my business trip that will allow for me to visit the area I desire. It could even be an unforeseen bonus in my paycheck or some other form of resource that will help me fly to my destination.

Just because I can’t physically flap my arms and take flight doesn’t mean I can’t fly. The obstacle is that I am a human and humans don’t have wings but we have something else. We have other ways to work around that obstacle and take flight.

Belief is a huge part in manifesting our desire. Being able to visualize the outcome is another.

I hope this is as helpful to you as it is to me because it is something I have to remind myself every time I hit an obstacle. I can achieve my goals. I just have to find my way around that obstacle.

How about you? How do you manifest your desires? Let us know in the comments below.

In Love and Light,

Summer Song