Rules in WitchcraftBecause so many people dislike Wicca because of it’s Rules and the Wiccan Rede, I want to take a moment to discuss witchcraft and following rules. In life we began our lives with rules, at least most of us have. For each family, rules may vary. As a toddler, we may have had our first rule, “Don’t Touch” instilled in our developing psyche. Some families may have kept everything out of reach so the “Don’t touch” rule was never applied as a toddler. It may have been applied later such as in a kindergarten class…maybe.

We are taught various social rules often called “manners”. Be quiet and sit still at the dinner table or always offer to do the dishes if you are a guest for dinner. Not all families have these rules. Maybe in one family, manners are important while in another anything goes. We learn our ethics, principles, values and morals throughout life from our families, friends, and other social experiences.

The Point I am trying to get at is, in life everyone has their own internal set of rules and these rules are as varied as there are individuals. We often seek out like-minded people who share our views on these previously developed rules that are based on our core values that we have learned at an early age and through life.

In Witchcraft, for some, it may be that one witch has a rule that it is okay to harm others as long as it serves you and that there are no consequences for actions. Another witch may have a rule that it is okay to harm others as long as you have enough positive karma points in the karma bank to counteract negative consequences. Yet, another witch may have the rule that it is never okay to harm someone and there are always consequences for every action good or bad that will always come back to you. The one thing all of these witches have in common is that they all have a rule. These rules are all different, but they are still rules.

Some witches may actually have one rule that there are no rules while other witches have rules for their rules and of course others fit somewhere in between. It is our nature to seek out those who agree with us and are like-minded. Christians seek out other Christians, Wiccans seek out other Wiccans, and Solitary witches seek out other witches who are also like-minded.

To some, witchcraft is simply creating spells, working magic, practicing astrology and the like while for others it is a complete way of life being spiritually religious, some using spells and some don’t.  Even if you are a witch who doesn’t follow the Wiccan rules or adhere to the Wiccan Rede, I will bargain that you still have some moral code of conduct and some basic ethics and principles. I bet you have at least one rule that you follow that you made up yourself.I believe it is human nature to create rules for ourselves even if only because of our nurture. This behavior is done to justify our actions, our lack of actions, the decisions we make and the path we take.

The point of seeking like-minded others is to find those whose ethics, morals, values, principles and yes rules are similar to our own. As a solitary practicing witch, my rules have always been in agreement with the rules in Wicca or at least the Wiccan Rede, Harm none, do as you will. For me to seek out a like-minded practitioner of witches, I would not seek to practice with a witch or group of witches whose rules did not agree with my individual rules. My ethics, my morals, my principles and my own personal rules. Since I believe in Karma and consequences I would not seek to practice with anyone who believes the opposite, that there are no consequences or Karma. It would be in conflict. That is why I would seek like-minded others.

Do Non-Wiccan Witches have rules? Yes, I believe they do, some just practice to a different set of rules is all. Does this mean that all Solitary non-Wiccan witches are bad? No, it just means they are not Wiccan. To know if a witch is bad or good, look at their actions and how they practice, find out what are their rules, their morals, values, ethics, and principles. Then only you can decide how you perceive them to be based on your own set of rules. Are you good or bad?

What is your perception of witchcraft and following rules?