Going with the flow has its benefits. It enables you to ride the waves which life tosses at you without losing your cool. But there are times when going with the flow can be quite challenging- like when you’re faced with a series of setbacks that keep coming at you so rapidly that it can leave you feeling as though you are about to drown. How do you move with the ebb and flow of life’s waters when you feel like you don’t even have so much as a meager life jacket to help you make it onto dry land safe and sound?

I’ve been asking myself that question a lot lately. There are days when I feel like I’m being used as target practice by the Universe itself.  But I know that I am making strides as I work on becoming a better person as I now find myself asking: “What am I supposed to be learning from this?” Instead of what I used to ask: “Why me?”

According to The Book of Runes by Ralph H. Blum, Laguz instructs you to deal with the flow of your “emotions, careers and relationships.”  Laguz shines a light on the fact that you need to move some things around in your life, get back to your true alignment and ask yourself if there are some things that you need to remove from your life altogether in order to step into your true purpose in this particular moment in your life.

As much as we are aware of the fact that all things are always in transition; many of us may, either consciously or subconsciously, be resisting what is going on around us. We may feel as though we will be surrendering our true selves if we just ride the wave. A good number of us may have had to fight some major battles to finally step into our power and going along with what may not feel comfortable at the time may bring up memories of surrendering to people or situations that we truly didn’t want to in order to keep the peace!  But Laguz isn’t telling us to give up or to shrink ourselves down in order to fit in or to appease others. It reminds us that there are times when we are very well in the midst of metamorphosis and are being advised to go with it—not against it.  While this is taking place, we must trust our inner voice because our innermost being will not lead us astray!

Just as the moon affects the tides, Laguz speaks to that part of you that needs to surrender to the push and pull of life. While it is certainly difficult at times to be tossed about, it is then that we need to stop for a moment and heed the voice of our Higher Self that truly knows what we must do in any given situation.  The water symbol of Laguz is quite fitting as we are taking an assessment of our lives: water does not resist. We can take comfort in the fact that water is also a healing element and realize that what we are faced with will help us to heal a part of us that is in need of a healing balm if only we will comply. Lastly, there is something else to remember when it comes to water: it cannot be stopped. In other words, until we learn to embrace what it is that life is trying to teach us when we draw this rune, certain themes will continue to crop up until we face those situations head-on and learn from them before we can finally move on.

I would love to hear how “Going with the flow” has helped you with your life.